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DSAR Request Process

DSAR software — Automate your Data Subject Access Requests.

Enzuzo's privacy compliance software is designed to help you meet the requirements of California's CCPA and CPRA laws.

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Collect DSAR requests with a simple form on your website

Your dedicated Enzuzo DSAR form makes it easy for customers or users to submit requests on your website.

checkmark (2)Select a template (GDPR or CCPA).

checkmark (2)Link from footer or privacy policy.

checkmark (2)View and respond to requests inside your dashboard.


Choose your DSAR type

Your customers can choose from four different DSAR request types, including marketing unsubscribes, deleting their personal data and more.

checkmark (2)Remove customers from all email marketing lists.

checkmark (2)Delete personal data.

checkmark (2)Get a copy of personal data.

checkmark (2)Request that personal data is not sold or shared.


Process all requests in a few simple steps

Complete data subject requests quickly and on time with a few clicks.

checkmark (2)Receive data access request.

checkmark (2)Verify your subject’s identity.

checkmark (2)Automated due date reminders.

checkmark (2)Complete and fulfill requests.


Comply with GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA and other privacy laws

DSARs keep you compliant with GDPR’s ‘Right to be Forgotten’ and CCPA’s ‘Do Not Sell My Information’ requirement.

checkmark (2)1-click compliance reporting.

checkmark (2)All personally identifiable information scrubbed internally.

checkmark (2)Secure and foolproof.


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What happens if I don’t respond to a DSAR?

How much does a DSAR cost?

How to make a Data Subject Request?

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