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The Encognito Blog: Shopify

    best free shopify theme

    Why Dawn is the Best Free Shopify Theme (Updated!)

    Shopify launched its new Online Store 2.0 in 2023 but what does that mean for your business? One of the new Shopify 2.0 themes is Dawn. It is one of the fastest Shopify themes and..

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    Shopify Marketing Agency: Our Top 9 Picks for 2024

    Shopify Digital Marketing Agency: Which One Should You Choose? The top Shopify agencies have expertise in a variety of fields — from design, SEO, UX, conversion rate optimization,..

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    The 11 Best (New) Shopify Apps You Need to Try

    Shopify is a top eCommerce platform for a reason. With excellent features, design, and accessibility, it’s one of our top recommended platforms for small businesses. One of the..

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    guide to shopify pricing

    Quick Read on Shopify Pricing: How Much Do I Need? (Updated for 2024!)

    Powering over 4 million online stores in 2024, Shopify is the best eCommerce platform to create your store. Since most merchants view Shopify as a trusted website, its..

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    How to Make Your Shopify Store Compliant With CCPA [2023 Update]

    This article will walk you through steps to make your Shopify store compliant with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Don't fear this law. The CCPA is only designed to..

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    Is Shopify Safe to Use in 2023?

    If you've been thinking about starting a Shopify store, you're probably wondering: Is Shopify a trusted website? Will I be able to protect my customers' information and my own?..

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    Do Shopify Apps Collect Your Customers Data?

    From providing a customer-friendly live chat function to engaging pop-ups or streamlining shipment and payment processes, third-party apps available in the Shopify store can help..

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    ada guidelines for shopify

    Easy Guide to ADA Violations and Web Accessibility for Shopify

    There’s been a rise in the number of people filing lawsuits for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) non-compliance. While this is bad news for those companies, it raises a..

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    How To Ensure Shopify ADA Compliance

    When you build a Shopify website or other online store, there are many things to consider. Many business owners neglect the importance of making an eCommerce website that is fully..

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