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9 Top OneTrust Competitors & Alternatives (Updated!)

Osman Husain 5/28/24 1:29 AM
OneTrust alternatives and competitors

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OneTrust is a popular risk management and data privacy compliance software, but it ships with a hefty price tag and long contracts. However, legal compliance services are crucial for firms to demonstrate compatibility with laws like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and more. 

So what should businesses do? Finding a reliable OneTrust alternative is one way to get started — a platform that delivers similar features at a lower cost. 

This article will review the top OneTrust competitors and alternatives offering a comparable privacy management platform without sacrificing core functionality.

We provide a detailed list of our criteria later in this article, but the tools we review have features similar to OneTrust, including consent management, advanced data privacy needs, and compliance with major laws like GDPR, Quebec Law 25, and more. 

Let's dive in. 


8 Best OneTrust Alternatives & Competitors

OneTrust is a great platform to navigate the complex data and privacy compliance world. However, it can be a pricey option thanks to its a la carte service menu, which features a pricing structure formatted per-feature and per-domain basis.

These are our top alternatives to consider:


1. Enzuzo (Best All-Round Solution)


enzuzo homepage new


Enzuzo offers a comprehensive buffet of privacy and data compliance services, including compliance with data privacy regulations such as GDPR, PIPEDA, CCPA, and LGPD.

Let's examine why we recommend Enzuzo as the top OneTrust alternative



OneTrust's consent management platform, privacy policy templates, and mobile app consent services will set you back over $1,000/month, while Enzuzo offers the same features in the growth plan for $29/month.



Greenshot 2023-03-23 10.55.59


Businesses looking to comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) need to invest in a 'Do Not Sell My Information' page, similar to GDPR's 'Right to Be Forgotten' and referred to as a Data Subject Access Request Form (DSAR). That's an additional $275/month from OneTrust, which Enzuzo includes in its $29/month growth plan. 


Greenshot 2023-03-23 11.00.00


What's more, Enzuzo offers custom plans & features for enterprise clients, with a guarantee of cost savings of several hundred dollars a month compared to OneTrust.

Enzuzo offers five pricing plans designed with flexibility in mind. This includes the Free, Starter ($9/month), Growth ($29/month), Pro($79/month), and Agency ($129/month) plans. The premium plans can be set to either monthly or annual renewal. This allows for more flexibility and doesn’t require an annual contract like OneTrust. Enzuzo also easily integrates with major web platforms such as Shopify, Squarespace, and Wix

Alternatively, enterprise clients can opt for a customized plan that includes an option for further development of custom integrations and workflows to meet their unique needs. 


Overall Winner on Pricing: Enzuzo ✅



OneTrust offers many features, including those that go beyond data privacy compliance. Some of OneTrust's features that Enzuzo doesn't currently support are:

  • Responsible AI
  • Privacy for Connected TV Environments

OneTrust also has additional plans for ESG compliance and supply chain management, reflecting its goal to go beyond data privacy into trust transformation. 

However, Enzuzo can still hold its own on many enterprise features related to data privacy management.

Some of the advanced needs Enzuzo supports are:

  • Data mapping
  • Data governance
  • Privacy impact assessments
  • Third-party risk management
  • Region-specific cookie consent
  • Record of processing activities (GDPR article 30)

OneTrust wins on the sheer number of features but will charge several thousand dollars monthly for its entire product suite. Enzuzo comes up short here, but only by a slim margin. 


Overall Winner on Features: OneTrust ✅



Onboarding & UX

Enzuzo is engineered to be fast, simple to set up, and quick to install. All legal pages are embedded with a couple of lines of Javascript — it's a true self-serve tool that does not require onboarding assistance.

OneTrust, however, isn't designed to be a self-serve tool. It requires extensive support to integrate into existing systems, and things often break. Plenty of its reviews across Capterra point to how onboarding can be clunky and time-consuming.


Greenshot 2023-08-30 15.21.33


Enzuzo's reviews say the opposite: customers are delighted with how well it works out of the box and that onboarding is effortless. Plus, customer support is on hand to fix any problems and troubleshoot issues in a flash.




Overall Winner on UX: Enzuzo



Customer Support

We've placed customer support as a critical point here because things tend to break in software environments, and timely customer service is paramount, especially in sensitive industries like data privacy.

A recurring theme of Enzuzo's reviews is customers who consistently talk about how helpful and timely customer support requests are catered to.


Greenshot 2023-08-30 15.44.24


Overall Winner on Customer Support: Enzuzo


Consent Management 

OneTrust's cookie consent tool is among the best in the business but, like its other features, is priced at a steep premium. 

And consent management is a hot button topic in data privacy, after Google's new requirements for advertisers and publishers in Europe.

Enzuzo's consent management tool ships with advanced features and functionality — at a level that's at par with OneTrust.

What's more, Enzuzo is a Google-certified CMP and 100% compliant with Consent Mode V2 — giving you comfort and peace of mind that your Google Ads account will never be subjected to a suspension. 


banner-green (1)


Having said that, it's difficult to ascertain which tool wins out on consent management. OneTrust includes consent features for OTT and CTV Consent — which many enterprises may need for their entire product suite. Enzuzo does not have similar capabilities in its consent management tool, but gets 90% of the job done at a fraction of the price.

It's a valuable OneTrust cookie consent alternative on its own but we'll rank this specific area as a tie between the two parties.


Overall Winner on Consent Management: Tie 🏆


Trusted by International Companies to Power Data Privacy

After a competitive bidding process, Enzuzo was recently chosen as the data privacy partner of Lucy Group — an international electric business that employs over 1,600 people across 5 continents and 12 countries. 

A similar process saw Enzuzo winning the business of Power Corporation of Canada, a global financial services company with operations across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Both organizations depend on Enzuzo for critical data privacy support and management — and it can certainly solve similar challenges for businesses looking to migrate away from OneTrust or considering their options.



Final Thoughts

Enzuzo and OneTrust serve slightly different market segments, but if you're looking for the trifecta of data privacy compliance (including legal pages & cookie consent management), effortless onboarding, and price, we reiterate our view that Enzuzo is the top OneTrust alternative.

Enzuzo doesn't lock you into long-term contracts, offers free onboarding and priority customer support, and ensures compliance with GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA, and other data privacy laws out of the box. It also supports advanced features, including data governance, privacy impact assessments, data mapping, and more.

Our in-depth OneTrust review is worth examining for more details on how the company operates on a governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) standpoint. 


🏆 Recommended OneTrust Alternative: Enzuzo


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2. BigID 

BigID is the complete governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) software package. From AI security modules, to cloud risk and ML-driven data classification, BigID has everything a Fortune 500 client might need to safeguard its hybrid and on-prem infrastructure. 

Naturally, BigID excels in automated security and compliance processes for businesses, and has support for regulations including GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, CMMC, and more.

BigID's core features include:

  • data lifecycle management
  • data rights automation
  • data loss prevention
  • AI governance
  • cross-border data transfer

However, it does not support consent management or compliance with Google Consent Mode. BigID is strictly focused on the upper echelons of data privacy management, supporting security, risk, and compliance teams rather than marketing and web development. 

When stacked against OneTrust, BigID wins out on the sheer number of GRC features and frameworks it helps comply with. However, it's lack of focus on consent and preference management helps give OneTrust a little edge. Nonetheless, both solutions are likely to cost tens of thousands of dollars a year with average contract values over and above $50,000.  


3. Mine

mineos homepage-1

The MineOS data governance platform data is a valuable contender to OneTrust given its focus on AI tools for data classification, inventory discovery, consent management, data access requests, and more. 

There's no way to accurately determine the platform's pricing, as each package is dependent on individual requirements and is only revealed after a sales call. Even the standalone consent management package doesn't have a pricetag attached to it.

MineOS does offer a free trial, but only talking to sales first. There's no way to independently test the platform without a demo and a product/onboarding tour. 

MineOS is similar to Enzuzo's suite of services, with the exception of AI tools and governance processes. OneTrust is superior to both in terms of raw features, but definitely the priciest and trickiest to implement (with long-term contracts enforced from the start). 

Compared to Enzuzo, MineOS offers a slightly more advanced platform but with the pricing to match. Overall, it's a strong choice for your data privacy and governance program. 


4. Usercentrics

Greenshot 2023-03-23 13.20.34

Usercentrics is the consent management arm of TrustArc — and is squarely focused on things like compliance with Google Consent Mode, cookie analytics, cookie consent, and more. It's an option if you're only in the market for consent management but look elsewhere for the entire gamut of data privacy management. 

Its core features are: 

  • Consent management API

  • Support for connected TV environments
  • Web & app CMP
  • User consent preference manager

Usercentrics offers support for OTT options such as smart TV and console apps, which is a plus. However, it's likely that enterprises looking for smart TV consent will also require other advanced data privacy features that Usercentrics doesn't support. 

With three desktop plans and two app-focused plans, there is some flexibility. Pricing is based on the device you’re targeting and the total number of monthly sessions rather than the number of web domains. There are no free plans, with the starter plan priced at $60/month. However, it's unclear how many domains this plan supports. 

The Premium option requires contacting the platform for a demonstration but piggybacks off of Advanced, along with more enterprise-focused features like API development and a dedicated customer success manager. 

Some risks of using Usercentrics have been a choppy user experience and some difficulty with cookie banner load speeds. Overall, it's a solid choice even if the pricing has increased recently. 


5. Ketch

Greenshot 2023-03-23 13.24.07


Ketch offers features comparable to MineOS, with its recent addition of AI governance tools a step in the right direction. It's strongest selling point is still the consent and preference management center, where it competes with Enzuzo, Usercentrics, and MineOS.

The company is positioned at non-technical founders looking to outsource data privacy management requirements, and it does so by offering a range of features that the mid-market enterprise requires: 

  • Customizable cookie and disclosure templates

  • Consent and preference management

  • Subject rights intake and management

  • DSAR support (Enterprise)

  • Automated data discovery and classification (Enterprise)

  • Data stewardship (Enterprise)

  • API development (Developers)

Overall, its products deliver value and the vast number of integrations are a nice touch. But it certainly doesn't come cheap.

The Ketch free plan is a no-frills cookie banner that records consent for up to 5,000 visitors a month. That's likely only to service small businesses and hobbyist websites. The Ketch essentials package comes in at $350/month with robust consent management features. However, to upgrade to enterprise requires a custom plan likely to be in the thousands of dollars a month.  


6. Osano

Osano puts its money where its mouth is with a 'no-fines pledge' — offering an insurance payout if you're hit by a compliance fine while using its product.

This used to be on its most expensive 'Pro Plan', but Osano has recently rolled it out on all enterprise plans but increased the price of each correspondingly.

Consent management, DSAR requests, and vendor risk management are the three core areas where this software excels. As an alternative to OneTrust, Osano is positioned for the mid-market enterprise as it does not ship with the high-end data privacy management features that OneTrust customers might be accustomed to. 

Osano's free plan is a watered-down version of the cookie consent product, and only allows 5,000 monthly visitors. That's similar to Ketch and likely not enough for larger sites. However, there is a free trial for potential users to test the service without committing to a purchase.  


7. TrustArc 



TrustArc is a veteran in the data privacy management space, with a roster of clients across the globe. It offers a suite of services that supports consent management, DSARs, vendor risk management, and more alongside a privacy certification and training module. 

No pricing information is provided, which means each plan is dependent on individual requirements. Prospects must have a sales conversation before proceeding.

TrustArc supports all major compliance frameworks including ISO 27001 as well as data privacy laws like GDPR & CCPA. Its consent management tool gives you advanced reporting and analytics, custom branding, geo-specific consent, and more options at par with OneTrust. 

It benefits from sheer longevity, but TrustArc's brand has taken a hit in recent years. Some users have expressed frustration at poor support and the slow pace of rollout of more features. 


8. Upguard

UpGuard competes with OneTrust in cybersecurity risk management and vendor risk management surfaces. Its core product offers:


Monitoring an organization's attack surface to identify potential data breaches and vulnerabilities. Includes dark web monitoring, brand protection, and exploit scanning to detect threats and alert organizations of potential risks.

Vendor Risk:

This module helps organizations manage the security risks associated with their third-party vendors. It provides features for assessing vendor security posture, identifying vulnerabilities, and tracking remediation efforts.

UpGuard's pricing starts at $19,000 USD/year but there is a 'Basic' plan available at $5,999/month with support for a single user. That may seem expensive but cybersecurity tools are largely around the same bracket. UpGuard does not offer consent management, support for GDPR compliance, or other data privacy features. It's purely a risk management and threat detection software app.  


9. Dataships

Greenshot 2023-03-23 13.23.03

For those trying to grow a contact list, Dataships might be more your speed. While the company does offer solutions for multiple marketing channels, compliant email contact acquisition tends to be their sweet spot. 

Key features include: 

  • Dynamic consent forms

  • User interfaces for privacy centers, control panels, and user preferences portals

  • Compliance logs and customer support

Note that the lower plans only have marketing support system a single channel. While the company promotes email management primarily, you can also use Dataships for SMS, social, and direct marketing support.

With five plans ranging from a free starter solution to an enterprise option, all of them are designed to keep you compliant with the most recent data privacy laws worldwide. Pricing is based on your total number of new contacts, not the available features. This is because, in theory, every plan has access to the same functionality. This is a more plug-and-play solution ideal for customers who don’t need to go off-script with their compliance needs. 

Monthly plans start with just 1,000 new contacts at the free level, 5,000 for $60, 20,000 for $250, 50,000 for $600, and 100,000 for $900 at the enterprise level. While the three lower plans only support a single marketing channel, you can leverage multiple channels if you upgrade to the Advanced or Enterprise solutions. 

Dataship's one-size-fits-all approach may not work for businesses that would benefit from a more customized approach or in-depth data extrapolation. 

More importantly, if you leverage multiple marketing channels to engage with your audience, this platform will require that you upgrade to the more costly plans to access alternate marketing channels. For smaller businesses, the added cost increase may be unrealistic. 


How Should You Choose the Right OneTrust Alternative?


It's hard to make a decision from this list, but we've tried to give you a fair overview of the players in the data privacy market. Each OneTrust competitor in this list offers something different and may outcompete OneTrust in some aspects. In short, there's something in there for everyone.

Our list was based on a careful analysis of the following factors: 


Pricing & Budget

Most platforms hide their pricing — which we find to be detrimental to user interests.  

And many platforms offer a bare-boned version in their free plan. We took into account whether users could securely test the service before whipping out their credit card or if there was a free trial in place. 



Integrating a data management platform into your existing tech stack takes work and can be complex. One of the most common complaints we found in our research was that integration was a serious pain point. Part of this is because privacy laws are complex, and often they’re at odds with each other. What GDPR demands of commercial websites isn’t the same as CCPA or LGPD. 

This isn’t exactly the fault of a platform, but it does mean that you need someone or a dedicated team prepared to devote time to get your consent management system up and running properly. It also means your preferred platform should offer robust support in this area.



As mentioned above, privacy laws are complex, and integrating a management platform into your backend takes work. Does the platform you're considering offer responsive, timely support? A common concern with many free plans was that response times could be as high as 48 hours or referenced as “best effort”. What does that even mean? 



Whether you want a solution that doesn’t carry the logo of your data privacy platform or you need to create content in multiple languages, customizations are central to a positive user experience. We analyzed whether the recommended OneTrust alternatives allowed additional customizations to each service and what the cost for each might look like. 


Data Management Features

Comparing any software to a giant like OneTrust is never easy, given how mature the OneTrust platform is and how many privacy functions it offers. Nonetheless, we strived to include solutions that have similar functionality to OneTrust with budgets spread across the enterprise spectrum.  


An Agile Solution That Prioritizes Privacy and Data Compliance

Privacy laws are a constantly evolving space. With so many regulations worldwide, staying compliant can be overwhelming for a business to handle independently. Integrating with a consent management platform that actively responds to regulatory changes, while also giving your business the flexibility to customize policies and cookie consent interfaces for customers is essential. 

Whether you’ve just launched your first website or you need a way to manage a portfolio of domains, Enzuzo is here to keep you compliant every step of the way. 


Learn more about how Enzuzo can assist with your data compliance needs. Book 1-1 time with Mate Prgin, CEO👇


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Osman Husain

Osman is the content lead at Enzuzo. He has a background in data privacy management via a two-year role at ExpressVPN and extensive freelance work with cybersecurity and blockchain companies. Osman also holds an MBA from the Toronto Metropolitan University.