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Privacy Policy Generator

Privacy policy generator built by human lawyers.

Use our free Privacy Policy Generator to create a privacy policy for your website, mobile app, ecommerce store, or blog. Compliant with GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA, Law 25, and more.

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How our privacy policy generator works

Follow these simple step-by-step instructions to generate a custom privacy policy for your business.


Step 1: Tell us about your business

Fill out a few details about what your business does, how it captures personal information, and where it’s located.


Step 2: Add additional information

Go deeper by specifying where your customers are located and which countries you service. This determines the privacy laws you’re impacted by.


Step 3: Click generate

Once we have all the qualifying details, we’ll generate a custom privacy policy tailored to your business.


Step 4: Add the privacy policy to your website

Embedding the privacy policy is as simple as adding a couple of lines of Javascript on your website. Prefer a cut and paste option? We offer that too. All privacy policies can be hosted on a CMS of your choice.

Privacy policy generator features


Automatic updates & global translations supported

Building a free privacy policy with Enzuzo means you never have to worry about changing laws and regulations. We review and update policies as needed and give you the option of translating them in 25 languages.


Build-in data access request forms (DSARs)

The GDPR, CCPA, and Quebec Law 25 mandate that businesses allow their customers to access, modify, or delete their data. We include this option directly inside your privacy policy.


Support for all major platforms

Whether you run on Wordpress, Wix, Shopify, Duda, Webflow or a headless CMS, we have you covered. Our friendly customer support team is on hand to resolve any technical concerns.

Your Privacy Policy is needed for:


Privacy policy for blogs and websites

If you collect email addresses, send newsletters, or have contact forms on your blog, you require a privacy policy.


Privacy policy for mobile apps

The Google Play store and iOS app store both require your app to have a privacy policy. Avoid any untoward app suspensions and comply with guidelines.


Privacy policy for E-commerce stores

Ecommerce stores collect a lot of personal information, including names, email addresses, shipping addresses, and more. Generate a compliant privacy policy for your store.


Privacy policy for SaaS

Generate a privacy policy for your web app that keeps customers informed of their rights and the information you collect.

Discover a privacy policy generator for your website platform

Looking for a privacy policy generator tailored to your CMS of choice? Check out our list below.

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