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9 Top CookieYes Competitors & Alternatives [2024]

Osman Husain Mar 7, 2024 6:08:00 PM
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CookieYes Competitors & Alternatives

An array of data privacy compliance providers has emerged in the last few years, all looking for a piece of the growing compliance market. Some of these focus on particular aspects of compliance, such as cookie consent. CookieYes is one of the vendors on this list, with a product many businesses use. 

Founded in 2018, UK-based CookieYes started life as a WordPress plug-in for cookie compliance management, and has since expanded to cover any web platform, with specific integration solutions for popular blogging platforms (such as Blogger, Wix, Weebly) and e-commerce platforms (Shopify, Magento, and more). The company also offers a 14-day free trial for all paid plans.

Despite all these positives, CookieYes does have some shortcomings according to some online reviews:

  • The admin interface is occasionally buggy.
  • Features are limited and the solution lacks the maturity of more fully developed solutions.
  • Removal of CookieYes branding is available only on the Ultimate plan.

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9 Top CookieYes Competitors and Alternatives

With that in mind, we've compiled a list of top alternatives to CookieYes. In this article, we summarize each one, with additional considerations on which one suits your requirements best.


1. Enzuzo (Best All-Round Solution)

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Enzuzo offers a comprehensive menu of privacy and data compliance services, covering cookie consent management and much more.

Let's show you why it's the top CookieYes alternative. 



Enzuzo offers a host of features in its consent management tool, and does not place any limits on website traffic or pages per scan, unlike CookieYes

Some of Enzuzo's advanced cookie consent features include:

  • Google Consent Mode
  • Cross domain consent
  • Multi-domain consent grouping
  • User admin roles/permissions
  • Sub-domain consent
  • I-frame blocking
  • Geo target consent mode based on country

What's more, Enzuzo offers several features covering the entire gamut of data privacy management. Some of Enzuzo’s advanced features include:

  • Data mapping
  • Data governance
  • Privacy impact assessments
  • Third-party risk management
  • Region-specific cookie consent
  • Record of processing activities (for GDPR article 30 compliance)
  • DSAR form and workflow
  • “Do not sell my information” and “right to be forgotten” functionality
  • Automated email notifications


Google Certified CMP Compliant With Consent Mode

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Enzuzo is a Google-certified consent management platform after it obtained the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) certification in January 2024.

This is an important differentiating factor — Google's new consent management guidelines require businesses to integrate with a vetted CMP to continue using its ads products in Europe. Enzuzo's clients are now fully compliant with Consent Mode V2, placing it in the top tier of consent management platforms.

👉 Start building your free cookie consent manager (no credit card required)


Ideal for Agencies & Complex Websites

Enzuzo is well-suited for web agencies managing multiple clients and subdomains. Its pricing scales well for complex needs, and it gives agencies the ability to manage their clients' consent solutions and data privacy workflows inside a single dashboard.

There's priority customer support, dedicated client logins, and a true whitelabel solution that allows agencies to add privacy services to their operating model.

The introduction of Google Consent Mode has now made privacy compliance a revenue-blocking factor. Many are being locked out of their Google Ads accounts in Europe — and the last thing any agency wants is an irate customer wanting to know why.

Manage all your domains and clients inside a single dashboard and track consent across a number of sites. Enzuzo's reseller program also puts money in your pocket as you recommend it to your audience.


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Enzuzo offers five standard pricing plans that are structured to provide security and compliance for any budget. Plans include the Free, Starter ($9/month, 1 domain), Growth ($29/month, 4 domains), Pro ($79/month, 10 domains), and Agency ($130/month, 20 domains) plans, with no page view or page scan limits. On the Agency plan, additional domains are $6.50 per month. 

CookieYes' pricing isn't bad, but the limitations on page views and scans are frustrating. What's more, Enzuzo covers more than just consent management with its plans — businesses are free to avail the other data privacy features such as DSARs, legal policies, and more.

Both Enzuzo and CookieYes offer a month-by-month payment structure, so you're not locked into a long-term deal. 

Upgrade, downgrade, or stop your service anytime with no penalty. Enzuzo also easily integrates with major web platforms such as Shopify, Webflow, Squarespace, and Wix.


Custom Plans & Workflows

Enzuzo offers custom plans and features for enterprise clients. These customized plans include an option for further development of custom integrations and workflows to meet specific needs.

We're currently working with a customer to display a unique cookie banner depending on the customer type and location. The expected outcome is for our client to be able to configure each cookie banner separately and dynamically choose which one to display based on those attributes.

In another case, we received a request to integrate our policies directly into a website built on an application framework.  Enzuzo worked with the customer to provide an API so the policies' languages switch seamlessly when the website language changes.


Onboarding and UX

CookieYes customers, particularly those with little in-house security or compliance expertise, report favourable onboarding experiences. Enzuzo also enjoys strong reviews in this area–customers are delighted with how well it works out of the box and that setup and onboarding is effortless.

Enzuzo is engineered to be fast, easy to configure, and quick to install. All legal pages are embedded with a couple of lines of Javascript — it's a true self-service tool that does not require onboarding assistance.




Customer Support

Customer support is critical because things tend to break in complex software environments, and timely customer service is critical, especially in sensitive areas such as data privacy.

Enzuzo's reviewers consistently highlight the helpful and timely response to their customer support requests.


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Trusted by International Companies to Power Data Privacy

After a competitive bidding process, Enzuzo was recently chosen as the data privacy partner of Lucy Group — an international electric business that employs over 1,600 people across 5 continents and 12 countries. 

A similar process saw Enzuzo winning the business of Power Corporation of Canada, a globally recognized management and holding company specializing in financial services across North America, Europe, and Asia.

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Both organizations depend on Enzuzo for critical data privacy support and management — and it can certainly solve similar challenges for businesses of any size looking for a more cost-effective alternative or considering their data security and privacy compliance options.



Final Thoughts

CookieYes has a strong, inexpensive solution if you have a small number of domains and are only interested in cookie consent management. But if you're looking for the triple play of low price, pain-free onboarding, and end-to-end data privacy compliance, we reiterate our view that Enzuzo is the top CookieYes alternative.


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2. Cookiebot



Cookiebot is the standalone cookie consent management solution from Denmark-based Usercentrics, which has a suite of consent management platform solutions. Founded in 2012, Usercentrics is one of the oldest providers in the data privacy compliance market.

Cookiebot is quite similar to CookieYes in several ways:

  • A free plan for personal websites
  • Paid plans for small, medium, and large organizations
  • Cookie consent compliance with several regulations around the world

Despite the company’s longer tenure in the market, Cookiebot boasts a much smaller but still impressive user base (500,000 sites) compared with CookieYes.



Cookiebot has some important things going for it, including:

  • Transparent (and inexpensive) pricing
  • Solid feature set, albeit limited to cookie consent management
  • Easy setup and customization
  • Wide range of language support for the cookie banner
  • Integrations with numerous popular web platforms

Unlike CookieYes, Cookiebot’s pricing is based on the number of subpages in each domain, not page views. However, like CookieYes, the pricing is per month per domain.



Cookiebot’s pricing is somewhat higher than that of CookieYes: $13, $32, and $55 per month for domain for the Small, Medium, and Large plans, so it’s a solution that could cost even more for the same level of functionality.

Pricing aside, Cookiebot does have some limitations. Certain features are reported to be difficult to use:


Customizations are also reported to be more difficult to implement than they should be, given the company’s longer history and presumed higher level of organizational maturity.

Final Thoughts

Like CookieYes, Cookiebot can be a good solution for organizations that need only a cookie consent management system and are less concerned with the other aspects of data privacy compliance, such as data governance and DSAR workflows.


3. CookiePro

Greenshot 2024-03-07 16.02.11

CookiePro is similar to Cookiebot in that it’s a standalone cookie consent management solution offered by a company (OneTrust, in this case) that offers a broader compliance solution suite. Unlike Cookiebot, CookiePro has a broader feature set that goes somewhat beyond simple cookie consent management and privacy-policy management. Available features include:

  • Privacy rights automation, which automates some of the process of fulfilling end-user requests such as “Do Not Sell” and  CCPA opt-outs
  • Consent management for mobile apps as well as websites
  • Consent rate optimization, which enables you to experiment with different consent notices to maximize opt-ins
  • Support for over 250 languages



CookiePro has a few advantages over CookieYes:

  • Many more languages supported
  • Expanded feature offering
  • Backing by an experienced data privacy company
  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • First month free when you sign up for one of their plans



However, CookiePro has some disadvantages that raise some concerns:

  • Price: CookiePro’s plans start at $10/month per domain for their Basic plan; the other plans are Standard ($30/month/domain) and Enterprise ($44/month/domain). As with CookeYes and Cookiebot, these costs can add up if you have more than one domain.
  • It turns out that the advanced features, such as privacy rights automation, mobile app consent management, and consent rate optimization, are add-ons that aren’t even a part of the Enterprise plan. And they are expensive: Digital policy management and privacy rights automation are each $275/month, and mobile app management is $200/month for each app.
  • Poor support: Several reviews mention substandard customer support.

Final Thoughts

CookiePro’s feature set looks promising until you realize how much it will cost to implement an incomplete data privacy management solution. Add the reputation for poor customer support (24/7 availability notwithstanding), and it’s wise to look elsewhere.


4. OneTrust


OneTrust (the company behind CookiePro) was founded in 2016 in response to growing demand by businesses for assistance and tools for GDPR compliance. They further enhanced the company’s offerings with the passage of California’s CCPA and the resulting rise in requests for privacy and security software tools.

OneTrust’s suite of services includes data mapping assessments, risk evaluation, consent management, cookie compliance, and more. OneTrust has numerous features, including privacy and data governance solutions that provide real-time knowledge regarding the personal data held and processed by your organization and by your third-party partners. 

Additional major features include an ESG and Sustainability cloud service that helps organizations map out their ESG goals and track progress towards maintaining them, and a GRC and Security Assurance feature that helps businesses understand their level of exposure to cyber threats.



  • Top-tier features for mature enterprise customers
  • Solution that goes far beyond data privacy, governance, and compliance into integrity and trust
  • Several integrations with other platforms



  • Long-term contracts priced at thousands of dollars per month
  • Poor and unresponsive customer support
  • Complex platform that is difficult to set up and integrate

Final Thoughts

Because of OneTrust’s  complexity, many users report that the software is clunky and difficult to integrate with their systems. Customer support is unresponsive for the most part and many customers are left to figure it out themselves, leading to some negative online reviews.

OneTrust can be a great choice for large, well-funded organizations that can rely on in-house IT resources and privacy experts to assist in setup and operation. We estimate that contract values can be $50,000 or more, depending on how many features you implement. Moreover, the firm makes it difficult to cancel and charges extra for onboarding assistance. 


5. Osano


Osano puts some skin in the game by promising not only to protect your organization from privacy or compliance fines but to pay those fines if they are imposed on you while using their product. Osano is a plug-and-play privacy and data management platform that keeps your business compliant with laws from 40 different countries. Key features include:

  • Cookie discovery, blocking, and control
  • iFrame blocking and control
  • Consent optimization (Business)
  • Vendor risk monitoring (Business)
  • CCPA opt-out (Business)
  • Consent record keeping (Business



A refreshing difference with Osano is that they offer four plan levels with full pricing transparency. Plans start at free for Developer, $199.99 for Business+, and $549 and up for the Enterprise plan or custom builds. 

Unsurprisingly, functionality increases as you opt for a more premium plan. The free plan supports only a single domain, user, and data connector with 5,000 monthly visitors. By contrast, the Enterprise package accommodates unlimited users and domains. 



If you’re just starting and aren’t well-versed in data or privacy needs for websites, you might feel like the Developer plan is sufficient. However, under this plan you’re limited to cookie maintenance and a response time that is listed as “best effort.” Furthermore, the Developer plan is so stripped down that you won’t know if your policy is outdated, and you won’t receive guidance for major laws like GDPR or essential customer opt-out support to remain compliant with CCPA. 


Final Thoughts

Core legal and privacy feature support is limited to the Business+ and Enterprise packages — meaning that you might not be as compliant as you would have hoped if you’re considering the lower-tier plans.

That said, reviews of Osano are consistently enthusiastic about the ease of onboarding and the helpful support during that process, as well as the ease of use after implementation (although some find the UI to be less intuitive than it could be).


6. Didomi

didomi homepage

Headquartered in France, Didomi’s product offerings include a consent management platform, compliance monitoring, a privacy request management module, and a preference management platform.

Didomi’s solution suite is aimed at organizations that have an immediate need to get ahead of the curve on data privacy compliance. Didomi’s main offerings include:

  • A consent management module that tailors your customers’ consent choices to comply with a wide variety of data privacy laws. Presentation of the consent tool is fully customizable to fit your site or app’s look and feel.
  • A compliance monitoring tool that tracks your organization’s privacy compliance as well as that of your external partners, providing a 360-degree view of your data compliance status with intuitive key performance indicators.
  • Privacy request management tools to service user DSARs in a timely and compliant manner. Didomi’s privacy request management module streamlines the servicing of these requests, reducing turnaround time and increasing customer satisfaction.



Online reviews of Didomi’s solution indicate high ratings for their customer support and the solution’s ease of customization. The ability to integrate Didomi with other business systems is also seen as a major plus.


The complaints about Didomi include:

  • Poor support for IAB TCF
  • Less mature product
  • Degrades website performance
  • Lack of integration support for certain popular platforms such as Shopify


Final Thoughts 

Didomi is an up-and-coming player in the data compliance space with a compelling, if limited, product offering. Didomi offers three plans, including:

  • Consent Essentials, for basic consent management
  • Core Privacy UX, which includes more features for user preference management
  • Privacy UX Plus, for high-volume environments

Pricing is not advertised on their website, but the lack of complaints about price suggests that its pricing is not unreasonable. Didomi can be a good choice for organizations with more focused data compliance requirements, but it may lack some features that are must-haves for your organization. It should be evaluated with care before making a buying decision.


7. TrustArc


TrustArc is yet another privacy and data management solution that offers a suite of services that supports customer consent, privacy strategy, and management, as well as certifications to keep your business compliant with the most relevant privacy laws. Services include: 

  • Cookie banner
  • Website scanning
  • User interface controls (more robust as plan price increases)
  • Cookie preferences management
  • Tracker database
  • GDPR and CCPA support (Professional)
  • IP-based geo detection (Professional)
  • Cross-domain consent (Professional)
  • AdChoices publisher add-on (Advanced)
  • Integrated DSAR workflow (Advanced)
  • Full-service support (Advanced)



As with most of these services, TrustArc also provides a variety of service tiers: Cookie Consent Basic, Cookie Consent Professional, and Cookie Consent Advanced. The Basic plan solely focuses on cookie consent. Professional gives you everything from the free plan plus support for GDPR and CCPA, compliance reporting, customized branding, IP-based geo detection, cross-domain consent, multilingual support, and tag management integration support, and more. 

The Advanced plan provides more in-depth scanning support, IAB EU and CCPA framework support, an AdChoices add-on, DSAR support, and routine regulatory updates to keep you compliant. 



Once again, TrustArc is a brand that drops the ball on price transparency. To better understand whether this platform is financially feasible, you need to request a quote — meaning that you’ll need to endure a sales pitch before you can receive basic pricing details. Additionally, the Cookie Consent Basic package doesn’t specify which of the major privacy laws it’s compliant with. 

While you hope that it’s compliant with the majors, the fact that the plan doesn’t explicitly come with GDPR and CCPA support like the other plans makes it a risky investment. Likewise, some customers have noted that in the lower tier plans, you’re somewhat on your own if you’re not sure where your data is coming from. Additionally, the various features the platform promotes don’t always integrate easily with each other — leading to frustrations.


8. Mine


Mine is a data privacy management platform that started with a focus on helping consumers know where their data was being used online and to gain control of that usage. It further branched out its product offering to include a business solution centered around maintaining data and privacy compliance. 



As with many data and privacy compliance solutions, Mine supports multiple touchpoints, such as email, SSO, website, and cloud scanning. Key features include: 

  • Monitoring operational systems
  • IT shadow and risk mapping
  • Controlling employee data access
  • Privacy and governance compliance
  • Full data and systems coverage
  • Identifying authoritative systems

Mine supports plug-and-play integrations that easily support access and deletion requests as with other platforms. You also get consent management tools for both websites and apps. Mine has three out-of-the-box plans to choose from and the option for a custom plan for enterprise customers. 

Standard options such as a customizable privacy webform, collecting data requests across channels, and secure communication channels with data subjects are all supported. 



Although all of these features are essential, Mine lacks pricing transparency; none of the three available out-of-the-box plans have their prices advertised. The base plan offers a trial period, but you still need to sign up for a demonstration presentation before you can move forward. Additionally, customer service response times are linked with your plan level. 

The base plan promises a 48-hour response time, but you must upgrade to the top-tier plan to get a same-day turnaround. Although this might not be a problem for businesses that don’t rely on their website as a primary funnel source, others may find that a potential two-day lag time for responses is problematic. Likewise, security and authentication support beyond SSO and email are limited to the two premium account options.


Final Thoughts

The fact that Mine tries to address both the consumer and business markets suggests that the company is not altogether focused on their data governance and privacy compliance side. It’s unclear how easy it is to onboard, or how many integrations they support. It might be wise to find a provider with more focus on the B2B market.


9. Illow


Illow is another provider of cookie consent management software. It's relatively new to the space, but has managed to carve out a name for itself. 



Illow has a few things going for it. Unlike other providers that focus on cookie consent management, Illow has a data deletion feature. They claim it can automate the fulfillment of data deletion requests not only on your own databases but on those of over 500 third-party partners, on any server. Although this feature doesn’t make Illow a full-service data privacy management system, it’s an important feature not found on the likes of CookieYes, Cookiebot, or CookiePro.

Illow also has competitive pricing—closer to that of Enzuzo than the other competitors. Illow has four pricing tiers, ranging from $10/month for the Basic plan to $269/month for the Ultimate plan. Like Enzuzo, the number of domains increases as you go up the plan menu. The Plus and Ultimate plans come with a “no fines” guarantee, similar to Osano—they will pay up to $30,000 of any fines you are levied by regulatory authorities while using their product.

Illow also has a fully customizable plan for large organizations with specific needs. Pricing for this option is negotiated according to your requirements.



Unlike Enzuzo, Illow’s pricing has a monthly page-view limit, beyond which your cookie banners stop working. It’s a sneaky way of getting you to upgrade to a higher-level plan.

Illow offers a free trial for all of their plans, but it’s only seven days, which is insufficient for a detailed product evaluation.

Last but not least, Illow is a recent entrant in this market and their product lacks the maturity of some of the others on the market. Some reviewers have found that the documentation lacks depth and that banner customizations are not as flexible as they could be.



Final Thoughts

Illow is a promising option for companies looking for a solution that goes beyond cookie consent management without being a full-fledged data privacy management solution. Their reviews on G2 are positive, which indicates they are serving their customers well. However, for around the same price, you could get much more in the way of support for your compliance needs by looking elsewhere.


Factors to Consider When Evaluating CookieYes Alternatives

These were our main considerations when selecting the most suitable CookieYes alternatives to consider. 


Regardless of how much providers try to downplay it, price is a major consideration, in particular for SMBs with limited budgets. Pricing transparency is a big plus for smaller organizations because they can easily eliminate options that far exceed their budget constraints, but not all platforms are clear about their pricing, and some that are charge by the domain or add page view limits that end up costing you more. 



Integrating a data management platform into your existing website or backend is not a trivial undertaking. A common complaint with many platforms is that integration was a major pain point. Part of the problem is that privacy laws are complex, and often contradict one another. This isn’t the platform’s fault, but it does mean that you need to have someone or a dedicated team that’s prepared to devote time to set up and test your consent management system. It also means your chosen solution should offer robust support in this area.



Privacy laws are complex, and integrating a management platform into your backend takes work. Does the platform you're considering offer responsive, timely support? A common concern we saw with many free plans was that response times could be as high as 48 hours or referenced as “best effort,” meaning…what? One day, 3 days, 10 days? 



Most major consent management platforms provide compliance coverage for major international and state laws. But it’s important to note that according to the United Nations, 137 nations have some type of privacy regulation in place. If you’re receiving traffic from any of those 137 countries, you’re technically liable for how you’re managing those citizens’ data. 

With the myriad regulations in place or in the pipeline, your data privacy compliance platform must keep up with the changing data privacy landscape. More important, their solution needs to be agile enough to adjust and maintain your compliance, both as the laws change and as your business model evolves.



Whether you prefer a solution that doesn’t give your provider free advertising by showing the logo of your consent management platform, or you need to create content in multiple languages, customizations are central to ensuring a positive user experience for your site visitors. How flexible is the free consent management system you’re considering when it comes to these features? Can they be customized only under the more expensive plans they offer?


Data Management

Data management, of course, is a central function of any data privacy and governance solution. From handling DSRAs to tracking where your data is coming from, when it’s nearing expiration, and whether it’s being handled properly, you need a platform that can give you sufficient support for these tasks. 

Additionally, if you’re coordinating that data with third parties, additional compliance support is even more important. Make sure the consent management platform you’re considering can do this efficiently. 


An Agile Solution That Prioritizes Privacy and Data Compliance

Privacy laws are constantly evolving. With so many regulations worldwide, staying compliant can be too much for a smaller business to handle on its own.  It’s essential that you have a consent management platform that actively responds to regulatory changes, while also giving your business the flexibility to customize policies and cookie consent interfaces for customers. 

Enzuzo is designed to grow with your business. With five plans, no monthly contract, and robust solutions and customizations, Enzuzo has a solution for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’ve just launched your first website, or you’re managing a portfolio of domains, Enzuzo can help keep you compliant every step of the way.

Learn how Enzuzo can be your partner in consent management and data privacy. Book a 1-1, no obligation call👇

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Osman Husain

Osman is the content lead at Enzuzo. He has a background in data privacy management via a two-year role at ExpressVPN and extensive freelance work with cybersecurity and blockchain companies. Osman also holds an MBA from the Toronto Metropolitan University.

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