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Your trusted partner for all things data privacy compliance.

With an expert team of compliance professionals and privacy engineers, Enzuzo works hand in glove with your operations team to safeguard your data.

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"Enzuzo is completely self-serve and easy to use, and very attractively priced relative to competitors."


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Global compliance as you scale markets

Enzuzo’s in-house team of privacy engineers and compliance experts will be your partner in privacy, helping you understand the regulatory landscape and implementing necessary privacy workflows.

checkmark (2)Region-specific cookie consent management.

checkmark (2)DSAR workflows for GDPR and CCPA.

checkmark (2)Manage and complete data requests in one place.


Built-in data privacy compliance dashboards

Compliance dashboards tailor-made to your business, giving you a birds-eye view of risk assessment, data access requests, and consent management.

checkmark (2)Evaluate compliance shortfalls and risks at a glance.

checkmark (2)Understand how third parties access your data.

checkmark (2)Monitor customer data access requests and status.


Ironclad data governance and data mapping projects

Enzuzo’s data privacy co-pilot program will identify compliance, governance, and data mapping challenges.

checkmark (2)Build sensitive data inventory & custom classifications.

checkmark (2)Evaluate data against privacy regulations.

checkmark (2)Incident management and reporting on request.


Foolproof privacy impact assessments & record of processing activities

Understand how internal projects impact personally identifiable information. Manage customer consent and build a record of processing activities for ironclad GDPR compliance

checkmark (2)Best-in-class templates and checklists to monitor PIAs.

checkmark (2)Compliance with GDPR Article 30.

checkmark (2)International data transfer assessments.


Robust vendor risk management & oversight

Sharing customer data with third-parties is a weak link in your data privacy program, but Enzuzo has you covered. Uncover reliable vendor prospects, evaluate their privacy protocols, And stay attuned to ongoing legal developments and privacy shifts.

checkmark (2)Utilize ready-made templates for conducting vendor evaluations.

checkmark (2)Stay clear of high-risk vendors.

checkmark (2)Prevent lawsuits and damaging news stories.

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