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Iubenda Review: Is The Privacy Software Worth It?

Osman Husain 6/20/24 4:54 PM
iubenda review

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Iubenda Review

In this article, we will be reviewing iubenda—a company specializing in data privacy compliance solutions for websites, applications, and organizations. We hope this will help you select the right consent management solution for your organization.


Review Methodology

The review methodology used involves a combination of the following factors:  


  • Privacy Controls and Consent Management Evaluation: Assessing the effectiveness of iubenda’s privacy controls and consent management features and services, and how it measures up with other alternatives in the market.
  • Legal Documents Creation: Reviewing iubenda policy generator tools to understand how the generated policies accurately reflect customers data handling practices. 
  • GDPR and CCPA Compliance: Assessing how the iubenda range of features and tools collaboratively supports organizations in achieving GDPR and CCPA compliance. 
  • Usability Evaluation: Examining the user experience for both website owners (considering the platform's interface, ease of use, and integration capabilities) and website visitors (focusing on ease of creating and customizing legal documents, and providing consent).
  • Pricing Model: Analyzing the pricing structure, including the availability of a free tier, the range of paid plans with their corresponding features, and the transparency of pricing information.
  • User Reviews and Feedback: Factoring in insights from existing user reviews and feedback to understand real-world experiences with iubenda, including both positive and negative aspects.


What is iubenda? 


iubenda is a platform that specializes in helping businesses generate and manage legal documents related to privacy, such as privacy policies, terms and conditions, cookie policies, and more. It provides customizable templates that businesses can use to create legally compliant documents tailored to their specific needs and the regulations of their jurisdiction. iubenda also offers tools for cookie consent management, allowing businesses to obtain user consent for cookie usage in compliance with regulations like the GDPR and CCPA.

Iubenda's core data privacy compliance solutions are broken down as follows:  

  • Legal Documents: iubenda provides customizable templates for essential legal documents such as Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and Terms & Conditions. These templates are regularly updated to reflect changes in the law, ensuring that businesses remain compliant with the latest regulations.
  • Privacy Controls and Consent Management: Businesses can easily display legal disclosures, control user privacy settings, and manage consent notices and cookie banners. This helps them maximize the use of personal data while staying within the boundaries of legal requirements.
  • Compliance Scanning and Consent Database: iubenda offers tools for scanning websites and apps to ensure compliance with regulations like GDPR, LGPD, and CCPA. It also provides a centralized database for storing proof of consent and managing user consent preferences, such as for web forms and newsletters.
  • Register of Data Processing Activities: Businesses can document and map how they process, store, and manage personal data, as required by regulations like GDPR, LGPD, and FADP. This helps them address data breaches and keep track of personal data access.
  • Whistleblowing Management: iubenda offers a tool for collecting and managing whistleblower reports, helping organizations comply with the EU Whistleblower Directive for companies with 50 or more EU employees.

Now let’s go deeper into into examining some critical aspects of iubenda's offerings:


Privacy Controls and Consent Management

iubenda's Privacy Controls and Consent Management feature offers users a solution for managing user consent and privacy settings in compliance with global regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD. iubenda's cookie consent management allows you to easily generate a fully customizable cookie banner, seamlessly collect consent and implement prior blocking with asynchronous re-activation and honor opt-out preference signals. 

Users appreciate the simplicity of generating and customizing consent notices and cookie banners to match the look and feel of their sites. The platform's ability to automatically adjust legal disclosures based on relevant laws and regulations ensures that users remain compliant without the need for constant manual updates. The Whistleblowing Management feature assists organizations in collecting and managing whistleblower reports, as mandated by the EU Whistleblower Directive for larger entities.

The solution also comes with a centralized Consent Database which allows users to store proof of consent and manage user preferences effectively. This feature not only helps users adhere to legal requirements but also provides liability coverage in case of a breach of contract. Users also benefit from the Register of Data Processing Activities, which documents and maps how personal data is processed, stored, and managed, fulfilling GDPR, LGPD, and FADP requirements. 

However, one common concern raised by users is the difficulty in integrating the platform into websites, especially for users with limited coding or web development experience.. There are also suggestions for improvements in certain features, such as enhancing the reliability of the website-scanning tool and simplifying the setup process for new users. 

While iubenda's Privacy Controls and Consent Management offer valuable features for ensuring compliance with privacy regulations, addressing these reported issues could enhance its effectiveness and user satisfaction with the platform.


Legal Documents Creation

iubenda provides users with customizable templates for generating essential legal documents such as Privacy Policies, Cookie Policies, and Terms & Conditions. These documents are updated regularly to ensure compliance with evolving laws and regulations. The tool helps users create legally compliant documents tailored to their specific needs without the need for extensive legal knowledge or expertise.

Furthermore, users praise the platform's coverage of international privacy laws and regulations, which helps them navigate complex legal requirements across different jurisdictions. The ability to customize policies based on thousands of options ensures that users can create documents that accurately reflect their data handling practices and business operations. The platform's integration with websites and applications facilitates the process of displaying legal disclosures, consent notices, and cookie banners to users, enhancing transparency and trust.

But, surprisingly, one common concern reported by users is the difficulty in setting up and integrating the generated documents into their websites or apps, especially if they aren't very technically skilled, despite iubenda's support for website and app integration.

Nonetheless, while iubenda's Legal Documents services offer valuable resources for achieving legal compliance, addressing this reported issue could simplify the integration process with websites and apps and boost user satisfaction with the platform. 


GDPR and CCPA Compliance

iubenda assists organizations in meeting GDPR and CCPA compliance by offering a range of features and tools designed to address key requirements of these regulations. iubenda's solutions are designed to address compliance needs in multiple countries. This can be particularly helpful for organizations operating in both the EU (where GDPR applies) and California (where CCPA applies). 

Their cookie solution goes beyond basic cookie consent banners and includes features like cookie scanning to identify all cookies used on a website, granular consent management for different cookie categories, and potentially tools for managing user preferences regarding cookie usage. This is crucial for ensuring informed consent under both GDPR and CCPA. By facilitating the collection and documentation of user consent, iubenda helps organizations demonstrate compliance with GDPR's consent requirements and CCPA's opt-out provisions.

However, the level of customization offered by iubenda's policy generation tools are considered less flexible compared to some competitors. While they provide ‘attorney-drafted’ templates, organizations with highly complex data processing activities and enhanced data security measures might require even more granular customization to accurately reflect their specific practices. 

Additionally, not all GDPR and CCPA compliance features are available in every plan. Higher tiers obviously offer more functionalities compared to the entry plan. This may be less appealing to businesses seeking a more comprehensive package from the start. You therefore need to carefully evaluate your requirements and the features included in each plan to ensure it aligns with your specific compliance requirements.



iubenda offers a user-friendly experience that balances simplicity with functionality for both website owners and visitors, making it accessible for users of varying technical expertise. For website owners, the platform boasts a straightforward interface for creating and customizing legal documents. Its intuitive navigation and clear instructions guides users through the entire process which contributes to the overall user experience. 

Users can tailor these documents to reflect their specific business practices and branding requirements, ensuring compliance while maintaining a cohesive brand identity. With its extensive library of legal documents and compliance tools, iubenda offers businesses a one-stop solution for meeting regulatory requirements. The platform covers a wide range of compliance needs, simplifying the process for users. The proactive approach to updates saves users time and effort in maintaining compliance. 

On the other hand, navigating iubenda's platform and understanding complex legal concepts may be challenging for users who are unfamiliar with legal compliance requirements. Improving integration options and providing clearer documentation could help streamline the onboarding process for users. 

There are also  occasional complaints about the responsiveness of iubenda's customer support team, with some users experiencing delays in receiving assistance or resolving issues. Addressing these areas for improvement could further enhance its usability and appeal to a broader user base.


Pricing Model


Iubenda's pricing model is structured into the following  three tiers: 

  • Essentials Plan ($5.99/month/site): This is the most affordable plan, suitable for basic compliance needs. It includes features like Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator, Cookie Consent Banner, Essential Legal Documents (limited selection).
  • Advanced Plan ($24.99/month/site): Offers more features than Essentials, including, all Essentials features, more Legal Documents (e.g., data processing agreement), and quarterly cookie scans.
  • Ultimate Plan ($99.99/month/site): This is the most comprehensive plan, ideal for complex compliance requirements. It includes all Advanced features, dedicated account manager, priority support, and annual penetration testing report. 

This tiered approach ensures that businesses of varying sizes, budget, and requirements can find a suitable option. The pricing details are transparently displayed, clearly stating the monthly cost per site/app for each plan. Including an annual billing option allows customers to save money through discounted rates when committing to a longer subscription period.

iubenda offers a 14-day money-back guarantee, providing customers with peace of mind and reassurance when subscribing to a plan. This allows customers to try out the platform risk-free and ensures that they are satisfied with their investment. The per-site/app pricing model caters well to businesses with basic needs or those starting their compliance journey. 

However, customers with multiple apps/websites or or with complex data processing activities may incur higher costs compared to solutions that offer pricing based on usage or features. Some users also find the pricing structure of the platform to be relatively expensive compared to other alternatives in the market, especially for SMBs or startups. It is therefore important to carefully evaluate your compliance needs and consider the limitations of each plan before making a decision. 

If you want more value with a limited budget, consider Enzuzo which offers a more cost-effective solution for businesses, especially those with growing compliance needs. Ultimately, the best choice depends on your specific budget, needs, and preferences. It's recommended to explore both options, including any available free trials, to make an informed decision.


Pros of iubenda


  • Easy-to-Use Platform: Users appreciate iubenda's user-friendly interface and intuitive tools, which make it easy to generate and customize legal documents according to their specific needs. 
  • Regular Updates: iubenda stays up-to-date with changes in privacy laws and regulations worldwide, ensuring that its legal documents and compliance tools remain current and compliant with the latest requirements. 
  • Flexible Pricing Options: iubenda offers tiered pricing plans, allowing businesses to choose a plan that suits their budget and requirements. 


Cons of iubenda

  • Limited Feature Set: iubenda is ideal for SMBs looking to generate essential legal documents. Larger businesses looking to implement advanced consent management features including data security practices and data breach assessments may have to look elsewhere.
  • Price Considerations: While iubenda offers flexible pricing options, the per-site/app pricing model may become costly for businesses managing multiple websites or applications.
  • Support Response Times: While iubenda's customer support team is generally praised for their knowledge and helpfulness, some users have reported slow response times to support inquiries.


Iubenda Alternatives & Competitors

We have a detailed breakdown of iubenda alternatives and competitors, but here they are at a glance:



Iubenda stands out as a data privacy compliance solution for businesses seeking to navigate the complex landscape of legal compliance with ease and confidence. With its intuitive interface, customization options, and compliance tools, iubenda empowers users to create and maintain accurate, up-to-date legal documents and consent mechanisms effortlessly. 

While there are certainly areas for improvement, such as pricing, enhancing integration/customization options and reducing support response times, the platform remains a valuable ally for organizations striving to meet regulatory requirements and build trust with their customers. 

By carefully evaluating their pricing, features, and your specific needs, you can determine if iubenda is the right fit for your organization's data privacy journey.

Osman Husain

Osman is the content lead at Enzuzo. He has a background in data privacy management via a two-year role at ExpressVPN and extensive freelance work with cybersecurity and blockchain companies. Osman also holds an MBA from the Toronto Metropolitan University.