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Data Privacy Platform

The only data privacy platform you’ll ever need

Enzuzo has everything you need—legal policies, store policies, cookie banners and more to minimize GDPR and CCPA privacy compliance risk.

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Meet Enzuzo

Powerful privacy features
in one easy platform

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Legal policies


Global laws


25+ languages


Manage DSARs


Store policies


Generate reports


and more!

Getting Started

The most user-friendly privacy
platform you'll ever use

In a world where privacy is increasingly at odds with user experience, Enzuzo helps you build privacy into your products and services without sacrificing functionality.

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Easy feature configuration

Enzuzo's privacy solution is easy to set up in minutes—not weeks, and they work seamlessly with your existing website.

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Compliance in a few clicks

Compliance doesn't have to be confusing. Our process will help you meet the requirements of regional privacy legislation with ease.

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Save time and money

Our privacy compliance software makes addressing your legal concerns faster, easier and more cost effective.

The next generation
of compliance management

The costs of being fined for regulatory violations, and the social costs of having a bad reputation for not following the rules, are too great to ignore. As regulations grow in number and complexity, it is increasingly difficult for companies to stay on top of them. This is where Enzuzo comes in.

  • Everything you need in one easy privacy solution
  • Personalize features to fit your business needs
  • Build privacy into your business at a fraction of the time and cost
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Know your data, know your privacy risk

The best way to determine your data privacy compliance risk is by knowing exactly what data you have, where it came from and who has access to it. Stay on top of your customers' personal information, easily connect the dots and ensure they're receiving personalized experiences.

  • Minimize the risk of expensive privacy fines
  • Create a centralized view of your businesses data assets
  • Make data privacy your brand advantage

We’re obsessed with compliance (so you don’t have to be)

Enzuzo makes it easy to build scalable and engaging privacy experiences that protect customers (and maintain compliance). Build privacy into your business at a fraction of the time and cost.

  • Automatic updates as privacy legislation changes
  • Affordable pricing plans for all size businesses
  • Our platform scales with you as your business grows
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What People are Saying

Join 10,000+ businesses
minimizing privacy risk

Join thousands of forward-thinking brands using Enzuzo to power data privacy.

Ponyback Hats

Before Enzuzo, I was worried about how I would effectively deal with customers' inquiries and requests regarding their privacy and data.

Stacey Keller
Founder | Ponyback Hats

Acoustic Remedy

In a day and age where privacy is so important, we're glad to find an app that helps us take this worry away and allows us to focus on providing an exceptional customer experience.

Adam Jacobson
Owner | Acoustic Remedy


Trust is something that is really important to our brand, so it's great to have an app like Enzuzo available to help manage privacy without the headache.

Paige Harris
Founder | LAC swim

Jenna Rose Natural Living

Great App! Really easy to use and doesn't take long to set up. Customer service are fast to respond too.

Jenna Rose
Founder | Jenna Rose Natural Living

Dune Original

Super easy to install and set up. Works like a charm, providing GDPR compliant ToS right out of the box.

J. Anders Hvide
Founder | Dune Original

Happy Cushion

A great application that has all the settings you need. Up to date with the latest compliance requirements. Highly recommended!

Happy Cushion


We're your partners
in privacy

Our team of experts are here to help you build a trusted privacy experience from day one. Customize your Enzuzo experience to meet your business needs. 

  • Launch in minutes
  • Free plan available
  • Live chat & email support
  • 5-star service
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Start building your privacy experience today

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