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Upsell your
clients to a custom privacy solution

Manage all your clients' privacy workflows inside a single dashboard. Build lightweight solutions that keep websites lean & compliant. Boost MRR with recurring fees. 


“I hopped on a call with Mate [Enzuzo’s CEO] and found the solution exactly what we wanted. It was a no-brainer."

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David Bernier - President | Uroboro

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Getting Started

Jump straight into building your
clients' privacy experience

Say goodbye to expensive and complicated point solutions for privacy compliance. Enzuzo makes it easy to build scalable privacy experiences for your clients from day one. 

Boost MRR with compliance as a service

We guarantee compliance with laws like GDPR, PIPEDA, CCPA and LGPD. Upsell your existing clients with a done-for-you compliance service and close more deals on sales calls. Leave the heavy lifting to us.

  • Create custom legal policies for clients'
  • Cookie consent management in minutes
  • Build and manage data privacy experiences for every client

Avoid fines & PR headaches in minutes

Protect customer and visitor data with robust legal policies and terms of service agreements. Get set up in minutes. 

  • Multi-domain support to save hours
  • Upgrade or change pricing plans with one click
  • Stay compliant as regulations change

Manage all your clients inside a single dashboard

Our secure platform allows your team to manage multiple client accounts from one dashboard, saving you time.

  • Compliance with GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, PIPEDA and more
  • Automatically stay up to date with changing laws
  • Peace of mind for you and your clients
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Privacy experiences that run on autopilot

No generic legal pages or compliance agreements. Enzuzo's policies update when new regulations pass, protecting your clients and visitors. 

  • Compliance with global privacy laws
  • Automatically stay up to date with legally vetted pages
  • Updates included in your fee

Cookie consent that's on-brand

Customizable cookie manager & banner that syncs to your brand guidelines. 

  • Change fonts and color themes
  • Stay compliant without hurting conversion
  • Display region-specific cookie notices

Powerful privacy features for your agency

Enzuzo’s one-stop privacy platform has everything you need to manage compliance for your agency or freelance clients websites.

Multi-domain management

Manage multiple client websites in our easy dashboard. No more logging into multiple solutions.


25+ languages

Available in English, French, German, Italian, EU Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and more.

Legal Policies

Quickly become legally compliant with privacy laws like GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy legislation. 


Built-in request form

Customers can make data deletion requests directly from your privacy policy page.

Design it your way

Our legal policies are easily customizable with CSS to match your clients websites. 


Premium support

We'll help you get your clients setup in record time, no more wasted time and money.

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