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    How to Make Your Shopify Store Compliant With CCPA [2023 Update]

    This article will walk you through steps to make your Shopify store compliant with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Don't fear this law. The CCPA is only designed to..

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    refund policy sample

    Returns and Refund Policy Sample

    A returns and refund policy is a must-have for any store. It helps businesses articulate the return policy, highlight what it wants to do with final sale items, and assists..

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    sample privacy policy

    Privacy Policy Sample For Websites & Apps

    Sample Privacy Policy Use the privacy policy sample below for your website, business, or online store. If you'd like to generate your own privacy policy from scratch, check out..

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    How to File a GDPR Complaint

    How to File a GDPR Complaint GDPR Article 77 gives you the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority, if you feel that your data protection rights have been..

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    How to File an Appeal With the CPA, VCDPA & CTDPA

    How to File an Appeal for the Colorado Privacy Act (CPA) The Colorado Privacy Act (CPA) gives individuals the opportunity to file an appeal if they find that their personal data..

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    how to write a privacy policy

    How to Write a Privacy Policy for Your Website (+ Helpful Tips)

    A privacy policy is a critical piece of information that every commercial operation needs if you’re leveraging a website as part of your customer outreach or sales strategy. If..

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    data privacy best practices

    25 Essential Data Privacy Best Practices in 2023

    Businesses have a legal responsibility to protect customer information and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. And that's more important than ever before with the amount..

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    cookie banner requirements

    🍪 Cookie Banner Requirements: GDPR, CCPA, CPRA, UK & More

    Businesses rely on cookies to glean information about web visitors. Details such as their IP address, device, browser, and demographic details can all be gleaned from cookies. But..

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    all sales are final

    💵 Mastering 'All Sales Are Final' Policies: Your Ultimate Guide

    Returns and refunds imperil cash flow and are a bane for both online and offline retailers. Studies estimate that $420 billion worth of goods were returned in 2020, collectively..

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