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    onetrust pricing

    OneTrust Pricing: How Much Does OneTrust Cost? [2024 Figures]

    Data privacy platform OneTrust does not reveal its pricing structure clearly on its website. It appears as if each plan is customized to individual needs and revealed to a..

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    data privacy statistics

    79 Eye Opening Data Privacy Statistics for 2024 (Updated!)

    We interact with dozens of websites and internet companies daily, so it's normal to feel uneasy about our data and how it's processed. Whether it's personal information, or data..

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    Cancel Culture Examples

    22 Cancel Culture Examples: Brands That Have Been Cancelled

    When it comes to cancel culture, the court of public opinion still reigns supreme. With the rise of social media (and our increasing expectation for businesses and service..

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    best data privacy management software

    Top 12 Data Privacy Management Software for 2024 [Free & Paid]

    Data Privacy Management Software Handling the massive volumes of personal and sensitive data collected by businesses is a challenge at the best of times, and the ever changing..

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    best consent management software

    The Best Consent Management Platforms for 2024 (Updated!)

    Consent Management Platforms, Tools, and Software Consent management is a core principle in data privacy and compliance, as it grants individuals the right to oversee how their..

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    Functional Cookies: What Are They & Can They Track You?

    What Are Functional Cookies? Functional cookies (also called functionality cookies) are a type of cookie that helps website owners deliver specific features and experiences to..

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    Persistent Cookie — Definition & Examples for 2024

    What is a Persistent Cookie? Persistent cookies refer to any cookie that gets stored on a user’s browser and remains there until it expires. These cookies run in contrast to..

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    What are Cookie Walls? (+ A Better Alternative)

    What Is a Cookie Wall? A cookie wall is a barrier that prevents users from accessing your website until they agree to accept your cookie usage. Cookie walls hide all of the site’s..

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    data mapping tools and software

    The Best Data Mapping Tools Reviewed for 2024

    Data mapping is an organizational process that helps users visualize how data moves throughout various business systems. It matches fields in one database to the fields in others...

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