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Quebec Law 25

Quebec Law 25 compliance: Effortless data protection for your business.

Enzuzo’s all-in-one privacy compliance software puts you on the path to meeting Law 25’s regulatory requirements.

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Industry-leading consent management software

Quebec Law 25 mandates that businesses obtain explicit user consent before tracking personal data.

checkmark (2)Set up an opt-in mechanism for collecting personal information.

checkmark (2)Allow users to modify their consent preferences.

checkmark (2)Record and store consent preferences across multiple sites and subdomains.


Data Subject Access Request workflows to give users control over their information

Enzuzo’s paid plans ship with data subject access request workflows, keeping you compliant with a crucial tenet of Law 25 — the rights of data subjects.

checkmark (2)Create DSAR workflows in minutes.

checkmark (2)Manage and respond to data requests inside a single dashboard.

checkmark (2)Allow corrections and modifications to personal data.


Timely data breach notifications and audit logs

Law 25 requires organizations to promptly notify authorities and individuals in the case of a data breach.

checkmark (2)Enzuzo offers tools that help identify and classify sensitive information.

checkmark (2)End-to-end incident management and reporting.

checkmark (2)Audit logs to comply with regulatory requirements.


Privacy impact assessments and cross-border data transfers

Under Law 25, data subjects must be informed when their personal data is moved outside Quebec.

checkmark (2)Transfer impact assessments to analyze how data would be affected.

checkmark (2)Compliance with data handling requirements regarding cross-border transfers.

checkmark (2)Privacy experts on hand to assist with any queries.


User-friendly interface with migration and onboarding support

Enzuzo’s all-in-one intuitive dashboard makes it easy to get started with compliance.

checkmark (2)Privacy engineers on call to help with support issues.

checkmark (2)Free training and migration from other tools.

checkmark (2)Large library of training resources and documentation to help users onboard quickly.

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