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The 11 Best (New) Shopify Apps You Need to Try

Paige Harris 1/24/24 8:15 PM

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Shopify is a top eCommerce platform for a reason. With excellent features, design, and accessibility, it’s one of our top recommended platforms for small businesses. One of the features that puts Shopify above the competition is its robust app store.

Similar to the app stores on iPhone or Android, Shopify’s app store boasts apps that can do nearly everything, from slight tweaks to website design to full dashboards for shipping and tracking real online business orders.

Email marketing, notifications, dropshipping, customer checkout, social proof, social plugins, and rewards programs are just a few of the key features you can achieve with Shopify apps. In short, they open up many possibilities for any Shopify-based digital storefront.

But with over 8,000 apps and counting, it’s easy to miss a diamond in the rough. Instead of just selecting the most popular apps, we’ve focused on the top options that can help you enhance functionality, boost customer retention and growth, and streamline operations  for your Shopify-backed eCommerce business in 2024. 



PickyStory Best Shopify App 2022

PickyStory is a top-rated Shopify app that helps you generate more revenue from every store visit. With PickyStory, you can create irresistible product deals and display them throughout your store, to encourage your customers to buy more. 
Create Bundles of frequently purchased products and display them on your product pages, use Kits for tiered upselling, create a gallery of shoppable looks to inspire your customers to buy a whole outfit, and more. Deals can be displayed on any page in your store, or even as pop-ups. 
Importantly, PickyStory auto-syncs with your Shopify inventory (no more manual updates!) and deals can be customized to your brand’s style and colors. Set up your deals with clicks, and simply drag and drop onto your store’s pages - no code required.
This is also a beginner-friendly app to install since the pricing is designed on a pay-per-value structure. You can test run it for free if your store generates $500 or less in monthly revenue. From there, additional plans start at $49.50 and go up to $279.50 for brands racking up over $5,000 in revenue from PickyStory.



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There’s nothing like a well-designed website to help draw consumers in and encourage them to not just explore, but make a purchase or take some other action. PageFly is a webpage builder for business owners that aren’t coders. Consider this the cheat you didn’t know you needed to get your website up and running in no time. 

Similar to Shopify’s Liquid-based page builder platform, PageFly relies on a drag-and-drop based interface which makes it incredibly user-friendly. You can opt for a template or create something from scratch. Meanwhile the system is already SEO-optimized to ensure that you can leverage metadata to help rank in search. Likewise, it takes a mobile-first approach with templates that are compatible with desktop, mobile, and tablet accessibility. 

With three core pricing tiers, this is an app that’s designed with all budgets in mind. The Free plan includes one free page (referred to as slots), provides all app features, 24/7 live chat support and the option to add-on unlimited blog post pages for $49 per month. The Pay As You Go plan is $24 per month and includes 5 pages along with everything included in the Free plan. Meanwhile, the Unlimited plan is $99 per month and gives you unlimited pages and priority chat support.


Enzuzo Data Privacy

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The all-in-one tool for data privacy, Enzuzo enables eCommerce businesses small and large to handle user data with ease. Enzuzo ensures your business remains compliant with all worldwide privacy laws: GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, you name it.

With a wide range of plans to suit businesses at each stage of their growth journey, Enzuzo helps you store and record user consent, build shipping and privacy policies, and cater to customer data access requests. Templates are written by human lawyers and a range of privacy experts are on hand to answer any queries.

With customers increasing distrust of online businesses, make sure you're one of those special brands that earns customer loyalty (and sales) through transparency and trust.

Enzuzo is the data privacy partner of several Shopify Plus stores, including Little Sleepies and Beacn.



Triple Whale 

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If you spend even a little bit of time online, you instantly understand why veteran marketers always say “data is king.” Triple Whale is an analytics solution that centralizes your metrics so you can manage your data and make informed decisions in one easy dashboard.

Triple Whale works to synthesize store metrics so you have comprehensive and clear data to plan future ad spends and marketing campaigns. The agile platform allows you to drag and drop metric tiles so you can arrange them in any format needed to get a transparent picture of not just store performance, but also traffic streams. 

As with many other apps on the Shopify platform, this one also features four pricing tiers. The Founder plan is free and includes a summary page, email reports, web analytics, supports up to 2 users, 12 months of historical data, a companion mobile app, and supports push and email notifications. 

Of course, paid plans offer more enhanced features beyond the Founders Dash and start at $129 per month for the Growth plan with the Enterprise solution being $279 per month. If you opt for an annual subscription, you can save 17% off of all the paid pricing tiers. 


Octane AI 

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AI is here to stay, and in many cases, it can help businesses nudge customers to complete a web flow, buy a product, or request more information. Octane AI is an advanced quiz maker used to determine which products from your store are best suited for a customer. 

Quizzes are fully customizable, meaning you can tweak the layout, font, add images, or opt for a fully customized CSS. The data pulled from the quizzes can also be integrated into marketing solutions like Klaviyo, Recharge, Attentive, Zapier, and other popular platforms. Plus, there are quiz prompts for virtually every industry, or you can let the AI solution recommend suggestions. 

Octane offers a free 14-day trial. But, once the trial period ends, you’ll need to pick one of the three pricing tiers which is structured based on the total number of engagements the quiz logs. The lowest plan, known as Octane, is $50 per month and supports up to 200 engagements and unlimited quizzes and integration support for most major marketing platforms. 

Octane Plus is $200 per month and 1,500 engagements. Meanwhile, Enterprise supports unlimited engagements, but has an undisclosed price tag that requires contacting the app developers for more information. 

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Don’t be surprised when you find that some app developers offer several solutions on Shopify’s app store. is one such option. The brand has three apps in Shopify’s store, all catered to review, rating, and comment aggregation. 

We all know that credibility via customer reviews is a solid way to improve future conversions. What sets apart is that it’s a review aggregator that supports 38 languages. It works by allowing store owners to schedule automatic emails to request reviews, photos, and videos, from confirmed customers after they receive their purchases. These reviews can also be imported from other apps and displayed on your site. 

Additionally, you can also display this content on social channels or integrate them into rich snippets for Google — including Google Shopping. Meanwhile, additional value-added features include engagement solutions like Q&A with customers, offering coupons, or building out email marketing integrations. Note that it also works with Shopify’s Shop app. 

There are two simple pricing structures — making this a great cost-effective option for stores trying to keep their costs under control. The Forever Free plan supports unlimited review requests, photos and videos, carousel themes, in-email reviews, shop syndication, SEO snippets, and manual social push. But, for just $15 a month, the Awesome plan gives you everything from the Forever Free but with an unbranded module, site reviews, all reviews page, Q&A support, custom forms, coupons, product groups, cross-shop syndication, Meta syndication, and Google Shopping.



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To be clear, all of Shopify’s three core plans come with inventory management for up to 1,000 locations — including your digital storefront, warehouse(s), and any brick & mortar or pop up shop locations. But if you want restocking alerts, and real time data, Prediko’s inventory management app is a solid choice. 

While it might seem redundant to the Shopify built-in inventory tracker, Prediko takes it a step farther by supporting sales forecasting for SKUs as well as allowing you to manage raw goods inventory so that you always have enough materials on hand to make your products. 

Prediko leverages a scaled pricing model based on your current annual revenue. After the 14-day free trial, stores with annual revenue up to $500,000 will pay $119 per month. This comes with unlimited users, SKUs and POs, revenue and sales forecasting, PO alerts and management, and inventory reporting. 

Once you reach $20 million in revenue ($1,499 per month for Prediko), your plan also includes a dedicated Slack channel and support manager. The maximum monthly fee is $1,999 per month for stores earning between $30 to $40 million annually. Beyond this, you’ll need to contact them for a customized solution. 



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Review aggregation is a popular feature for eCommerce stores to leverage and Sendlane makes it easy to do that. But the app goes further by also creating a unified solution to manage email and SMS outreach to consumers, along with providing automation support.

This solution is best served for brands that have a more solid email list and are ready to turn those random email addresses into excited new and returning customers. As is common, you’ll get a free 14-day trial. There are three core plans promoted through the Shopify app store: Professional, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus. 

With Professional, for $100 a month you’ll get reviews, 50,000 email send credits, unlimited contacts, and assisted onboarding support. Enterprise is $1,500 per month and includes everything from Professional but with 1.75 million email sends, a dedicated customer support manager, assisted migration, and a personal Slack channel. The Enterprise Plus plan is $2,500 per month and offers 5 million email sends along with full migration — as well as what was included in the Enterprise plan.



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Depending on your business model, a membership program might be a better way to drive revenue than a la carte sales. If that sounds appealing, Inveterate may be the app you didn’t know you needed for your Shopify store. 

In short, you can create custom membership programs, complete with incentives, pricing tiers, billing frequencies, shipping discounts, and loyalty rewards. Inveterate also works alongside a la carte sales, making it ideal for businesses launching a subscription model but that still want to offer items for individual retail purchase. 

Most importantly, you don’t need to be a coder to integrate Inveterate into your business. Additionally, you’ll control the data. There are four tiered pricing plans with Inveterate, all based on how many members you secure. You can always start with the Free plan which is for up to 50 members. You’ll get full platform access and a self-serve onboarding experience. However, this tier does take a 10% revenue share from every membership secured. 

The Starter Plan is $250 per month and includes everything from Free except it supports up to 750 orders per month and unlimited members with no revenue share. The Growth plan is $500 per month and piggybacks off the Starter plan with up to 1,500 orders per month. And if your membership business is doing exceptionally well, the Premier plan is $1,000 per month, supports over 1,500 monthly orders, provides strategic onboarding support and a dedicated strategy team. 


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One of the best ways to get new customers is to have your existing customers refer them to you. Novel capitalizes on this reality by focusing on customer retention and acquisition through referral revenue. This solution is designed for both virtual and brick and mortar sales. 

Along with working with Shopify POS, it also easily integrates with other solutions including one we featured here like Triple Whale. But you can use this app with confidence since some major and popular brands like Anheuser-Busch, Liquid Death, FabFitFun, Glamnetic, and EverLane also use this solution.

This app offers a 30-day free trial — which is long in the Shopify app world. But if you’re ready to invest, the Early adopter plan is $99 per month which comes with the first 1,000 passes free, unlimited push notifications, unlimited QR code referrals, location-based push notifications, and an automatic storefront login for Shopify Plus customers. For more seasoned stores, the Enterprise deal includes everything from Early Adopter plus access to a Slack channel for enterprise support, dedicated developer support, bespoke feature builds, and custom integrations. 


Simple Bundles

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There’s nothing like a bit of cross-selling to beef up cart values and improve overall revenue. This is the motto of Simple Bundles which allows you to create customized bundles with single or multi-SKU assortments. From mix and match to multipacks, curations, volume discounts, and subscription sets, there’s a solution here for your business model. 

This app is especially ideal for anyone that’s hit a wall with Shopify’s default 100 variant limit. Additionally, any bundles you create can be easily synced with 3PL, WMS, shipping software, or even Amazon’s FBA program.

There are four plans available. The Basic plan is free and supports creating up to 3 bundles across all supported bundle types, and up to 500 orders per month. The Starter Plan is $24 each month and is catered towards Shopify Basic and Shopify accounts. You’ll get unlimited bundles and orders, free migration, bulk import bundles, multi-location support, and email support. 

The Advanced Plan is $49 per month and for Shopify Advanced users. It comes with everything from Starter plus custom order metafields, POS integration, and tech support with theme development included. Finally, the Plus plan is $149 per month and is geared towards Shopify Plus users. Along with everything from the Advanced plan, you’ll also get a dedicated order processing queue, Hydrogen support, and priority support. 


Enhance Your Business with Killer Apps in 2024

Shopify is home to many, many different types of business owners. Whether you are selling purely digital services or shipping hand-crafted goods across the world, Shopify has you covered, in no small part due to its massive app store.

Try adding some of these stellar, proven apps to your platform, and see how they can enhance your business.


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Paige Harris

Paige is the growth marketing lead at Enzuzo and host of The Living Lab podcast, providing insightful articles in the privacy space.