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The Encognito Blog: Mobile Apps

    5 Reasons Your App Could Be Delisted from Apple's App Store

    Mobile apps play a huge part in the modern business landscape, so much so that nearly 50% of small businesses had an app as of April 2022. Developing and launching an app is..

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    Apple's iOS 16 privacy changes

    Everything You Need to Know About Apple iOS 16's New Privacy Features

    If you have an Apple iPhone or are considering investing in one, you're probably curious about the tech company's newest update. Here's everything you need to know about Apple's..

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    iPhone 14 iOS 16 Safety Check Feature

    What iOS 16's New Safety Check Feature Means for App Developers

    When Apple announces iOS updates, they often receive mixed reactions from customers and developers. After all, while an update might improve a user's experience, it can also..

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    What Is Apple’s Account Deletion Requirement for iOS Apps? [2022]

    As of June 30, 2022, all iOS apps that support account creation must also allow users to delete their accounts from inside the app. Read on to learn more about the Apple account..

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    app privacy policy generator

    Do I Need a Privacy Policy for my Mobile App?

    The buzz about website owners needing to attach privacy policies to websites is everywhere lately. But what about mobile and web apps? Mobile app compliance is something you..

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