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CookiePro Pricing: How Much Does CookiePro Cost?

Osman Husain 6/7/24 5:25 PM
cookiepro pricing

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CookiePro Pricing

CookiePro is a cookie consent tool by OneTrust. It includes most of the standard features you would expect in cookie consent software, including website scanning, cookie categorization, mobile app consent, and consent rate optimization.

CookiePro used to be an affordable tool. Here are some of its legacy pricing models.

Editors Note: The screenshots below were accurate as of December 2023. CookiePro has changed its pricing since, which we'll reveal later in this article.

CookiePro offers the first month free and annual plans come with a 10% cost savings.

cookiepro pricing 1


CookiePro's price for the Starter package starts at $120/year for each domain. This includes:

  • Standard cookie banner
  • Cookie auto-blcoking
  • Consent records

cookiepro pricing 2


The next plan up is the 'Standard' package. This is priced at $360/year and adds things like customizable scan scheduling, GDPR compliance templates, and geolocation features. Again, this is for one domain (sub-domains are treated as separate domains and priced accordingly).


cookiepro pricing 3


CookiePro's most expensive package is the Enterprise plan, billed at $528/year. This plan gives users all the features of the Starter and Standard plans, as well as SSO, dashboards, and real-time testing.


👉 Enzuzo's Agency Plan is priced at $6.5/domain and includes all the features of CookiePro Enterprise.  Start building your cookie consent manager for free.


Add-Ons for Additional Features

CookiePro understands that a cookie consent tool is only one facet of data privacy compliance. Users can also pick some additional modules.


cookiepro pricing 5

The Digital Policy Management module is priced at $275/month and offers a privacy policy generator that covers major data privacy laws. This is akin to having a robo-lawyer build and manage privacy policies, as opposed to hiring expensive consultants on retainer.


cookiepro pricing 6

Next is the Privacy Rights Automation module which is also priced at $275/month. This feature helps companies build Data Access Request Workflows — allowing compliance with the GDPR 'Right to be Forgotten' and CCPA's 'Do Not Sell My Information'.

If we assume that an organization signs up to CookiePro's Enterprise plan as well as the Privacy Rights Automation and Digital Policy Management modules, the total price for CookiePro equals $594/month or $7128/year for a single domain.


👉 Enzuzo includes privacy rights automation, digital policy management, and a full-featured cookie consent manager for only $708/year (with support for 10 domains).   


CookiePro Pricing 2024

CookiePro's latest update has removed all pricing information from its website. 


cookiepro pricing


Registering for a demo is the only way to get any pricing information. Previously, users could self-onboard but that no longer appears to be the case. 

Clicking the demo button opens up another form.


cookiepro demo

Simply put, there's no way to discover the updated pricing without talking to a sales representative first.

CookiePro does offer a one-month free trial but that can only be unlocked after a demo.

It's highly likely that the pricing is now more expensive than before and is customized to meet individual requirements.


Is CookiePro Worth It?

Our CookiePro expert review has a much more extensive breakdown of how the software stacks up with regards to consent management, UX, and more. 

The TL;DR version is that CookiePro is a OneTrust product which means it's backed by one of the most recognizable names in data privacy. However, customer reviews on G2 and other platforms have complained about substandard UX, customer support, and other irritants.

So while CookiePro might work for some folks, it's worth checking out alternatives.


If you're interested in a cheaper consent management option with robust customer support & complimentary migration, speak with an Enzuzo product specialist for a no-obligation 1-1 product strategy call 👇

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Osman Husain

Osman is the content lead at Enzuzo. He has a background in data privacy management via a two-year role at ExpressVPN and extensive freelance work with cybersecurity and blockchain companies. Osman also holds an MBA from the Toronto Metropolitan University.