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The 9 Best Shopify Apps to Increase Customer Trust and Security

Cat Hunter 4/2/21 3:30 PM

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If you want to maximise ecommerce sales, it’s vital that your store is safe and trusted! Here’s our round-up of 10 apps that can help instantly...

Whatever stage of the e-commerce journey you find yourself at, one factor remains absolutely essential to success.

Customer confidence in your e-commerce store needs to be rock solid.

The experience of making an e-commerce purchase demands a significant degree of faith. We hand over highly personal financial information to a vendor we cannot see, for goods we cannot handle. And then? We wait for delivery – to see if our trust was wisely placed!

As merchants, it’s our responsibility to provide a superlative safety experience. There’s more than the success of our own store riding on this – we’re representing the wider industry, and should be doing all we can to help grow consumer confidence in the experience of shopping online.

The good news? You don’t need to do this on your own. A huge host of apps and integrations exist to help ensure that your store is safe, transparent and clearly communicating all the efforts that you’ve taken to ensure a great experience for each and every customer.


Here’s our round up of 10 apps to install to boost the faith that users have in your store:


Screen Shot 2021-04-02 at 2.19.53 AM

  1. TrustedSite Certification

    92% of consumers feel worried about shopping on a website that is unfamiliar to them. Help provide reassurance (saving you sales and boosting up conversion rate) by adding some clear signposting courtesy of TrustedSite Certification.

    This helpful app scans your site for security issues and verifies key contact information, proving that your site is secure and your business is legitimate. With these checks out of the way, you’ll be awarded your first certifications: Certified Secure and Verified Business, which you can display with pride!

    Get TrustedSite Certification here.

    backup rewind
  2. Rewind Backups

    When it comes to peace of mind, we’re not just thinking of the customer! In order to provide a flawless and dependable service to your users, you need to know that your store is built on rock solid foundations. Rewind Backups helps ensure your store is fully backed up – so any accidental changes or deletions can be undone at the touch of a button.

    Although Shopify does up all store data, as a merchant, you won’t have access to those records, so when items are deleted in your store, they’re gone for good. Rewind changes all of that, so it’s a very wise installation choice, especially if you have several people working on your store with access to product and order data!

    Get Rewind Backups here.

  3. Reamaze

    Shopping online has its benefits, but sometimes, you just want to talk to a human being. Having the option to engage in one-to-one conversation with a brand representative can help boost confidence in a store at the same time as providing customers with answers to their questions and the specific information that may be stopping them from completing a purchase.

    Reamaze offers great functionality here, with the opportunity to leverage live chat (or chatbots for simple, fast answers), FAQs, help desk tickets and so much more. It's a great investment in your customer experience – and providing a solid, dependable service here will pay dividends down the line in boosted loyalty and approval.

    Get Reamaze here.

  4. GTranslate

    Now you’re speaking my language… quite literally. With the huge rise in cross border e-commerce sales, it's never been more important to factor language into your customer experience. If you're looking to garner real trust in your audience, providing a store in their own language via a selector shows that you both anticipate and appreciate their custom.

    The GTranslate plugin leverages Google Translate’s automatic translation service instantly enable a multilingual experience within your store. Over 100 languages will be available to apply to your store, instantly and all for free.

    Get GTranslate here.


  5. Enzuzo

    When it comes to shopping with an online store, we’re parting with much more than our money. Data privacy is an increasingly core concern of the modern consumer, and all stores need to pay careful attention to the measures they have in place to handle data responsibly, whilst clearly communicating their policy when it comes to privacy.

    Enzuzo makes things easy. Empower your customers with an accessible, engaging privacy policy that gives them clear understanding and easy control of their data. One simple privacy portal gives you access to all the tools you need for streamlined, practical compliance - from cookie consent through to GDPR and much more – all set up and ready to go within minutes.

    Get Enzuzo here.


  6. Junip

    When it comes to building faith in your brand and products, nothing beats social proof! Providing convincing reassurance to curious customers by integrating reviews and imagery from happy shoppers who’ve already made successful purchases. Reviews do much more than boosting faith in the quality of the items you sell. They can also act as important educational resources, giving shoppers crucial information about factors such as fit, true colour and suitability – removing barriers from conversion!

    Junip reviews offers an affordable and speedily set up solution. When it comes to both requesting and displaying reviews, the app gives great functionality. Beyond that, you’ll have great moderation access and admin control over exactly what’s displayed.

    Get Junip here.


  7. B2B Login Access Management

    Need to carefully control access to certain areas of your store? If you’re running a business with a B2B element, having specific log in access can provide a lot of reassurance to your regular customers. By providing customized levels of access to special pricing or exclusive products and categories you can be sure you’re delivering the very best experience possible to these valuable users.

    B2B Login Access Management ticks all the boxes here. The app gives a really generous array of free features that any B2B store would do well to consider implementing. Whether or not you offer wholesale or B2B, the ability to restrict private pages from non-targeted customers can prove really helpful in a number of instances.

    Get B2B Login Access Management here.


    age checker
  8. Age Checker Plus

    When it comes to keeping sales legal, it’s important to do things by the book. Adding an age verification app not only helps you demonstrate your commitment to keep things compliant, it also signals your responsibility to each and every customer to engage with the application.

    Age Checker Plus is a great option for a speedy installation that looks great and integrates automatically into your theme. What’s more, the custom page rule settings gives you full control of what pages are age restricted, so you can apply this reputation-enhancing feature with real finesse across your store.

    Get Age Checker Plus here.

    ultimate product icons
  9. Ultimate Product Icons

    Online shopping is full of distractions and can be a bit of a sensory overload at times. For this reason, many stores rely on icons to clearly convey their most important messaging. This is a great strategy to deploy when it comes to building trust in your products – displaying guarantees of quality, shipping speeds, warranties and more.

    Ultimate Product Icons offers a range of product guarantee icons that have been proven to be the most effective when it comes to converting Shopify sales. Set up is simple and you have a good degree of customisation available even on their free plan, so get adding that instant visual reassurance to your store today.

    Get Ultimate Product Icons here.

Ready To Grow Trust And Grow Sales?

While Shopify provides an amazing base from which to grow your ecommerce enterprise, its added functionality of supporting apps that can take your store to the next level. Each of these apps offers a real advantage when it comes to customer experience, with the potential to positively impact your sales right away. So, what are you waiting for? Start growing trust (and your bottom line) today, with a quick visit to the Shopify app store.


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