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Cookie Consent Software

Cookie consent manager that builds trust and keeps you compliant

Empower your audience to take charge of their consent, preferences, and first-party data through a user-friendly, all-in-one portal. Comply with global privacy laws like GDPR & CCPA. 

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“Enzuzo is completely self-serve and easy to use, and very attractively priced relative to competitors.”


Emily Wilkinson | Lucy Group

Advanced website scanning & cookie categorization

checkmark-green-lightPerform comprehensive website scans to uncover trackers, privacy policies, and cookie notices.

checkmark-green-lightSchedule regular scans for ongoing monitoring and compliance.

checkmark-green-lightScan and categorize cookies according to a database of pre-categorized trackers .


Display geo-specific cookie consent

checkmark-green-lightExhibit consent banners specific to regions & IP addresses.

checkmark-green-lightConduct tests on a staging site before pushing live.

checkmark-green-lightCustomize your consent banner to align seamlessly with your company's brand and visual identity.

Display regulatory compliance with consent logs

checkmark-green-lightEstablish a historical consent database to showcase compliance to regulatory bodies and auditors.

checkmark-green-lightMaintain audit logs to record and track modifications made to cookie banner settings and preferences.

checkmark-green-lightBuild dashboards for your executive team to monitor and track consent status.

consent-logs (4)

Collect and store valid user consent

checkmark-green-lightIntegrate your cookie banner with your tag manager and content management system.

checkmark-green-lightGenerate a cookie list from your most recent scan and effortlessly embed it into your cookie notice for clear and transparent communication.

checkmark-green-lightPersonalize visitor cookie consent based on categories (e.g., strictly necessary, analytics, targeting, etc.).

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Learn how to comply with major data privacy laws and keep your business protected from regulatory fines & complaints.

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