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In these 30 minutes we will:

  • Display compliance with Google Consent Mode
  • Discuss consent management for GDPR, Quebec Law 25, and more
  • Explore Enzuzo's pricing & additional compliance features
  • Talk through how to migrate from another app
  • Highlight multilingual policies, DSAR workflows, and multiple domains
  • Examine how to address advanced needs, such as data mapping
  • Assist with whitelabeling and agency support
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"Enzuzo is completely self-serve and easy to use, and very attractively priced relative to competitors."


emily-wilkinson-headshot-1Emily Wilkinson, Lucy Group



Our platform

Enzuzo is best suited for:


Marketing & web development agencies

With support for Google Consent Mode, advanced cookie consent features, and scalable pricing for complex domains, Enzuzo helps you build a custom data privacy program for your clients’ needs.


Companies looking for a reliable governance, risk, and compliance partner

Enzuzo helps you reign in your data privacy overheads with a cost-effective, scalable solution suited for firms that don’t want to break the bank.


SEO Managers, technical product managers, & marketing analytics specialists

Enzuzo uses state of the art scanning technology to detect cookies and trackers automatically. Maximize consent opt-ins and securely store consent logs. Prevent website penalties and search engine suppression.


Ecommerce stores shipping to Europe and North America

Built-in tools for GDPR, CCPA, Quebec Law 25, and a dedicated Shopify app help navigate the perplexities of data privacy compliance. Support for Google Consent Mode keeps your Google Ads account in good standing.


Resellers & affiliates

Recommend Enzuzo to your audience or implement the solution as consulting advisory and earn 30% payout for life.



“I hopped on a call with Mate [Enzuzo’s CEO] and found the solution exactly what we wanted. It was a no-brainer."


david bernierDavid Bernier, Uroboro



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