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For Agencies

Scalable and efficient website compliance partner for your entire client base.

Manage all your clients' consent management and privacy workflows inside a single dashboard. Keep customer attribution data and access to Google Ads. Safeguard your clients’ SEO and website trust signals.

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“I hopped on a call with Mate [Enzuzo’s CEO] and found the solution exactly what we wanted. It was a no-brainer."


david bernierDavid Bernier, Uroboro



Trusted by hundreds of agencies

Here’s what your clients can expect.


Robust Consent Management

Cookie consent manager that maximizes opt-ins.


Dedicated Portal

Individual dashboard to track analytics.


Strategic Compliance Partner

Ongoing compliance with major data privacy laws.


Fast & Lightweight Solution

UX that won’t hurt conversion.


Compliant with Google Consent Mode V2

Enzuzo is a Google-certified CMP that keeps all Google Ads accounts in good standing and in control of customer attribution data.


Keep your clients’ revenue goals on track

Safeguard your clients SEO with website trust signals and comply with GDPR, CCPA, and Law 25.


Pricing that scales with your business

Enzuzo is the best solution for agencies that need to implement an efficient and robust solution across their entire customer base.


Stay on top of emerging privacy laws and regulations

Focus on your business without worrying about changing privacy laws and regulations. Let Enzuzo tackle the complicated stuff.


Manage all your clients inside a single dashboard

Whether you have five domains or 500, Enzuzo is a scalable, lightweight solution that gives you the flexibility you need for your agency.


Boost MRR by adding a Privacy-as-a-Service model to your agency

Our agency plan gives you access to a world-class data privacy platform priced at $5/domain. We’re confident you can charge your clients more.


Sales & partnership program to help close more clients

Access to custom sales material and learnings from other top agencies on how to upsell compliance services.


Priority customer support, dedicated agency rep, and custom onboarding

We respond to agency tickets within 5 minutes and technical staff are on hand to solve pressing questions. Your clients expect quick turnaround times, and we respond accordingly.

Powerful privacy features for your agency.

Enzuzo’s one-stop privacy platform has everything you need to manage compliance for your agency or freelance clients websites.

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Multi-domain management

Manage multiple client websites in our easy dashboard. No more logging into multiple solutions.


25+ languages

Available in English, French, German, Italian, EU Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and more.


Built-in request form

Customers can make data deletion requests directly from your privacy policy page.

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Legal Policies

Quickly become legally compliant with privacy laws like GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy legislation.


Design it your way

Our legal policies are easily customizable with CSS to match your clients websites.


Premium support

We'll help you get your clients setup in record time, no more wasted time and money.

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