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8 Top CookiePro Alternatives & Competitors for 2024

Osman Husain Jun 6, 2024 1:35:00 AM
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CookiePro is a consent management tool delivered by OneTrust. It helps companies meet regulatory requirements for consent management with features such as cookie auto-blocking, scans, and consent records.

But CookiePro isn't cheap. Moreover, some express concerns about CookiePro’s complexity and learning curve. Unresponsive customer support is also a frequently cited issue. If you're looking for a solution that’s simple to deploy and easy to use, you may want to explore alternative tools that better align with your preferences.

We also have a detailed review of CookiePro if you'd like to dive into the software first to understand what's under the hood. 


The Top CookiePro Competitors & Alternatives

Our list is based on an analysis of features, price, user experience, customer support, and customization options. 


1. Enzuzo (Best All-Round Option)

 enzuzo homepage


Enzuzo offers a trifecta of best-in-class tools, competitive pricing, and top-tier customer support. Its consent management product product is certified by the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) and includes features like cookie auto-blocking, website scans and cookie categorization, consent records, cross-domain consent, and more. Enzuzo can also help you build legal policies, data access requests, and other privacy workflows inside a single dashboard.

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What's more, Enzuzo supports compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), Quebec Law 25, and a host of other privacy regulations.

Let's break it down further into individual consideration points.  



CookiePro's features include cookie categorization, website scanning, cookie audit trails, mobile app consent, and banner A/B testing. Enzuzo matches these features and includes legal policies, DSARs, multi-language support, and more. 

What's more, Enzuzo offers its services at a significant discount to CookiePro.

CookiePro users looking to add these features to their plan must purchase supplementary services that run into hundreds of dollars a month.



(Update on Thursday, June 6): CookiePro has stopped providing specific numbers on its pricing page. Any attempts to discover pricing results in a redirect to a Book a Demo form. At the moment, it is not possible to understand pricing without talking to a sales representative first. Our blog on CookiePro pricing has more information.

As per our initial information, CookiePro offered three pricing plans: Starter ($10/month/domain), Standard ($30/month/domain), and Enterprise ($44/month/domain). These have undoubtedly gone up since. 

Enzuzo offers five pricing plans: Starter ($9/month), Growth ($29/month), Pro($79/month), and Agency ($130/month) plans. The premium plans can be set to either monthly or annual renewal. Additional domains are available for $6.50/each.


Google Consent Mode Certified

Enzuzo's cookie consent tool is compliant with Consent Mode V2 and on the list of Google certified CMP vendors. This means no restrictions on running Google Ads in Europe or earning Adsense revenue. 

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Ideal Partner for Agencies and Complex Websites

Enzuzo has helped dozens of agencies add a privacy-as-a-service offer to their clients, boosting MRR. As a whitelabel solution, Enzuzo is able to add multiple websites and domains inside a single dashboard — allowing agencies to manage multiple clients and offer separate logins.

What's more, the pricing scales very well for complex websites that have thousands of pages and multiple subdomains. It's possible to track cross-domain consent and preferences, too.  



Some CookiePro users report challenging user experience as an area of dissatisfaction with the tool. Support documentation is also missing in some critical areas. While the feature set is strong, CookiePro's UX falls short.



Conversely, Enzuzo is fast, simple to set up, and quick to install with just a few lines of Javascript. It’s a self-service tool in the truest sense as users can implement Enzuzo without any onboarding assistance. Better yet, users report great things on Enzuzo’s usability and can deploy their consent preference managers with just a few clicks. 



Customer Support

We've listed customer support as a priority area because things tend to break in software environments and timely service is paramount, especially in data privacy and compliance. 

Enzuzo's platform is intuitive and easy to get up to speed with. Customer support is highly responsive, with most tickets catered to in 15 minutes or less. 




Trusted by International Companies to Power Data Privacy

Enzuzo was recently chosen as the data privacy partner of Lucy Group — an international electric energy business that employs over 1,600 people across five continents and 12 countries. 

A similar bidding process saw Enzuzo win the business of Power Corporation of Canada, a globally recognized management and holding company that specializes in financial services across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Both organizations depend on Enzuzo for critical data privacy support and management and it can certainly handle complex requirements for similar companies looking to scale globally.


Final Thoughts

Enzuzo and CookiePro have established tools covering the gamut of consent management requirements. While CookiePro certainly has its positives, we consider Enzuzo the best solution if you want to migrate away or choose a different platform.

Based on considerations of feature set, price, user experience, customer support, and ease of onboarding, we believe Enzuzo can meet your long-term compliance goals. 


🏆 Recommended CookiePro Alternative: Enzuzo ✅


Learn more about how Enzuzo can assist with your consent management needs. Book 1-1 time with Mate Prgin, CEO👇

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2. CookieBot


CookieBot by Usercentrics aids compliance with data protection regulations like GDPR and allows for efficient consent management. The platform's cookie scanner categorizes cookies on a website, boosts transparency, and its customization options allow users to tailor consent banners to their website's design. Also, CookieBot supports automated cookie blocking until explicit consent is given, making it a comprehensive choice for consent reviews.



CookieBot offers a comprehensive solution for businesses to achieve and maintain compliance with data privacy regulations, particularly GDPR and ePrivacy directives. Its user-friendly interface enhances accessibility and provides an intuitive experience for users with varying levels of technical expertise. Users report that the company offers helpful support for technical issues, which can be a big plus across deployment and configuration.



Pricing is a potential concern, especially for smaller businesses. CookieBot operates on a subscription model with costs tied to website traffic. The free plan has limitations, which makes it less suitable for higher-traffic sites or those with specific customization needs. There may be a learning curve for users unfamiliar with cookie consent management. The platform's effectiveness depends on timely updates to adhere to evolving privacy regulations, requiring users to stay informed.


Overall Thoughts

CookieBot is a robust solution for those wanting streamlined cookie consent management and compliance with privacy regulations. Its suitability spans small businesses to large enterprises and offers a user-friendly experience and customization options. However, potential budget constraints should be considered, particularly for smaller organizations, and users must stay vigilant about updates to maintain compliance.


3. CookieYes


Like its consent management counterparts, CookieYes provides essential tools that create and customize cookie consent banners, scan and categorize cookies on websites, and manage user consent per legal requirements. 



CookieYes boasts a user-friendly interface that simplifies the set-up and management of cookie consent banners. The platform offers features that handle cookie consent in alignment with GDPR and other regulations. Users benefit from customization options. This allows them to personalize the appearance and content of cookie consent banners to suit their website's design. 

A cookie scanner is typically included that aids in identifying and categorizing cookies on a given website. Together, these features make CookieYes a worthy alternative to CookiePro.



While CookieYes provides valuable features, pricing may be a consideration for some. We find that its Basic Plan - at $100/domain places limits on website traffic and scans. 

As with many similar platforms, there might be a learning curve for users who are new to cookie consent management or data privacy regulations. On top of that, some users have complained about non-compliance with critical regulations. 


Overall Thoughts

CookieYes is a viable solution to manage cookie consent, even if it doesn't ship with all the features of our top recommendations. Best suited for smaller businesses, CookieYes offers a user-friendly interface, decent compliance features, and customization options. 


4. Osano


Another known entity in the data privacy space, Osano promises to streamline, support, and automate organizational compliance tasks. Osano pledges to safeguard businesses from privacy and compliance fines,  and it goes a step further by offering to cover the costs if said fines are incurred. 



Osano offers a well-rounded product with comparable features. The unique “No Fines, No Penalties” pledge is a nice touch, albeit available only on the most expensive plan. 

Plus, Osano’s comprehensive privacy and data solution provides transparent monthly pricing across four plan levels. The plans commence with a free tier for Developers, followed by $199.99 for Premier, and a starting point of $549 for the Enterprise or custom builds. While costly, transparency in pricing is always a positive trait. 



Osano’s biggest drawbacks relate to the complexity of its service tiers. For beginners with limited knowledge of data or privacy requirements for websites, the free Developer plan may appear sufficient. However, it confines users to cookie maintenance and a stripped-down user experience that lacks notifications for outdated policies and guidance on major laws like GDPR. 

Core legal and privacy feature support is restricted to higher-tier packages. The free or lower-tier packages may leave users less compliant than anticipated. Combined with Osano’s high costs, users must invest time and resources to get the most out of Osano.


Overall Thoughts

Osano is a mature product, and its confidence as a risk management tool reflects its experience. Its free tier is little more than an exploratory tool for businesses, with the higher-tier plans representing the best of the company’s services. 


5. Didomi

Didomi enables companies to comply with GDPR, focusing on consent management and data access workflows. Positioned as a feature-rich compliance solution, Didomi is tailored for large enterprise clients across consent management, compliance monitoring, and privacy request management.



Didomi is a strong platform emphasizing user data control and contributing to privacy-conscious growth. Didomi addresses the unique needs of large enterprise clients, with primary benefits that include responsive customer support (for premium users), strong platform extensibility, and ease of customization. It is also more affordable than competitors like OneTrust, and users report consistently high experiences with their integrations.



One limitation to note is that Didomi's priority customer support is available only with advanced plans. While these plans offer dedicated onboarding, training, access to a customer support manager, and consider technical support requests on a case-by-case basis, accessibility may be restricted for users on lower-tier plans. Some users report that Didomi slows down site performance, which can make it a non-starter for some. These factors alongside Didomi’s high costs put the platform out of reach for most companies outside the enterprise space.


Overall Thoughts

Didomi remains a robust solution for a comprehensive compliance platform tailored for bigger companies, but its not without its drawbacks. Some users might be wary about any solution that could add technical debt to their IT stack, while others might appreciate Didomi’s strong track record of success. Didomi works best as a middle-ground solution for enterprises that need a substantial compliance solution at a lower price tag than those of more mature companies.


6. TrustArc


TrustArc offers an all-encompassing data privacy management solution that simplifies data access and management while ensuring compliance with global privacy regulations. TrustArc is one of the oldest vendors in the space, giving it credibility. 



TrustArc has a comprehensive platform for efficient cookie management and privacy workflows. Users benefit from insightful reporting and privacy impact assessments bolstered by a strong library of supplementary compliance and privacy resources.



However, TrustArc faces drawbacks, including expensive plans with limited transparency in options. While TrustArc’s Basic plan is affordable, it limits its features to the point where users might become frustrated. Users have reported subpar customer support for problem resolution, and the platform's user experience is described as “complex and frustrating.”


Overall Thoughts

TrustArc's predefined plans offer a convenient option for business owners. This facilitates quick decision-making based on specific privacy and compliance needs. The ability to compare plans and the flexibility to cancel or change on a month-to-month basis without long-term commitments adds to the platform's appeal. However, users need to go beyond basic plans to access the platform’s full range of compliance services, and combined with a potentially frustrating UX, TrustArc may present some challenges to users.


7. MineOS


MineOS stands out as a highly-acclaimed platform and a viable alternative to CookiePro. Trusted by privacy professionals worldwide, MineOS surpasses mere consent management and provides a versatile suite of capabilities for the enterprise user. From data mapping to governance, MineOS empowers users to uncover hidden data silos, classify personal data, and generate compliance reports—all within a unified platform.



MineOS excels in consent management and compliance, covering everything from DSAR management to data mapping. Its no-code API integration sets it apart, which ensures a swift deployment process. Pricing is another area where MineOS comes out ahead of competitors, with a selection of tiered subscription options that give users flexibility in how they approach the platform’s services. Overall, users report positive experiences with MineOS’s feature set and view it as a comprehensive tool that achieves progress on compliance.



MineOS faces challenges in user experience (UX) and customer support. Users have reported a steep learning curve and implementation difficulties with certain features. While MineOS facilitates compliance with GDPR or CCPA through its tools, access to its consent manager requires a costly, long-term commitment—a potential drawback for many businesses. While MineOS offers consent management tools, users should know that they’re not the platform’s core offering. To achieve compliance with MineOS, users must adopt substantial integration costs that smaller businesses may prefer to avoid.


Overall Thoughts

Like other alternatives on our list, MineOS suffers from a problem of excess. The platform does many things and does them well, but users will need to commit to a full suite of data management features that go well beyond the scope of consent management. This will make MineOS an unsuitable choice for companies that seek more focused cookie consent tools.


8. Ketch


Ketch emerges as a notable contender in the realm of data privacy and compliance. It showcases a robust platform for programmatic privacy and AI data governance. Unlike CookiePro’s compliance-centric solution, Ketch offers a platform called Trust by Design—an integrated system of applications, infrastructure, and APIs that mobilize data and enhance compliance procedures in novel ways.



Ketch stands out for its mature feature set that revolutionizes privacy management. It leverages programmatic privacy solutions and AI-powered governance. Ketch excels at data mapping, consent management, risk assessments, and more, and its strength is its ability to expand capabilities and configurability. Users commend Ketch's support team. They underscore its pivotal role in the vendor selection process and its customizability as a compliance solution.



However, Ketch's drawbacks become apparent within the broader spectrum of services. The platform has a hefty price tag and may involve significant technical intricacies that put off some users. Moreover, the company holds its customers to lengthy contractual commitments and demands upfront, long-term dedication. Prospective users must weigh whether Ketch's feature set justifies the expense, though those who opt to invest will benefit from Ketch’s forward-thinking feature set.


Overall Thoughts

Ketch’s user base appreciates the platform’s strong features, extensibility, and robust customer support. However, users experience a trade-off in the solution’s high costs and lengthy contracts like other large-scale data governance platforms. We can recommend Ketch as a viable alternative to CookiePro, though users who seek a compliance solution as focused as CookiePro may do better with other entries on our list.  


Find an Agile Solution That Makes Compliance Easy

There are many alternatives to CookiePro out there, but the best competitors share one trait in common: They offer seamless consent solutions that actually reduce a company’s workload—not add to it. Enzuzo’s platform was designed to do just that. It is a full-compliance management solution that can be deployed in minutes. 

Across the board, Enzuzo is a fast, lightweight, and cost-effective way to meet your compliance goals. If you’re ready to explore a new approach to trust intelligence, we’re here to help.


Learn more about how Enzuzo can assist with your compliance needs. Book 1-1 time with Mate Prgin, CEO👇

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Osman Husain

Osman is the content lead at Enzuzo. He has a background in data privacy management via a two-year role at ExpressVPN and extensive freelance work with cybersecurity and blockchain companies. Osman also holds an MBA from the Toronto Metropolitan University.

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