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LGPD Compliance

LGPD Compliance Software: Legal Compliance in Minutes

Build a LGPD-compliant privacy policy, cookie banner, and terms of service page for your website.

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Does the LGPD apply to your business?

The LGPD applies in either one of the following two scenarios:

  • if your company operates servers in Brazil or has a physical presence there
  • if you process the personal data of Brazilians (by accepting payments, email addresses, or monitoring IP addresses)

If you fall within either category, you must take steps to comply with the LGPD.

Getting Started

Learn what's required for LGPD compliance

Here are the critical legal pages you need to get compliant with LGPD. 

Features you need to meet LGPD compliance

Build a custom privacy policy, terms of service, cookie consent banner, and Do Not Sell My Personal Information page that complies with the LGPD. 

Privacy Policy

Generate a privacy policy that includes relevant language for the privacy laws depending on where your customers are.

Data Subject Access Rights Form

Create a Do Not Sell My Personal Information form to allow customers to opt-out. 

Cookie Consent

Easily manage consent through our customizable cookie banner and cookie manager generator.


25+ Languages

Available in English, French, German, Italian, Danish, Japanese, Spanish, EU Portuguese, Dutch and more.

Privacy Policy Example
LGPD Requirement

Your privacy policy must be up to date

To ensure compliance with Brazil's LGPD, websites must have specific sections in their privacy policy. This includes third-party data sharing, purposes of storing data, and more. 

  • Information must be complete and accessible
  • Accessible on your website or mobile app
  • Automatic updates as laws change
LGPD Requirement

Display a cookie banner and allow users to opt out

LGPD-compliant cookie consent banners must allow users the ability to opt out of tracking. Build yours in minutes, with customizable text, colours, layout and configuration.

  • Set cookie preferences for LGPD compliance
  • Include links to your privacy policy
  • Add analytics tracking integrations from popular services
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LGPD Requirement

Allow customers to request access for or to delete their personal data

LGPD data requests must be completed within 30 days, or else businesses can face expensive fines. With Enzuzo's streamlined privacy dashboard, you can track every request from start to finish.

  • Create a "Do Not Sell My Personal Information" page in minutes
  • Customers can opt-out or request personal information
  • Manage and complete data requests in one place
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