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Harry Rabinowitz

    How to Become CCPA Compliant Like These Californian Brands

    You've might have come across a Do Not Sell My Information page on a website you've been browsing the past few years. Whether you’re a business owner or a consumer, you’ve..

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    The Best Free Shopify Cookie Banner App

    Cookie banners are a crucial part of any great website. Not only do they inform and empower your customers about their personal data and privacy, but cookie banners keep your..

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    8 of The Best Shopify Cookie Banner Examples We Love

    We talk a lot about the importance of cookie banners. Having a well-designed, well-written Shopify cookie banner is a must-have to keep your business compliant with privacy laws..

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    Future of Ecommerce: 3 Ways to Get Ahead of 2022

    A few months ago, CEO of Late Checkout and general Twitter-advice machine Greg Isenberg tweeted this: The future of startups: - Privacy-first - Community-first -..

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    50 Quick Shopify Tips to Boost Trust and Sales

    For every kind of business, no matter the size, trust and sales are inherently linked. In 2020, trust was the second most important factor when it came to purchasing from a new..

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    Lessons from Minted’s 5 Million User Data Breach

    Learn from Minted's Data Mistakes A data breach is every business owner's nightmare. Failing to protect your customers’  data is a massive violation of trust for both owners and..

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    The 11 Best (New) Shopify Apps You Need to Try in 2022

    Shopify is a top eCommerce platform for a reason. With excellent features, design, and accessibility, it’s one of our top recommended platforms for small businesses. One of the..

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    How to Choose the Best eCommerce Platform for Your Small Business

    Whether you’ve got a great new startup idea or are looking to take your business online, everyone looking to venture into the eCommerce world needs a reliable eCommerce platform...

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    What is Zero-Party Data and How Your eCommerce Brand Can Benefit

    It’s 2021 and nearly every CEO says their business is “data driven.” What that really means depends on the company, of course. Regardless, everyone agrees that data is one of the..

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