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5 Reasons Debut is the Best Free Shopify Theme

Cat Hunter 5/20/21 9:57 PM

When you're just starting in the world of eCommerce, free Shopify themes hold a huge appeal. Functional, practical and easy on the eye, there's a wealth of free Shopify templates out there, which all promise to deliver the store of your dreams.

However, with so many to choose from, it can be hard to know if you're picking a winner. To help you make up your mind, we're turning the spotlight onto one of our favorite Shopify themes.

What is the Debut Shopify Theme?

Shopify stores are built around themes; templates that map out the architecture and functionality of your store. Themes can be free or paid for and are offered both by Shopify themselves (via the Shopify theme store) or from several third-party sources, such as ThemeForest or TemplateMonster.

Debut is a free Shopify theme created by Shopify and available on their theme store. It's one of nine free themes offered by the platform and has an excellent reputation as a solid choice for those looking to get a great-looking eCommerce store up and selling with minimum effort or fuss.

Here are five reasons you should get ready to make your Debut!A great Shopify Theme for beginners

The clue is in the name here. While many free Shopify themes position themselves as the perfect start out store, Debut has a great claim to the crown. It's simple but functional, meaning you can get up and running without any hassle – start selling quickly without the need for endless integrations. 

Shopify Debut Theme

A clean, minimalist Shopify Template

Debut keeps it classy. As Shopify themes go, there are very few bells and whistles here – and we think that's a big advantage. It's easy to apply your branding and achieve a polished, clean effect, but more than that, the pared-back nature of this theme means that it's suitable for just about any kind of store - from jewellery to homeware or electronics.

Style Garge on Debut Theme

Stylegarage uses the Debut Theme and added some custom options to make it unique and fit their customer experience.


A great Shopify Theme for mobile

Lots of mobile traffic? Selling to a younger demographic? You're going to want a Shopify theme that performs well over mobile devices. Happily, Debut does just that. It looks great on smartphones or tablets, ensuring that you can benefit from that mobile footfall to the greatest extent possible.

Shopify Debut Theme Mobile Example

Plenty of great Shopify Theme features

While Debut might boast a fairly minimalist presentation, under the hood, you'll find plenty of powerful, baked-in functionality. Improve product discovery by leveraging recommendations, engaging local trade by showing when items are available for store pickup, and allowing quick and easy product filtering. Even if you're building your very first Shopify store, you'll still be able to create an impressive, professional store experience.

Shopify Debut Theme OptionsA versatile promotional banner

The messaging that your store carries is an important part of your customer's experience. Guide their attention to key announcements with the promotional banner that the Default theme includes, which is visible across the top of your store. Shout about free shipping, highlight a special offer, hype a sale or thank customers for shopping with you – have fun experimenting with this helpful addition, and find out what kind of copy resonates best with your audience.

Is Debut the right Shopify Theme for my store?

While we can't definitively answer this question for you, honestly – the chances are pretty high. When it comes to free Shopify themes, Debut is such a solid all-rounder. Its understated style offers a great-looking but incredibly versatile starting point from which to launch a Shopify store.

Gravid on Shopify Debut Theme Example Store

Designed to handle a wide range of inventory, Debut is probably a better fit for those looking for a more straightforward store design at the start of their Shopify journey - and the free nature of the theme reflects this. 

As your eCommerce brand grows and develops, you may find you want to venture towards a more complex and customized theme. Still, for Shopify merchants looking to start with a great looking, functional and feature-rich free theme that is more than fit for purpose, you really can't go far wrong with Debut. 

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