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How to Add Terms and Conditions to Wix

Nicola Scoon Aug 17, 2022 6:06:22 PM

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Gone are the days where you needed to wait for a legal team to get back to you with the latest round of amends for your terms and conditions. Now, you can have yours ready and online in minutes with the help of our terms and conditions generator.

Let’s take a look at how to create and add terms and conditions to your Wix website.


How to generate terms and conditions for Wix 

It’s easy to create your own terms and conditions with our template and generator approach. All you need is a few company details and you can create a usable document in just a few minutes. 

Here’s how to generate terms and conditions for your Wix website with our free generator.

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Add your company details

First of all, we’ll need a few basic company details. This includes your legal business name, mailing address, and website URL.Rectangle 122

We’ll also need your email address and phone number. This is displayed at the end of your terms of service, so it’s easy for someone to find out how to contact you.

With those details complete, it’s time to move on to the next step — your governing law.


Set your governing law

In this section we’ll configure your terms of service wording, based on the applicable law for your jurisdiction. We’ll ask for your governing law and state or area here, so we can display the correct information. 

Rectangle 123 (1)

Next, share with us a link to your privacy policy page. This is a legal requirement in most locations, and having it linked within your terms and conditions gives your users another easy way to find the information they need. 

If you don’t have a privacy policy already, try our free privacy policy generator!Rectangle 124

With your governing law information complete, the final stage is to finish setting up your account.


Complete your account setup

After you’ve filled in the details above, you’ll be prompted to create an account so you can save and access your terms of service at any time. Fill in a few personal details and you’ll gain access to your Enzuzo dashboard, where you’ll find the details you need to add your new terms to your Wix website.


How to add your terms and conditions to your Wix website

It’s easy to add your website terms and conditions with the help of our step-by-step guide. All you need is the Wix website builder and a code snippet from your Enzuzo dashboard. 

Let’s get started. 

1. From your Enzuzo dashboard, navigate to your Terms of Service.

2. Click the “Add to Website” button at the top of the page.Rectangle 1253. In the pop-up dialogue window, click the “Copy Code to Clipboard'' button. This will copy the code snippet to your clipboard for later.Rectangle 126

4. Head to your Wix site dashboard, and find the site you wish to edit. Click the blue “Edit Site” button.

Rectangle 127

5. Within the Wix editor, click the arrow beside “Page: Home” on the left side. Select “Manage Pages”.

Rectangle 128

6. From the Site Pages menu, select an existing page or click “Add Page” followed by “+ Blank Page” to create one.

Rectangle 129

7. Give your new page a name like “Terms and Conditions” or “Terms of Service”. Here you can also decide where it’ll display — in this case, in the Site Menu, but you could also display it at the bottom of the page.

Rectangle 1308. Click “Add” and then select “Embed”, followed by “Embed a widget”

Rectangle 131

9. Move the “Embed” to where you want it to display on the page. 

Rectangle 132

10. With the Embed widget selected, click “Enter Code”. Paste the code snippet that you copied earlier on. Click “Update.” 
Rectangle 13311. Your terms and conditions will now be visible on the page.

Rectangle 134

12. When you’re happy with everything, click “Preview” to see a live preview. Make any final changes, then click “Publish” to make the page live to the public.


Do you need terms and conditions for your Wix website? 

While many privacy laws, like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), require you to have a privacy policy listed on your website, you’re not legally required to have your terms and conditions (or terms of service) on display. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t, however. 

Displaying your terms and conditions gives you a better way to: 

  • Communicate your responsibilities and legal requirements
  • Mention what you expect from your users and customers
  • Establish warranties and statements that limit liability 
  • Be more transparent about how you operate
  • Create a binding agreement between you and your users
  • Establish a reference point for any future legal disputes

With such strong reasons in favor of it, it’s well worth investing a few minutes in generating your free terms of service with Enzuzo

As there’s no legal requirement to display your terms and conditions, there are no set sections or wording that it must contain.

The best way to approach it is to consider what you want to include in a binding legal agreement with your customers — such as your responsibilities, copyright, rights of access, and limitation of liability. 

Here’s what to feature in your terms and conditions:

  • Introduction
  • Terms of service updates
  • Acceptance of the terms and conditions agreement
  • Your responsibilities
  • Prohibited activities
  • Content and website or online store ownership
  • Intellectual property rights and copyright infringement
  • Rights to access
  • Company rights
  • Third-party links and content disclaimer
  • Limitation of liability
  • Disclaimers, warranties, and indemnification
  • Governing law
  • Other matters
  • Contact information

If you want to take a closer look at how to build strong terms of service, see our dedicated guide to ecommerce site terms and conditions.


Reasons to use Enzuzo vs. other Wix terms and conditions generators

Enzuzo isn’t the only Wix terms and conditions generator out there, but we do think it’s the best. Here’s why:  

  • Simple, fast onboarding — build your terms, then complete your account setup
  • User-friendly design — simple, easy to read and navigate policies
  • Drafted by professionals — expert-level wording, without the confusing legalese
  • Affordable pricing — enjoy our free plan, or upgrade to access extra benefits like customization
  • Automatic industry updates — make sure your terms of service are always relevant, thanks to automatic updates
  • Enzuzo privacy dashboard — manage not just your terms and conditions, but other aspects of your personal data privacy compliance too
  • Easy to add to any website or online business platform provider — including Wix, WordPress, Shopify, and Squarespace

Our free terms of service generator offers you a simple way to build a policy that demonstrates your business’ responsibilities and rights in minutes. The savings in both your time and legal advice fees can then be put to better use in growing your business.


Create your free Wix terms of service today!

Using our free terms and conditions generator is the simplest way to get your terms of service ready and online in minutes. Gather a handful of company details, know your governing law, and that’s all you need to build and display your terms and conditions — and connect with your users in a better way. 

Create Wix Terms of Service →

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