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Google Consent Mode Compliance

Google-Certified CMP For Consent Mode V2.

Integrate with Enzuzo’s consent management platform to collect and store valid user consent and comply with Google’s EU consent policy.

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Getting started

Get compliant with Google Consent Mode in 3 easy steps

Step 1: Setup and configure your cookie banner

Sign up for an account and run a scan to track and categorize the cookies on your site. Set up your cookie consent banner and match it to your website’s visual identity.

Step 2: Integrate with Google Tag Manager

Follow our easy step-by-step guide to integrate the cookie banner with Google Tag Manager for consent tags to fire as intended.

Step 3: Run Consent Mode V2

Benefit from smarter conversion modelling, keep your Google Ads account in good standing, and respect user choices effortlessly.


Comprehensive analytics and reporting

Built-in analytics and reporting tools track consent rates, user preferences, and compliance status. Get insights into consent trends over time and comply with auditor requirements.


Cross-platform compatibility

Enzuzo integrates with major with popular content management systems and e-commerce platforms, and offers native apps for Webflow and Shopify. It ensures a consistent user experience that helps you build on-brand web experiences.


Cross-domain and multi-domain consent grouping

Track and store user consent preferences across multiple websites and subdomains. Configure cookie banner to display once across linked sites.


Build customizable consent interfaces

Design your cookie banner your way. Choose from a variety of banner display options, fonts, colors, and 25+ languages. A/B test different consent messages to optimize user consent rates.


Pricing that scales with your business

Get started with a free plan that offers unlimited traffic. Add more domains and features at an affordable monthly price that’s guaranteed to beat the competition. Cancel anytime, hassle-free.

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