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Case Study

How Marketing Agency Uroboro Chose Enzuzo to Scale its Data Privacy Services

Uroboro searched for a partner to help their clients comply with North American data privacy laws. It chose Enzuzo after an exhaustive evaluation of current vendors. 


What is Uroboro?

Uroboro is a Webflow partner agency headquartered in Quebec, QC. It builds immersive web experiences for several clients spread across North America. 

Selecting an appropriate vendor to scale the agency's data privacy offering.  

Quebec-based Uroboro manages the web properties for several institutional clients, including the Quebec Chamber of Commerce. 

The Canadian province welcomed Law 25 earlier this year, ushering in a new era of stringent data privacy regulations for all businesses that manage the personal information of Quebecers.

Quebec Law 25 is considered at par with EU’s GDPR regarding the level of detail in consent management, user rights, and business restrictions in handling personal data.

David Bernier, the Founder of Uroboro, says that his firm had considered offering data privacy services as an agency add-on for the past couple of years, but clients didn’t deem it necessary.

"Clients would ask us passively if we needed data privacy management, and I explained that it was required only when processing personal data of European and Californian residents," explains David.

“We had companies calling us, asking about the compliance technicalities. Board members were sounding the alarm, urging the management team to get compliant as soon as possible.”

david bernier

David Bernier | Founder & President, Uroboro

Now, however, the landscape had changed. 

We had companies calling us, asking about the compliance technicalities. Board members were sounding the alarm, urging the management team to get compliant as soon as possible,” explains David.

“Internally, we also noticed online searches for Quebec Law 25 increasing dramatically and we knew businesses would be on the hunt for a legal solution,” he adds.

After a rigorous evaluation of the data privacy and consent management market, Uroboro picked Enzuzo as its agency partner.

David and his team started searching for a reliable data privacy partner — one they could work with to integrate the solution seamlessly into clients’ websites. David refers to the search as a ‘tech selection compass’, stating they had several criteria for their preferred vendor.

To shortlist reliable partners, they scoured online reviews, did a forensic analysis of each website, examined monthly traffic signals, and finally went through the product via a 1-1 demo to understand its capabilities.

Enzuzo met all of Uroboro’s requirements. These included:

  • Integrated DSAR management
  • Self-hosted privacy policies
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • World-class consent management features
  • Multiple user login options
  • Ease of onboarding and user experience
  • Rapid customer support

“I hopped on a call with Mate [Enzuzo’s CEO] and found the solution exactly what we wanted. It was a no-brainer,” says David.

enzuzo app

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Enzuzo onboarded Uroboro's clients seamlessly, giving David world-class consent management features at a competitive price. 

David has successfully integrated Enzuzo with most of his clients at Uroboro and expects the remaining to come online soon, too. He points to Enzuzo’s ease of use as a major differentiator — the team expected some initial teething issues, but everything has gone to plan and works as expected.

The team at Uroboro is now launching its managed data privacy service, with an initial paid marketing campaign targeting businesses in Quebec. David says many businesses are unaware of the tweaks they need to make to their consent management and data handling practices, and that the partnership with Enzuzo will help position the agency as a trusted ally.

“I’ve had many of my agency friends call and ask about Law 25 compliance too. Now that I have my standard operating procedures in place, it’s easy to point them in the right direction.”

david bernier

David Bernier | Founder & President, Uroboro

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