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The Top Data Privacy Companies of 2024

Osman Husain 2/21/24 3:50 PM

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Best Data Privacy Companies - Startups & Enterprise


Data privacy in 2024 is a complex, multifaceted subject that's dealing with several fronts at once, such as:

Our list of the best data privacy services comprise both emerging and mature companies that help businesses meet the expectations of their shareholders and customers. Let's dive in. 



enzuzo homepage

Enzuzo is a data privacy firm located in Ontario, Canada that was founded in 2019 by co-founders Mate Prgin and Tim Tsai after recognizing a gap in the market for scalable, low-cost privacy compliance workflows.

Mate, a serial entrepreneur, understood that hiring compliance experts and lawyers was cost prohibitive yet necessary — not all businesses could afford to shell out tens of thousands of dollars just to meet regulatory requirements. He teamed up with Tim to assist businesses in taking the 'guesswork out of privacy compliance' with a friendly, accessible dashboard that's easy to get started with. 

Enzuzo is backed by world-class investors and counts firms like Turtle Wax, the Power Corporation of Canada, Lucy Group, and Remax Realty as some of its clients. Similarly, Shopify Plus brand BEACN turned to Enzuzo to strengthen data privacy compliance as the company scaled into new geographic markets.


Features & Product

With customers in over 50 countries and over 30,000 happy customers, Enzuzo offers effortless compliance with regulatory guidelines found in GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, and LGPD. 

These include features like privacy policy, cookie banner, and terms & conditions generators for mobile apps, SaaS companies, agencies, and ecommerce businesses to get started quickly. What's more, Enzuzo also has dedicated apps for Shopify and Webflow, and syncs easily with WooCommerce, Wix, Squarespace, and others. 


Google-Certified CMP Vendor

Enzuzo is vetted by IAB Europe's Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) and is wholly compliant with Google Consent Mode. That's an important requirement for data protection companies, as it means their consent software complies with Google's stringent guidelines and allows people to continue serving ads in Europe.


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High NPS Scores and Positive Reviews

Enzuzo's global clientele point to its ease of onboarding, friendly customer support, and effortless UX as three main reasons why they recommend the tool. 




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big id homepage

BigID is an award-winning data privacy software company that was formed in 2016 by co-founders Dimitri Sirota and Nimrod Vax, and is headquartered in New York City. With influential investors backing the firm like Salesforce, Comcast, and Hewlett Packard, it’s clear to see why this firm is favored by enterprise level clients. 

BigID's data discovery and intelligence platform focuses on identifying and fixing gaps in the data ecosystem. Core tools support assessing, classifying, and managing sensitive data. Although the data privacy service does offer simple out-of-the-box tools, it’s also highly configurable which makes it appealing for enterprise clients that need custom workflows.

While BigID doesn’t publicly disclose the client roster, its enterprise solutions lend them towards supporting multi-national conglomerates. Whispers suggest that the brand is the data privacy partner behind organizations like Walmart, Royal Bank of Scotland, eBay, and Accenture. BigID has a wealth of white papers on their website that reference their capabilities for financial services, utility companies, risk management, and healthcare industries. 




OneTrust was founded in 2016 by Kabir Barday and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia although it maintains 10 global offices. It’s one of the most well-known data privacy compliance solutions and is viewed as a 360-degree solution that addresses the needs of mid-market and enterprise clients. 

Privacy and data management, security management and analysis, and support for more top-tier needs of enterprise firms like transparency, sustainability, and even a portal for secure and anonymous whistleblowing by a brand’s staff or customer base are all key features that OneTrust offers. High profile customers that businesses might be familiar with include Samsung, DHL, Deloitte, Air Canada, Make-A-Wish International, and the Natural History Museum.



Greenshot 2024-02-21 12.43.28 was founded in 2018 by Rehan Jalil and is based in San Jose, California. The firm automates privacy and data security while providing security, governance, and compliance solutions for hybrid, on-premise, and multi-cloud environments across geographic locations. Key features include end-to-end data protection, sensitive data discovery, data cataloging, access to intelligence & controls, and security posture management.

Like many data compliance firms, Securiti has direct links to Silicon Valley investors, including firms like Mayfield, General Catalyst, and Owl Rock Capital Corporation as well as advisors like Frederic Kerrest, the founder of Okta, and Greg Clark and Mike Fey — the ex CEO and COO of Symantec respectively. 

Securiti doesn’t currently disclose their client roster, but research suggests that major clients include ADP, Chipotle, Comcast, Deutsche Bank, Standard Chartered, and Hertz. While they don’t provide case studies, the organization has a comprehensive resource center that offers everything from deep dives into jurisdiction-specific data privacy best practices, to ways best to manage data security and privacy through an industry-specific review. 


Duo Security

Greenshot 2024-02-21 12.46.39

Duo Security is one of the senior data protection companies on this list, thanks to its formation in 2010 by Dug Song and Jon Oberheide. While the firm is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the data security provider has since expanded to include four additional regional locations across the United States and another in London. 

Duo is a bit different from other providers in that it hyperfocuses on the two-factor authentication (2FA) process. It creates an automated solution that leverages a user-friendly interface and multiple authentication methods to protect against unauthorized access. Likewise, via the interface, key stakeholders can see all devices that are currently connected to their network and immediately view if the proper security protocols are in place to prevent system breaches. Similarly, authorized accounts can manage access controls at the individual level for a more precise — yet comprehensive — data access control solution. 

Duo Security is somewhat secretive about their client roster but research suggests that the current roster is at 986 companies using the product. Rumored top-tier clients include Cornell University, Wipro Ltd., Lockheed Martin Corporation, and Infosys Ltd. However, Duo does have a few case studies on its website highlighting how the corporation helped clients like Hamilton College, PruittHealth, and AmeriGas.




Didomi was founded in 2017 by Raphael Bukris and Romain Gauthier, and is headquartered in Paris, France. This cloud-based privacy consent and management platform offers global solutions to meet regulatory needs worldwide. Since this is an EU-based firm, the company prioritizes core GDPR concepts like individual rights to determine how to interact with technology, holding technology accountable and demanding transparency, and that control over personal data is paramount. 

Similar to many other data privacy management firms, Didomi doesn’t widely advertise its top-tier customer lists. The only client the firm acknowledges on its website is Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs Group. However, research suggests that key clients include Weight Watchers, Rakuten, and Adevinta. Still, the brand does offer industry-specific white papers such as how the firm has assisted financial institutions and provided privacy compliance for nuanced circumstances, such as using CTV in Europe and banner consent in Quebec.




Mine was founded in 2019 by Gal Golan, Gal Ringel, and Kobi Nissan. It’s headquartered in Boston but also has offices in Tel Aviv and Frankfurt, It prides itself on creating a “human-centric privacy experience.” The data protection platform allows consumers to know where their data is being used online and to take control of what is being used — and how. Mine then included a business solution that supports maintaining data and privacy compliance. 

Investment groups like Headline, PayPal Ventures, Nationwide, Battery, Saban Ventures, MassMutual Ventures, and Gradient Ventures back the firm. Its advisory board reads like a who’s who of experts, including Jutta Williams, an ex-Meta, ex-Google, and ex-X (formerly Twitter) privacy engineer, Professor David Hoffman from Duke University Law School, and Ari Schwartz, a former White House Senior Director of Cyber Security.

Current customers include Splendid Spoon, Nutrisense, GlassesUSA, Zyte, Lumosity, UserZoom, Reddit, Shark Ninja, Fender,, and HelloFresh. 



ketch homepage

Ketch is one of the younger data privacy firms after its incorporation in 2020 by Tom Chavez, Vivek Vaidya, and Maxwell Anderson. It’s headquartered in San Francisco and is another 360 solution that centers data management and privacy compliance. Key offerings include the tools for responsible data control from capture to disposal. Core features include customizing cookie disclosure templates, DSAR management, and API development for enterprise clients that want a tailored product. 

Because of this solution, Ketch caters to a wide customer base which includes Seat Geek, Imax, White Claw, TheRealReal, PC Richard & Son, Pret A Manger, Remitly, Dish, and more. Although Ketch doesn’t offer client-specific white papers, the brand does provide in-depth content to help businesses understand various privacy laws across the U.S. and Europe, as well as understanding industry terminology such as privacy orchestration.



vanta homepage

Vanta was founded in 2018 by Christina Cacioppo, and is headquartered in San Francisco — but has distributed teams in New York, Sydney, and Dublin. The firm is a graduate of the Y Combinator incubator program, and also received backing from Sequoia Capital. Vanta positions itself as a privacy solution designed for businesses of all sizes. The brand notes that its formation centred on several high-profile data breaches that occurred in 2018. 

While Vanta works with businesses of all sizes, it also specializes in creating easily implemented solutions for startups and smaller businesses that often don’t have the budget to support custom-built tools. The firm also highlights its capabilities for industry specific compliance guidelines such as HIPAA laws for the healthcare industry along with SOC 2 and ISO 27001. 

According to Y Combinator (a current investor), Vanta boasts a client roster that has over 4,000 companies. Key clients that rely on Vanta include Flo Health, Quora, Autodesk, and Chili Piper. Although Vanta doesn’t offer client-specific white papers, it does offer resource blogs with topics covering compliance-specific guidelines like ISO 27001 and SOC 2, as well as best practice articles for integrating privacy compliance with scalability. 



drata homepage

Drata is one of the newer companies on our list. Formed in 2020 by Adam Markowitz, Daniel Marashilan, and Troy Markowitz, the company is headquartered in San Diego, California. This company not only prioritizes data security, but also ensures that firms are audit-ready if regulators ever request one. Along with traditional data privacy regulations like GDPR and CPRA, Drata also centers industry-specific compliance guidelines like HIPAA, SOC 2, and ISO 27001.

More high-profile clients that most businesses will be familiar with include Lemonade, Airbase, BambooHR, and Wordpress VIP. Meanwhile, Drata is backed financially by savvy investors including GGV Capital, Iconiq Growth, Cowboy Ventures, Alkeon Capital Management, Salesforce Ventures, S Ventures, SVCI, Okta Ventures, Leaders Fund, and FOG Ventures. 

Although Drata doesn’t provide client-specific white papers, the firm’s resource center offers a plethora of insights for adhering to industry and privacy compliance such as ISO 27001 and GDPR. 




Skyflow was founded in 2019 by Anshu Sharma and Roshmik Saha, and is based in Palo Alto, California. This firm is a bit different since it approaches data privacy management from the developer’s perspective. Skyflow focuses on creating “data vaults” that are specifically geared towards financial and healthcare data, but can also be used by other industry niches. 

Essentially, the brand has created a more accessible version of the data vaults implemented by multinational corporations like Apple and Netflix. Along with privacy regulations like CPRA and GDPR, Skyflow also addresses HIPAA concerns, along with SOC 2 and ISO 27001. Where Skyflow takes it a step further is with Large Language Modules (LLMs), which are essential algorithms in AI to help the programs learn and adapt in real-time. 

Skyflow works to create data vaults to prevent sensitive information from being included in the data sets that LLMs rely on.  These data vaults can be used to filter training data sets like S3, Databricks, Airflow, MongoDB, Snowflake before sending them into more well-known LLMs such as Meta LLaMa, Bard, Private LLM, OpenAI, Hugging Face, and Anthropic. 

High profile clients that rely on Skyflow include Nomi Health, Yohana + Panasonic, Newstore, GoodRx, Apaya, Hadley, and Scalapay. 

Osman Husain

Osman is the content lead at Enzuzo. He has a background in data privacy management via a two-year role at ExpressVPN and extensive freelance work with cybersecurity and blockchain companies. Osman also holds an MBA from the Toronto Metropolitan University.