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GDPR Compliance Checklist

Free privacy compliance checklist that only
takes 5 minutes

Confused about what features you need to make your website GDPR or CPRA compliant? Our Data Privacy Compliance Checklist can help.

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Privacy compliance made easy
for your business

Whether you're running a website, ecommerce store or mobile app, our privacy compliance checklist can help you minimize your compliance risk and build customer trust.

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In just 5 minutes, learn how to make your website compliant

Let us help you build a personalized privacy experience. Start with our recommendations based on your checklist results. Comply with regulations in less than a day!


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To access the checklist, simply create a free Enzuzo account. There's no credit card required, and we have a free forever plan.


Answer a few simple questions

Fill out our 5-step questionnaire with details about your business type, size and location so we can recommend the right features.


Get your privacy recommendations

We'll recommend the features you need to meet compliance for wherever you do business, all based on your checklist answers. 

Privacy Laws

Learn what you need to do so you're compliant with the latest privacy laws

  • GDPR Compliance
  • CPRA Compliance
  • PIPEDA Compliance
  • CalOPPA Compliance
  • COPPA Compliance
  • VCDPA Compliance

Enzuzo has everything you need to minimize risk

  • Legal Policies (Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, EULA)
  • Cookie Consent Management
  • Manage DSAR Worflows
  • & more coming soon
Compliance Checklist (2)

Powerful privacy features for every business

Enzuzo’s one-stop privacy platform has everything you need to manage compliance for your website, SaaS, mobile app and more.

Legal Policies

Quickly become legally compliant with privacy laws like GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy legislation. 


Cookie consent

Allow your customers' to choose their consent with a custom cookie consent banner and manager.


25+ languages

Available in English, French, German, Italian, EU Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and more.

Manage DSARs

Easily manage data subject access requests (DSARs) in one streamlined dashboard.

Design it your way

Our legal policies are easily customizable with CSS to match your website.

Premium support

Skip the expensive lawyers. We'll help you get setup in record time, no more wasted time and money. 


Our checklist can answer your compliance questions such as...

Confused about compliance? Our compliance checklist will help guide you on what you need to meet basic privacy compliance for the regions you sell to. 

What legal policies do I need for my website?

Make sure your website is protected in case of legal problems with a privacy policy and terms of service. Our checklist will determine what you need based on your business details.

What privacy laws do I need to comply with?

You may need to comply with privacy laws like GDPR, CPRA, CCPA, PIPEDA, CalOPPA and COPPA, depending on where your business operates. We help determine what language should be included in your legal policies and other consent features.

Do I need a cookie consent banner for my website?

Did you know that cookie banners are not only required in the United Kingdom but also recommended by California's law called the California Privacy Rights Act? Our compliance checklist will determine if you're legally required to have one on your website.

How should I handle data subject access requests (DSARs)?

Enzuzo makes it easy for customers or users to submit data subject requests in one place on your website. Easily manage and process customer data requests in your dashboard.

A compliance checklist that only takes 5 minutes

Get started by creating your free account—no credit card required