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Best Google CMPs: 8 Options to Consider [2024 Review]

Osman Husain 3/20/24 5:36 PM
best google cmp

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The Best Google CMPs

Google-certified Consent Management Platforms (CMPs) are a must-have for businesses in Europe looking to comply with Consent Mode V2. When a CMP is “Google certified,” it means Google has approved the platform for managing core compliance processes across Google’s advertising services: Google Ads, AdSense, DoubleClick, and more.

In essence, Google aims to standardize how consent is obtained across its advertising ecosystem to support stronger industry compliance with global data protection frameworks. As of January 16, 2024, companies hoping to serve ads to users protected by GDPR must implement a Google certified CMP.

For those still considering their options, we’re reviewing some of the best Google certified CMPs currently available.


1. Enzuzo


Enzuzo is a Google certified CMP that empowers businesses to comply with international privacy laws like GDPR, CCPA, Quebec Law 25, the ePrivacy Directive, and more. By giving companies the tools they need to meet the consent requirements of Google Consent Mode v2, Enzuzo makes it easy to comply with regulatory mandates like the IAB TCF framework, GDPR, and other emerging privacy laws that will soon enter force. 


Top Features

Aside from its core offering of a versatile cookie consent banner, Enzuzo offers a suite of capabilities that make compliance a breeze:

  • Google certified CMP compliant with Consent Mode v2
  • Fully customizable cookie banner generation
  • Multi-client login capabilities
  • Sophisticated cookie audit trails
  • Automatic website scanning and categorization
  • Insightful consent analytics
  • DSAR automation
  • Vendor risk assessments
  • Privacy impact assessments

As a Google certified CMP, Enzuzo’s features are at the forefront of compliance and privacy management. Enzuzo assists clients in complying with Google Consent Mode's requirements by providing a seamless way to integrate with the website’s existing infrastructure. Automatic adjustments can be made to data collection practices based on user consent. If a user opts out of certain types of cookies or data collection, Enzuzo automatically adjusts the website’s behavior to respect those preferences.

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By automating the consent management process, Enzuzo not only helps clients meet Google Consent Mode requirements but also enhances trust with website visitors by prioritizing privacy and transparency.


Ideal for Agencies & Complex Websites

Enzuzo is an excellent fit for web agencies managing multiple clients and subdomains. Its pricing scales well for complex needs, and it gives agencies the ability to manage their clients' consent solutions and data privacy workflows inside a single dashboard.

There's priority customer support, dedicated client logins, and a true whitelabel solution that allows agencies to add privacy services to their operating model.

Manage all your domains and clients inside a single dashboard and track consent across a number of sites. Enzuzo's reseller program also puts money in your pocket as you recommend it to your audience.


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Pricing and Subscription Tiers

One of the standout features of Enzuzo is its scalable pricing model, which is designed to accommodate growth without imposing financial strain as users add more domains. This approach ensures that businesses have access to top-tier consent management tools without worrying about costs skyrocketing as they grow.  

A free plan is available to all users, offering essential cookie banner and consent management functions. Those seeking more advanced solutions can choose from Enzuzo’s premium tiers: Starter ($9/mo), Growth ($29/mo), Pro ($79/mo), Agency ($130/mo), and Custom. These advanced tiers open the doors to powerful compliance management functions, including in-depth risk assessments, custom compliance dashboards, daily website scans, and more.

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Business Suitability

What makes Enzuzo particularly appealing to businesses is its lightweight, affordable approach that helps agencies manage multiple clients and website portfolios. Enzuzo’s platform is easy to integrate and easy to manage, making it a great choice for businesses of all sizes.

Startups and smaller companies will enjoy the low costs and simple deployment options, while enterprises will benefit from Enzuzo’s advanced compliance management and risk assessment tools. Plus, the wide range of pricing tiers available means that companies at any growth stage can find the right-fit solutions.


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Overall Thoughts

While the transition to a new CMP can be daunting, Enzuzo goes the extra mile by providing a range of helpful support services on top of the platform. For example, Enzuzo has privacy consultants on staff to assist with migration and compliance workflows, as well as top-notch customer service for addressing any issues. There’s also a unique partner/reseller program that gives companies a new way to generate revenue.

As businesses evolve, Enzuzo stands ready to serve as a privacy partner. Whether companies are just starting out or looking to enhance their privacy practices to align with Consent Mode v2 updates, Enzuzo offers a comprehensive, cost-effective solution tailored to any need.


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2. Termly

Greenshot 2024-03-20 15.11.16

Termly is another Google certified CMP that ranks high on our list. Like Enzuzo, Termly offers a robust set of tools for creating, managing, and monitoring consent processes with a particular focus on automated policy generation.


Top Features

  • Google certified CMP
  • Cookie consent management
  • Cookie scanning tools
  • Consent management
  • Cookie policy generator
  • EULA generator
  • T&C generator

Many of Termly’s features are designed to automate core compliance processes, generally related to cookie management, policy generation, and documentation. Termly can do it all with ease and give users total peace of mind in their compliance process.


Pricing and Subscription Tiers

Termly offers a flexible pricing structure designed to accommodate businesses of different sizes, including a free option, a starter plan ($10/mo/domain), a pro plan ($15/mo/domain), and a custom agency option. Termly’s free option may not be quite as comprehensive as Enzuzo’s, but it’s still a great choice for users interested in testing the waters. And fortunately, Termly’s upgraded service tiers will unlock some great new capabilities at a reasonable price point, so the investment is well worth it.


Business Suitability

With a user-friendly interface and cost-effective plans, Termly is ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that need help navigating compliance—especially those without an in-house legal team. 

The presence of a free plan and low-cost premium tiers puts Termly within reach of startups and smaller businesses, and its bespoke agency plan gives larger businesses the flexibility they need to establish compliance controls on their terms. Even better, companies may qualify for bulk discounts when using Termly’s most advanced service tiers, adding extra incentive to explore solutions.


Overall Thoughts

Termly stands out as a comprehensive compliance solution that balances ease of use with a deep commitment to meeting the latest legal requirements. Its flexible pricing, wide range of features, and suitability for businesses of all sizes make it a great choice for those navigating the compliance waters.  


3. Cookiebot


Cookiebot is renowned for its advanced cookie and tracker scanning technology that offers a depth of analysis unmatched by many competitors. This CMP is designed for businesses that demand a detailed understanding of their website's data collection practices as a way to build compliance with GDPR and other global data privacy laws.

Top Features

  • Google certified CMP
  • Customizable cookie consent banner
  • Cookie scanning tools
  • Global cookie repository
  • Automated cookie declaration
  • Flexible integrations

Cookiebot’s standout features are designed to address the multifaceted compliance challenges that companies face. At the forefront of Cookiebot's offerings is its Google certified CMP, a tool that not only meets Google's stringent consent requirements but also aligns with broader regulatory expectations for transparent and verifiable consent processes. 

Cookiebot's automated cookie scanning tools and global cookie repository further streamline the compliance workflow. Better yet, the automation extends to other functions, such as the cookie declaration feature, which simplifies the creation of accurate and up-to-date cookie policy pages. It’s a comprehensive toolkit that helps companies bake the core principles of compliance into their workflows.

Pricing and Subscription Tiers

Cookiebot offers a free 14-day trial for those interested in testing the software. From there, users can choose from a variety of pricing tiers, including premium small ($13/mo/domain), premium medium ($32/mo/domain), or premium large ($55/mo/domain).

Business Suitability

Cookiebot's robust feature set and detailed compliance capabilities make it an ideal choice for organizations prioritizing a comprehensive overview of their online data collection and usage practices. As a straightforward consent management solution, Cookiebot works best for SMEs and smaller businesses seeking a quick path to compliance. However, the lack of a free plan may turn off some prospects, as a purchasing decision will need to be made after a mere two weeks of experimentation.

Overall Thoughts

It’s clear that Cookiebot stands out as a premier CMP, especially for businesses keen on achieving a deep understanding of their website's data collection practices. Cookiebot's advanced cookie and tracker scanning technology sets a high benchmark and offers a level of analysis that’s hard to find elsewhere. This capability, coupled with its comprehensive toolkit for addressing compliance challenges, makes Cookiebot an indispensable asset for companies trying to boost their compliance capabilities.


4. CookieYes

cookieyes new

CookieYes boasts all the usual features one would expect from a Google-approved CMP, and the company offers a helpful range of pricing tiers to support its clients. Let’s look at the platform in more detail.

Top Features

  • Google certified CMP
  • Customizable cookie banner
  • Cookie scanning tools
  • Cookie auto-blocking scripts
  • Privacy policy generator
  • Consent log tracking

Across the board, CookieYes supports a simple and feature-rich compliance solution that covers the bases: cookie banner tools, scanning, policy generation, and more. The platform also boasts impressive extensibility with some of the top web design and ecommerce platforms, including Squarespace, WordPress, Magento, Wix, Shopify, and more. This makes CookieYes a great option for businesses seeking compliance solutions that can integrate with complex software ecosystems.

Pricing and Subscription Tiers

CookieYes offers several options for businesses: A free plan, basic ($10/mo/domain), pro ($20/mo/domain), and ultimate ($40/mo/domain). Users can also opt for an annual subscription arrangement at a discounted rate instead of paying monthly. This perk in conjunction with its free plan availability make CookieYes a winner in this category, giving businesses of all sizes options for compliance management.

Business Suitability

CookieYes’ versatility makes it suitable for most businesses. Any solution with free subscription plans is accessible to small entities, while larger enterprises will benefit from advanced premium features like unlimited pageviews, geo-targeted cookie banners, and pre-built banners for the IAB TCF v2.2 standard. CookieYes’ substantial integration potential may be particularly attractive to enterprises with large portfolios to manage. However, unless users opt for the highest-tier plan, costs will scale based on domain usage—so companies will need to plan ahead when determining their long-term compliance needs.

Overall Thoughts

CookieYes is popular for a reason: It’s user-friendly, streamlined, and extensible. Its flexible pricing structure caters to businesses of all sizes, and its emphasis on customization makes it particularly appealing to businesses seeking a seamless blend of compliance and brand consistency in their consent management practices.


5. Cookie Information

cookie information

Cookie Information is another highly-rated Google certified CMP. This platform blends efficient compliance processes with powerful marketing data collection to give marketers information without compromising consent. With features designed for both websites and mobile apps, Cookie Information provides comprehensive solutions to inform visitors and users about data collection practices through compliant cookie banners and up-to-date cookie policies.

Top Features

  • Google certified CMP
  • Cookie banner for web and mobile
  • Scanning and data discovery tools
  • Customer analytics dashboard
  • DSAR automation
  • Multi-language support

As the name suggests, Cookie Information excels at providing sophisticated data collection strategies that empower businesses to harness the full potential of their marketing data. Through its advanced website scanning, integrated Tag Manager, and seamless integration with Google Consent Mode v2 requirements, the platform enables organizations to collect accurate and reliable data without resorting to data sampling. This approach enhances data quality and helps businesses make better decisions.  

Pricing and Subscription Tiers

Cookie Information plans include essential (€15/mo), professional (€34/mo), and custom enterprise options. They also offer a bespoke service for mobile app consent at a cost of €1,500 annually. There’s also a free trial available for those who want to test the waters before committing. 

Business Suitability

Cookie Information is versatile enough to benefit businesses of various sizes, from SMEs to large corporations. Its scalability, comprehensive compliance tools, and data management features put it ahead of others in the space. Combined with its unique pricing structures that prioritize the mobile experience, Cookie Information can support companies of all types.

Overall Thoughts

Cookie Information is a strong tool for achieving a wide range of compliance goals. The platform's ability to segment data into custom audiences and integrate with existing marketing stacks provides a foundation for running effective campaigns and delivering personalized experiences. 

Cookie Information's focus on both granular control over data collection processes and compliance makes it an invaluable tool for marketers looking to optimize their content, understand user flow, and allocate their budgets with precision, all within the confines of user consent and privacy regulations.


6. Didomi

didomi homepage

Didomi sets the standard as a leader in consent and privacy management, offering businesses another powerful option for compliance mastery. Like similar platforms, Didomi’s goal is to help companies foster trust with customers while encouraging privacy-conscious growth.

Top Features

  • Google certified CMP
  • Consent management functions
  • Preference management
  • Advanced compliance monitoring
  • Privacy request management
  • Dedicated R&D team

Unlike some other entries in our list, Didomi is designed specifically for the unique needs of larger enterprise clients. As such, it offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for consent management, compliance monitoring, and privacy request management, giving companies an all-in-one solution for meeting their compliance objectives.

Pricing and Subscription Tiers

As is the case with many enterprise-focused services, Didomi doesn’t provide direct pricing details online. Users will need to contact the company directly for quotes. Despite this, Didomi offers a variety of programs for its users, including a basic consent essentials plan, a core privacy UX plan, and a privacy plus UX plan. Each plan offers progressive upgrades to the client’s consent management options, such as increased number of domains scanned during privacy reviews and big upgrades to how many users can be stored in the database.

Business Suitability

Designed specifically for the unique needs of larger enterprise clients, Didomi provides a comprehensive suite of solutions for consent management, compliance monitoring, and privacy request management. Aside from the broad range of features available through Didomi’s Google certified CMP, users will enjoy dedicated support for strategy, consulting, and tech integration that streamlines complex compliance workflows.

Overall Thoughts

With a strong focus on user data control, Didomi is positioned as a feature-rich, customizable, and extensible compliance solution that stands out in the landscape. We recommend Didomi to larger businesses seeking comprehensive compliance management and support, but be aware that the features will come with a higher price tag than many other solutions on this list.


7. CookieFirst

cookie first

CookieFirst offers a balanced and user-friendly approach to consent management. This CMP supports compliance across major data privacy regulations, catering to smaller businesses that want to balance value with detailed analytics in their consent management approach. Its unique selling point lies in providing actionable insights into user preferences and behaviors, allowing clients to optimize their consent management practices for better compliance and user engagement.

Top Features

  • Google certified CMP
  • Automated consent management tools
  • Customizable cookie banners
  • Cookie scanning
  • Logged consent monitoring
  • Multi-language support

With compliance essentials like cookie banner generation and cookie scanning built into CookieFirst’s Google certified CMP, the platform offers a comprehensive way to build trust throughout the organization.

Pricing and Subscription Tiers

CookieFirst is priced to be affordable to businesses of any size. While their free plan offering is limited to a two-week trial, they offer a variety of other options, including a basic plan (€9/mo), a plus plan (€19/mo), and a custom enterprise plan. While businesses will need to invest in at least the plus-level plan to receive the full range of consent functionality, the lower-tier options offer a good starting point for businesses that prefer to minimize costs.

Business Suitability

With a relatively straightforward approach, low entry costs, and a user-friendly interface, CookieFirst is a strong choice for smaller businesses just getting started with compliance. While some might find CookieFirst’s basic plan functionality lacking in some core competencies (such as a lack of consent audit trails or full support for IAB TCF v2.2), it’s a good starting point for establishing essential cookie banners and scanning tools. Companies will need to explore the most cost-effective way to expand their compliance program from there.

Overall Thoughts

CookieFirst is a robust CMP that combines automation, customization, and integration to help businesses achieve compliance with global privacy laws. Its support for Google Consent Mode v2 enhances data privacy and the user experience, ultimately leading to a stronger and more secure compliance infrastructure. With its extensive features and user-friendly interface, CookieFirst is a valuable tool for any business looking to enhance its data privacy practices and comply with international regulations.


8. Ethyca


Ethyca is our last Google certified CMP, standing out from the pack by providing a comprehensive data privacy infrastructure that extends beyond the point of consent collection. Ethyca offers a suite of tools for data mapping, consent management, and automated privacy operations, providing an end-to-end set of tools that simplify privacy and compliance.  

Top Features

  • Google certified CMP
  • Privacy request management
  • Automated data mapping
  • Automated data detection and classification
  • Customized privacy intelligence compass

Ethyca can reportedly automate up to 90% of a company’s complex data privacy requirements using its privacy intelligence tools. This makes its platform unique among the entries in this list and positions Ethyca as a strong choice for enterprises that need more comprehensive tools for privacy.

Pricing and Subscription Tiers

Ethyca doesn’t provide pricing information for its services, so prospects will need to contact the company directly for quotes. However, third-party sources note that users can choose among three tier options, including basic choice, pro, and organization. Like other CMPs, the basic plan offers simple tools for consent management while higher tiers build out capabilities for automated privacy mapping, data mapping, and integration.

Business Suitability

Ethyca is suited to larger enterprises and SMEs with substantial privacy needs. This solution isn’t meant to be affordable; it’s meant to provide a cutting-edge and scalable way to automate key compliance workflows. As such, its price point is likely out of range for smaller companies. Businesses with large domain portfolios will appreciate the varied ways that Ethyca supports process automation.

Overall Thoughts

Ethyca fits into a different niche than some other Google certified CMPs in this list, but it remains a powerful choice for those with in-depth privacy requirements. This isn’t an ideal option for those seeking quick and affordable ways to comply with Consent Mode v2. Rather, it’s a platform that helps companies create a more robust, integrated approach to data privacy management and build automation into core processes. It’s a powerful solution with a price tag to match—but it’s a strong contender among privacy-focused CMPs.


CMP Buyer’s Guide

Each of these Consent Management Platforms offers unique features and capabilities, making them suitable for different business needs and compliance requirements. Businesses can build a better consent management process that prioritizes compliance alongside user trust by selecting the CMP that aligns best with their specific objectives and operational scale.

Of course, there are many more CMPs on the market than those listed above, and none are created equal. Whether companies choose from the above list or find their own candidates, there are several core CMP criteria to look for.


When selecting a CMP, the features on offer should be the biggest criteria. After all, no other criteria matters if the CMP in question can’t meet the company’s basic compliance and data privacy needs

Look for options like customizable cookie banners, granular consent options, logged consent monitoring, and support in multiple languages. For example, companies like Enzuzo offer additional capabilities such as multi-client login, sophisticated cookie audit trails, and automated website scanning to support full compliance with regulations like GDPR and CCPA.


While not every CMP offers transparent pricing, companies should research their options and select a CMP that aligns with their budget. 

Most CMPs offer a range of pricing options to cater to different clientele, though a few go the extra mile by offering 100% free versions of the CMP, discounts on bulk purchases, or other cost management features—such as Enzuzo’s reseller program. Learn what each CMP offers and how its services fit into the larger compliance strategy.


A good CMP is one that can support a business’ growth over time. Look for flexibility in features and pricing to accommodate increasing website traffic and data processing requirements. 

Companies like Enzuzo offer lightweight solutions that can scale seamlessly with different business needs. Remember, CMPs aren’t just compliance boxes to check; they’re powerful customer experience tools that can have a direct impact on revenue and growth. Make sure whichever CMP gets chosen can support these goals.


As our above rundown notes, many CMPs target companies of different sizes and growth stages. From feature set to pricing to integration capabilities, there’s a lot of variance to be found. At the most basic, companies should look for a solution that’s user-friendly and easy to integrate into existing systems. Those seeking larger and more complex compliance platforms will need to do substantial due diligence to ensure that large-scale investments will produce the desired results.

Customer Service

Reliable customer support is often an X factor that can make or break the user experience. Companies should choose partners that offer excellent support across all phases of purchasing, setup, integration, troubleshooting, and maintenance. This is particularly important for large, monolithic platforms that take substantial time to set up. 

Partners like Enzuzo minimize the need for customer support by making solutions easy to install and manage, though even with this lightweight solution, customer support remains a top priority. Choose a provider that can provide this necessary guidance and stay one step ahead of implementation challenges.


Achieve Audit-Ready Compliance with Google Consent Mode

It’s important to establish and update your compliance program as soon as possible. Google has begun enforcement of Consent Mode v2, meaning that those who fail to take action today may lose their ability to run ads and analytics to key markets in the EU. Enzuzo is ready to apply our unique solution to your compliance strategy and ensure that all domains in your portfolio meet these standards.

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Osman Husain

Osman is the content lead at Enzuzo. He has a background in data privacy management via a two-year role at ExpressVPN and extensive freelance work with cybersecurity and blockchain companies. Osman also holds an MBA from the Toronto Metropolitan University.