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    Best Examples for ADA Website Compliance in 2022

    The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects Americans with disabilities from discrimination and ensures that they have equal access and rights. To meet the requirements of..

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    Quick Guide to Shopify Pricing: How Much Do I Need?

    Powering over a million merchants in 175 countries, Shopify is just the eCommerce platform to create your store. Since most merchants view Shopify a trusted website, they are..

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    Is Shopify a Trusted Website? Find Out How To Make Shopify Safe.

    Can You Trust Shopify in 2022?

    If you've been thinking about making a Shopify store to run your business efficiently, you're probably wondering: Is Shopify a trusted website? Will I be able to protect my..

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    Mobile and Ecommerce Shopify Plus Agencies

    Top 5 Shopify Plus Agencies in California 2022

    Business owners who operate in the eCommerce world are always seeking opportunities for growth and improvement. Shopify agencies are an excellent resource for improving the..

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    Website Compliance for Shopify and Square

    Shopify vs Square: Everything You Need To Know

    PrShopify and Square are two industry-leading eCommerce platforms. If you're setting up an online store, you may be wondering which one is better for your business: Shopify vs...

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    Saving time and money by setting up a shopify store in 1 day

    Setting Up a Shopify Store in 1 Day

    Have you ever had a dream of owning a business or an online store? Or maybe you have had those days when getting out of bed seemed basically impossible because you were dreading..

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    The Advantages of a Shopify Store

    What Are The Advantages of a Shopify Store?

    As a first-time entrepreneur, setting up a Shopify store store can seem daunting. Knowing how to set up a Shopify store in just a day can save you a lot of time and money, and..

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    data privacy, brand, advantage

    Turn Data Privacy Transparency Into Your Brand Advantage

    As society continues to shift online, opportunities for building a business and brand become unlimited. Data collection technology makes it possible to figure out what customers..

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    Data retention policies are crucial for ecommerce business owners.

    What is a Data Retention Policy & Why Do You Need One for eCommerce?

    eCommerce business owners operate in a fast-changing, data-driven world. But where is all this data stored and what is the legality surrounding it?  At the core of data-driven..

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