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The Best Cookie Banner Examples We've Seen in 2021

Cookie banners are everywhere, thanks to European Union privacy laws like the ePrivacy Directive (“Cookie Law”) and the General Data Protection..

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How To Make Sure Your Shopify Cookie Banner Is GDPR Compliant

If your Shopify store collects, stores, uses, or transfers personal data, you need to be aware of key data privacy laws like the General Data..

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Translating Your Privacy Policy into Multiple Languages

Privacy is on everyone’s minds these days. We’re all more conscious than ever before about how our data is collected, what it’s used for, and how we..

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Easy Guide to Cookie Banners: What They Are and Why You Need One

Thanks to various privacy laws — notably the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and EU ePrivacy Directive — there’s a requirement that people..

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How to Understand Which Privacy Laws Apply to Your Business

While most places agree that information security is important, not every region handles privacy law in the same way. This can make it confusing when..

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How to Create a Privacy Policy for your Small Business

Data privacy should be at the heart of how you operate as a conscious small business, but it’s an area that’s often shrouded in mystery or..

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