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Feature Overview

Cookie banner features.

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Made for eCommerce

Our cookie banner templates are flexible and work seamlessly with stores built on any eCommerce platform.


GDPR & CCPA Compliance

Our cookie banner includes all legally required settings by GDPR, plus you can choose to show the banner in EU only.


8+ Languages

Available in 8 languages: English, French, German, Italian, EU Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch.

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Edit banner colors & text

Customize your cookie banner colors, text and placement to match your existing website design perfectly.

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Built-in cookie manager

Allow your visitors to choose their tracking consent using our easy cookie manager pop-up linked on your banner.


Install in minutes

We made it easy to install your cookie banner code snippet to your store in a few minutes.

On-brand cookie consent banner.

Custom banner colors and text

Customize the colors and text on your cookie banner to match your websites’ brand experience.

Choose a cookie banner template

With multiple layouts to choose from, your cookie banner placement fits seamlessly with various website designs.

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Banner Configuration

GDPR compliance
in minutes.

Multiple compliance configurations

Configure your banner your way. Whether you want strict GDPR compliance or a more simple banner setup—you choose your level of compliance.

Option to show in EU only

Want fewer website pop-ups? No problem. Set your cookie banner to only show to visitors located in the European Union for easy GDPR compliance. 

Built-in cookie
manager popup.

Let your visitors choose consent

Protect your customers' personal information and allow visitors to choose which cookies they want to allow or decline through our easy-to-use cookie manager, that's linked right from your cookie banner. 

Link to your privacy policy

Your consent banner links to your websites’ most critical legal policies like privacy policy and terms of service, so visitors can quickly find the information they need.

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Seamless setup

Works with your favorite platforms.

Our easy cookie consent banner is compatible with all of your favorite eCommerce website builders like Shopify, Squarespace, Wix and more! 
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In a day and age where privacy is so important, we're glad to find an app that helps us take this worry away and allows us to focus on providing an exceptional customer experience.

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Paige Harris
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Great App! Really easy to use and doesn't take long to set up. Customer service are fast to respond too.

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Dune Original

Super easy to install and set up. Works like a charm, providing GDPR compliant ToS right out of the box.

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A great application that has all the settings you need. Up to date with the latest compliance requirements. Highly recommended!

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Common Questions

Cookie Banner FAQs.

Why do I need a Cookie Consent Banner?

If you have website visitors from the European Union or you’re based there yourself, chances are you need to display one on your website or app thanks to EU laws. Two key European Union privacy laws cover the requirement for users to be informed about cookies and provide consent for this personal data to be collected, used, and shared.

Both the EU’s ePrivacy Directive (also known as ‘The Cookie Law’) and the GDPR set out requirements for applicable businesses to feature a valid cookie notice.

One of the best ways to achieve website compliance is by having a valid and user-friendly cookie banner. This cookie banner can inform users of the required details, and give them a simple way to provide their consent. This consent can then be tracked and stored, and in many cases the software you use can also allow users to adjust their data privacy preferences or withdraw their consent.

Is the Cookie Banner Generator free to use?

Yes! Enzuzo has a free forever plan for businesses just starting out and looking to add standard privacy features, including a cookie banner to their website. We also have affordable pricing plans with added features for small, medium and fast-growing businesses.

Click here to view all of our pricing plans. 

What languages does my Cookie Banner come in?

Our cookie consent banner is available in 8 languages: English, French, German, Italian, EU Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch. We will be adding more languages in the near future, so please stay tuned.

We will be adding more languages in the near future, so please stay tuned.

What is Cookie Consent?

A key element of these privacy laws around cookie use are that users should give their consent before it happens. For this consent to be valid, it needs to follow certain key principles. 

A user’s consent should be freely given. This means there’s no requirement for the user to accept some or all of the cookies in order to use the website. Users can’t be excluded from a service or forced to consent to cookie use, and instead should be free to accept or decline consent as they wish. 

When someone chooses to consent to cookie use, this should be explicit. Have your users take a specific positive action — like clicking an “Accept” button.

Can my visitors what Cookies they consent to?

Enzuzo's cookie consent management tool gives your users control over which cookies they consent to. This functionality gives you a greater chance of some of your cookies being accepted by users, giving you valuable data, as they can deny consent for the ones they don’t want.

Not only do you benefit, but these customizable consent options offer a better user experience for your visitors too.

Privacy 101

More about cookie consent.

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