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Webflow Cookie Consent Plugin

Create a free cookie consent app for your Webflow site that’s compliant with GDPR, CCPA, Law 25, and more.

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"I hopped on a call with Mate [Enzuzo’s CEO] and found the solution exactly what we wanted. It was a no-brainer."


david bernierDavid Bernier, Founder & President, Uroboro




Native integration with Webflow

Enzuzo’s cookie consent tool can be installed directly from Webflow’s app store, giving you the best speed and security benchmarks for your site.


Google Consent Mode certified

As a Google CMP vendor, Enzuzo keeps you compliant with consent management requirements for delivering ads in the EU.


Collect and store valid user consent

Maximize opt-in with a customizable cookie banner that meets your brand guidelines. Store consent preferences and monitor acceptance rates.

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Automatic cookie categorization & blocking

Built-in scanner detects your sites’ tracking cookies and auto-blocks scripts based on user preferences.


Display geo-specific consent banners

Toggle your cookie notice to appear for specific regions and IP addresses. Integrate your banner with Google Tag Manager.


Scalable for agencies & dev teams

With affordable monthly plans and an option for unlimited domains, Enzuzo is your perfect data privacy partner.


Multi-domain consent grouping

Record and apply consent preferences across multiple sites and subdomains. Add multiple users to your workflow.


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