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Cat Hunter

    Cancel Culture

    Brands that Have Experienced Cancel Culture & How to Avoid Joining Them

    When it comes to cancel culture, the court of public opinion still reigns supreme. With the rise of social media (and our increasing expectation for businesses and service..

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    Gymshark Privacy Policy

    3 Lessons Learned From Gymshark's Approach To Customer Data Privacy

    If you're a fitness enthusiast, a Shopify merchant (or both!), then you've almost certainly heard the name Gymshark before. They're one of the most recognizable Shopify Plus..

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    Shopify Plus Brands with Best-in-Class Privacy Experiences

    Ready to level up your customer experience? Take a tip from top brands leading the field. Shopify Plus brands are known for their next-level customer experience – and as you can..

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    5 Reasons Debut is the Best Free Shopify Theme

    When you're just starting in the world of eCommerce, free Shopify themes hold a huge appeal. Functional, practical and easy on the eye, there's a wealth of free Shopify templates..

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    The 5 Most Common Mistakes That New Shopify Store Owners Make

    Brand new to the world of Shopify?  Avoid these super common pitfalls to get off to the very best start. Starting a new business can be a real thrill – and launching an ecommerce..

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    boost brand trust

    Boost Your Brand Reputation With These 5 Tips

    “It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.” – Benjamin Franklin.  What steps are you taking to safeguard and boost your brand..

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    The 9 Best Shopify Apps to Increase Customer Trust and Security

    If you want to maximise ecommerce sales, it’s vital that your store is safe and trusted! Here’s our round-up of 10 apps that can help instantly... Whatever stage of the e-commerce..

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    5 Top Shopify Agencies in the UK & Ireland

    We all want to work with the best Shopify Agencies – but how can you choose the right partner for your brand? Whether you’re building your very first store or looking to..

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    Why Data Privacy Is Good for Online Business

    In today's fast-paced digital world, privacy is more than just a box-ticking exercise. It represents a genuine opportunity to enhance and improve your business.  Ecommerce is a..

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