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    20 Best Privacy Policy Examples (+ Free Template) — Updated for 2023

    Having a standard privacy policy is an essential part of running your online business, as it helps you outline how you process personal data, what your customers can expect, and..

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    biggest gdpr fines

    51 Biggest GDPR Fines and Penalties So Far (Updated!)

    By now, you've already heard about the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Since the data protection law was introduced on May 25, 2018, it has massively..

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    types of consent

    The 9 Different Types of Consent: General Consent to Revocable Consent

    With a majority of U.S. internet users highly concerned about the safety of their personal data, both companies and regulators have increased scrutiny on how organizations handle..

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    50 Eye Opening Data Privacy Statistics for 2023 (Updated!)

    We interact with dozens of websites and internet companies on a daily basis, so it's normal to feel uneasy about our data and how it's processed. Whether it's personal..

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    Is Shopify Safe to Use in 2023?

    If you've been thinking about starting a Shopify store, you're probably wondering: Is Shopify a trusted website? Will I be able to protect my customers' information and my own?..

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    biggest aml fines

    12 Biggest Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Fines | $500 Million and Above

    There’s a lot of money swirling around in drug cartels, mafia families, criminal organizations, and pariah states like Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Syria. While banks are..

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    GDPR Article 28 | Guidelines for Data Processing Agreements

    Article 28 of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) outlines requirements for data processing agreements between data controllers and data processors. Any..

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    benefits of data privacy

    The Benefits of Data Privacy: Why It's Meant To Be Taken Seriously

    Every day, for a multitude of reasons, people share their personal information online on a variety of platforms. For this reason, customers want to be sure organizations..

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    what is a saas license

    What is a SaaS License? | Legal Requirements & Conditions

    When building any kind of SaaS go-to market strategy, the focus is mainly on acquiring paying customers profitably, in the quickest amount of time. But one often overlooked is..

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