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Terms of Service Generator

Free terms of service generator | Build compliant legal agreements for your business.

Generate a terms and conditions agreement that keeps your website, mobile app, or ecommerce store protected from copyright theft and user misuse.

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Create a terms of service agreement tailored to your business

Our terms and conditions generator uses templates built by human lawyers to draft agreements specific to your service or product. All documents are legally sound and backed by an ironclad guarantee.



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How to get started with a terms of service agreement

Follow our guided onboarding to generate a custom terms and conditions document for your business.


Step 1: Tell us about your business

Fill out a simple questionnaire to help us understand your product or service better.


Step 2: Add additional information

To customize your agreement further, highlight whether your product accepts payments, publishes user-generated content, or captures personal information.


Step 3: Click generate

Once we have all the information we need, we’ll get to work. Expect a professional terms of service document in a few minutes.


Step 4: Add the terms and conditions agreement to your website

Copy our Javascript embed code on your website to publish your agreement. Or, if you prefer to cut and paste text, we offer that option too. Works with all major platforms and website builders.

Terms of service generator features:


Automatic updates & global translations supported

We automatically update our terms of service template and questionnaire as new privacy legislation is introduced.

We review and update policies as needed and give you the option of translating them in 25 languages.


Design it your way

Our standard terms of service template is easy to read in a drop-down accordion format. Perfect for mobile viewing.

Add your brand colors and styling with custom CSS options.


Compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and more

Running a global business? All terms and conditions agreements comply with major data privacy laws worldwide to keep you compliant and worry-free.

Your terms of service document helps with:


Terms & Conditions for Ecommerce stores

Terms and conditions documents for ecommerce store owners helps founders stay protected from:

checkmark (2)Unauthorized use of intellectual property.

checkmark (2)User-generated content for branding and marketing purposes.

checkmark (2)How payments are processed and chargeback policies.

checkmark (2)Customer service complaints and resolutions.


Terms & Conditions for SaaS

SaaS founders can apply terms and conditions agreements to establish rules around:

checkmark (2)Recurring payments and subscriptions.

checkmark (2)Sharing passwords and access to unauthorized users.

checkmark (2)Attempts to steal source code or proprietary knowledge.

checkmark (2)Accounts that try to flout the rules or pose as authorized resellers.


Terms & Conditions for Facebook Apps

Facebook App developers must submit a terms and conditions URL in the ‘contact info’ section.

A professional document helps your app get approved faster.

Terms of Service vs.
Terms and Conditions?

To put it simply, there is no legal difference between terms of service and terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions, Terms of Service, and Terms of Use are all common names to refer to the same legal document and policy.

When generating your Enzuzo company template, you'll notice that we most commonly refer to it as Terms of Service.

Terms of service FAQs

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