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Top 8 Alternatives & Competitors of Termly [Free & Paid]

Osman Husain 3/28/24 5:20 PM

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Termly Alternatives & Competitors

In this guide, we'll explore other data privacy platforms like Termly that offer advanced features, more customization, and a better user experience. Whether you need granular consent management, detailed compliance support, or simpler privacy and security controls, there's a solution for you.  


Overview of Termly

Termly’s suite of tools are designed to help businesses of all sizes, especially SMBs, comply with major global data privacy laws.

Termly offers customizable templates that businesses can use to create legally compliant documents tailored to their specific needs and the requirements of various privacy regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA. It aims to simplify the process of creating these policies by guiding users through a series of questions and generating the necessary legal text based on their responses. 

One of the biggest issues about Termly is its limited feature set (compared to other players), which is mostly tailored to SMBs. Larger businesses looking to implement advanced consent management features, including data security practices and data breach assessments, may have to look elsewhere.

Some users have also expressed dissatisfaction with the level of support provided by Termly, citing issues with responsiveness, helpfulness, and timeliness in addressing technical or customization queries.

In this review, you will discover eight alternatives and competitors of Termly. We hope this will guide you in selecting the right solution for your organization.


1. Enzuzo

Enzuzo offers a world-class consent management experience, coupled with additional privacy tools like DSAR forms, privacy policies, cookie banners, end user license agreements, and more. It is a fully automated platform aimed at helping businesses adhere to data privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and Quebec Law 25. With a wide range of tools, it simplifies compliance and builds trust. 

Enzuzo seamlessly integrates with popular website builders and offers a dedicated Shopify app for smoother web integration. It also has a platform that works with Squarespace, Wix, WordPress, Webflow, GoHighLevel, and more. For businesses seeking a robust CMP and budget-friendly alternative to Termly, Enzuzo is a great option. 


User-Friendly Interface

Enzuzo's UX is friendly, intuitive, and only requires a few lines of Javascript to set up. Non-technical marketing and operations staff can set up the solution, simplifying the process for smaller teams.

In just minutes, you can sign up,  create and publish your privacy policy page effortlessly. It also works well with various marketing and analytics tools, which can save time and money due to unforeseen integration challenges. Enzuzo creates important documents like privacy policies and terms of service in 25 different languages, making it accessible internationally.


Google-Certified CMP Compliant With Consent Mode v2

With the introduction of Google Consent Mode, advertisers and publishers are now obligated to integrate with a certified CMP to utilize Google Ads or generate Adsense revenue in Europe. This rule is now firmly established, leading to many advertisers being unable to access their accounts due to non-compliance. 

As a Google-certified CMP, businesses can be confident in Enzuzo’s ability to handle data responsibly, align with user expectations, manage consent effectively, and comply with privacy regulations.  Enzuzo boasts top-notch features designed to facilitate compliance with Google Consent Mode and enhance the overall consent experience. These features include: 

  • Historical consent database to showcase compliance with regulatory bodies and auditors
  • Cross-domain and multi-domain consent grouping
  • Geo-specific cookie consent banners 
  • Automatic cookie categorization


Competitive Pricing Model

Enzuzo's pricing model is designed to cater to businesses of varying sizes and budgets. With plans starting at just $29 per month, Enzuzo provides an affordable solution for startups, small businesses, and growing enterprises alike. Unlike other platforms that may charge additional fees for specific features or integrations, Enzuzo offers transparent pricing with no hidden costs, ensuring businesses can access all essential tools without breaking the bank.

But what truly sets Enzuzo apart is its commitment to delivering value for money. Despite its affordable pricing, Enzuzo doesn't compromise on quality or functionality. Its free plan ensures that businesses are well-equipped for regulatory compliance without incurring additional costs. The platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline various aspects of data privacy compliance.

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Ideal Partner for Agencies & Complex Websites

Enzuzo's platform is built to cater to the specific needs of agencies managing multiple clients and complex websites. With Enzuzo, agencies gain access to a comprehensive suite of tools that streamline compliance processes across diverse digital environments. 

The platform's Agency plan, for instance, allows agencies to manage multiple domains within a single dashboard, simplifying the management process and providing a centralized hub for all compliance activities. With the introduction of Google Consent Mode, privacy compliance is now a revenue-blocking factor — and the last thing any agency wants is an irate customer wanting to know why they're not compliant.

Enzuzo's reseller program not only allows you to earn additional income by recommending it to your audience but also provides exclusive sales and marketing materials to assist in attracting more clients. Agencies that collaborate with Enzuzo also receive special access to a private Slack community where they can connect and network with industry peers.


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Trusted by Global Companies to Power Data Privacy

Enzuzo recently secured a competitive bidding process to become the global data privacy partner for Lucy Group—an international electric company with over 1,600 employees across 5 continents and 12 countries. 

Similarly, it also secured the business of Power Corporation of Canada—a renowned management and holding company specializing in financial services across North America, Europe, and Asia. Both organizations trust Enzuzo's expertise for their essential data privacy requirements, making it a reliable choice for companies seeking alternatives to Termly or exploring other options.


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Differentiating Factors From Termly

While both Enzuzo and Termly cater to companies with varying degrees of exposure to data privacy regulations, Enzuzo offers several key differentiating factors. The table below summarizes these key differences:





Comprehensive data privacy compliance

Basic data privacy tools

Ideal for

Businesses of all sizes, agencies managing multiple clients, complex websites

Startups, small businesses with basic compliance needs

User Interface

User-friendly, designed for all technical backgrounds

User-friendly, but might require more technical knowledge for advanced features

Consent Management

Advanced consent management tool with features like multi-client logins, automatic cookie categorization, and consent analytics

Compliant with Google Consent mode but lacking advanced features like cross-domain consent, white label plans, and more

Compliance Coverage

GDPR, CCPA, and Quebec Law 25, and more

GDPR and CCPA (basic coverage)


Scalable pricing, cost-effective for multiple domains and agencies

Affordable, suitable for basic needs

Additional Features

Subject rights management, data breach monitoring, automatic website scanning, privacy consultant support

Limited additional features


User-friendly interface, unlimited pageviews, In-house privacy experts, cost-effective, advanced features for agencies and complex websites

Affordable, easy to use for basic compliance needs, automatic updates, focus on core feature


Overall Thoughts

Termly is an adequate solution for small businesses and startups. It does the job efficiently and quietly, without breaking the bank. But if you're looking for the trifecta of affordability, robust features, and seamless onboarding, we recommend Enzuzo as the top alternative to Termly.

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2. Iubenda

iubenda is a platform that specializes in helping businesses generate and manage legal documents related to privacy, such as privacy policies, terms and conditions, cookie policies, and more. It provides customizable templates that businesses can use to create legally compliant documents tailored to their specific needs and the regulations of their jurisdiction. The iubenda suite of tools include cookie consent management, policy generators, privacy controls, compliance scanning and consent database, register of data processing activities, and whistleblowing management. 


Pros of iubenda

Users appreciate iubenda's user-friendly interface and intuitive tools, which make it easy to generate and customize legal documents according to their specific needs.

iubenda stays up-to-date with changes in privacy laws and regulations worldwide, ensuring that its legal documents and compliance tools remain current and compliant with the latest requirements. Its tiered pricing plans allow businesses to choose a plan that suits their budget and requirements. 

Cons of iubenda

Although iubenda is ideal for SMBs looking to generate essential legal documents, it is considered relatively expensive compared to competitors. While iubenda's customer support team is generally praised for their knowledge and helpfulness, some users have reported slow response times to support inquiries. Both iubenda and Termly offer competitive pricing and a wide range of features for compliance. 

While iubenda may be preferred for its robust compliance solutions and scalability options, Termly may appeal to businesses looking for basic compliance solutions at an affordable starting point. Nonetheless, businesses should assess their specific requirements and budget constraints to determine which platform best fits their needs.

Who Should Consider iubenda?

In summary, choose iubenda if:

  • Comprehensive compliance is your priority
  • A strong legal expertise is crucial for your compliance strategy
  • You manage multiple websites
  • You need advanced features


3. TermsFeed

Termsfeed is an online platform designed to help businesses of all sizes  generate the legal agreements and privacy policies they need to comply with data privacy regulations. With a focus on providing accessible and customizable legal solutions, TermsFeed offers a range of essential legal documents such as privacy policies, terms and conditions, disclaimer statements, and cookie policies. With its user-friendly interface and extensive library of templates, TermsFeed empowers users to generate legally compliant agreements quickly and efficiently.


Pros of Termsfeed

Termsfeed goes beyond just privacy policies. It generates a wider range of legal agreements commonly required by businesses, such as Terms & Conditions and Disclaimers. This can be particularly valuable for businesses with little or no legal expertise in legal policy. 


Cons of Termsfeed

TermsFeed may require a paid subscription for access to certain documents or advanced customization options. Termsfeed's customization options might be more limited and it lacks additional features like data breach monitoring.


Who Should Consider TermsFeed?

TermsFeed caters to businesses needing a broader range of legal agreements. It’s suitable for businesses requiring a more complete legal policy suite. 

In summary, choose TermsFeed if:

  • You're a startup or small business
  • You require multiple legal documents
  • You want a starting point before consulting a lawyer
  • Cost is a major concern
  • Ease of use is a priority


4. Termageddon


Termageddon is a platform that specializes in generating and updating website policies, such as privacy policies, terms and conditions, and disclaimers, to ensure legal compliance with regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and others. Termageddon is not a law firm but is used by countless attorneys to help protect themselves and their clients. It is currently available for businesses formed in the United States, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom and Australia.


What are the Key Benefits?

Beyond document generation, Termageddon offers features like automatic updates to your policies to keep them up-to-date with evolving laws and regulations, ensuring you stay compliant. Termageddon charges one monthly or annual fee per website. One License includes all policies to protect one website or application.

Termageddon is arguably the only Privacy Policy generator company with a founder and President who is an actual privacy attorney. This expertise ensures that Termageddon's policies are not only legally sound but also informed by insider knowledge and industry expertise. Furthermore, Termageddon's recognition as one of the longest-running Privacy Policy generators listed as a tech vendor by the International Association of Privacy Professionals highlights its credibility and reliability in the field of privacy compliance.


What are the key Limitations?

Although Termageddon implements an innovative flat rate pricing structure, this may not be suitable for all businesses. While the monthly fee of $12 or annual fee of $119 per website may seem reasonable at first glance, some startups may find it burdensome to pay a flat fee even when they’re looking to generate a few policies. 

Additionally, the requirement for a separate license for each website or application could result in higher costs for businesses managing multiple online properties. Termageddon's focus on policy generation and updates means that it lacks some of the broader compliance features offered by Termly, such as consent management and others. Lastly, Termageddon services are only available in four countries. 


Who Should Consider Termageddon?

Termageddon is ideal for website owners, law firms, SMBs and startups of all technical backgrounds, especially those without dedicated legal teams or extensive technical expertise. 

In summary, choose Termageddon if:

  • You're a small business or startup
  • You have a limited budget with basic needs
  • You focus is mostly to generate legal policies
  • Automatic legal updates are crucial
  • Ease of use is a top priority


5. Ketch


Ketch is a data privacy management software designed to help businesses of various sizes comply with data privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA. The Ketch platform is designed to help businesses manage their data privacy and compliance needs efficiently. It offers features such as consent management, subject rights management, data mapping, and vendor privacy risk management. 


What are the Key Benefits?

Ketch aims to simplify the complexities of data privacy regulations and empower organizations to build trust with their users while ensuring compliance with legal requirements. It is a great alternative for smaller companies, start-ups and growing businesses seeking a user-friendly and cost-effective solution. 

Ketch has a simpler and more intuitive user interface, making it easier for users with limited technical expertise to manage data privacy tasks. When it comes to pricing, Ketch, like Termly, offers a free plan with limited features. Paid plans come with unlimited users, domains, and other advanced features. 


What are the Key Limitations?

Some users observed that integrations can also be difficult to build, especially for custom needs, and some features on API endpoints are still under development. While generally efficient, Ketch's documentation is not comprehensive, often requiring users to reach out to customer support for clarification. 

Another drawback based on user feedback is the large number of styles imported by the Ketch script, which can sometimes cause unintended effects like underlining all links on the website. 


Who Should Consider Ketch?

In summary, choose Ketch if:

  • You operate an SMB, growing businesses, midsize or enterprise brands.
  • You prefer a user-friendly interface and an easy-to-implement solution.
  • You need core functionalities for complying with essential data privacy regulations.


6. Osano

Osano is an  all-in-one data privacy platform designed to empower businesses of all sizes to comply with various data privacy regulations and increase trust. The Osano core data privacy services include cookie consent management, DSAR, data mapping, and vendor privacy risk management


What are the Key Benefits?

Both Osano and Termly offer valuable compliance solutions, but they differ in their focus, features, ease of use, scalability, and customization options. Osano provides a comprehensive platform for managing various aspects of data privacy compliance, including consent management and vendor risk assessment, while Termly specializes in providing compliance documents and solutions tailored to specific regulations. 

Osano caters to companies ranging from SMBs, startups and medium to large enterprises. Osano's platform emphasizes data security and user privacy throughout its features. This is especially beneficial to organizations looking for a comprehensive data privacy and security platform. 


What are the Key Limitations?

Osano's pricing structure is more expensive compared to others like Termly, especially for smaller businesses. While Osano offers a wide range of features, navigating its full functionalities might require some technical expertise within your team. This can be a challenge for businesses lacking in-house technical resources. 

If you only require core functionalities like consent management and document generation, a simpler platform might be sufficient.


Who Should Consider Osano?

In summary, choose Osano if:

  • You require a robust solution for data privacy compliance.
  • Your organization manages large amounts of personal data with complex data privacy needs or global operations.
  • Your business is willing to invest in a premium data privacy platform.


7. Mine

Mine is a platform with a unique and innovative approach to digital privacy. Mine allows users to discover where their personal data is, and reduce their online exposure to minimize digital risks. Mine not only empowers consumers to be safer online, but also enables companies to provide a better privacy experience to their customers. 


What are the Key Benefits?

While both Mine and Termly address data privacy concerns, they do so with different focuses and features. Mine is geared towards empowering individuals to manage their personal data, and Termly is designed to help businesses comply with regulations through automation and document generation.

If you're an individual seeking greater control over your online data privacy, Mine is a great option and highly recommended. Its data discovery tools, deletion request facilitation, and educational resources can be valuable assets in managing your personal data footprint. Mine's platform for individuals is currently free to use, while the business platform (MineOS) operates on a paid subscription model. 


What are the Key Limitations?

One of the biggest challenges with Mine is its limited coverage of all aspects of data privacy regulations, potentially leaving businesses vulnerable to compliance issues. Although Mine's data discovery tools can be helpful, it's crucial to remember that not all data discovered might be entirely accurate or complete, and it's essential to verify information directly with the identified companies before taking any action. 


Who Should Consider Mine?

In summary, choose Mine if:

  • Your priority is to empower individuals to exercise their data rights easily
  • You value transparency and giving consumers control over their personal data
  • You need to ensure compliance with regulations like GDPR and CCPA specifically in terms of data subject rights.
  • Your business values ethical data practices and wants to demonstrate a commitment to respecting individual privacy rights


8. Usercentrics

Usercentrics prides itself as a global leader in the field of consent management platforms (CMP). It enables businesses to collect, manage and document user consents on websites and apps thereby empowering them to embrace data privacy while building trust with their users through freedom of choice.

Usercentrics has evolved from a startup into a pioneering force in consent technology, emphasizing user choice. Usercentrics' vision is to build a world where user privacy enables a thriving digital ecosystem. This is accomplished by developing technology that simplifies data privacy protection for organizations of all kinds, enabling them to expand their data-driven ventures effortlessly.


What are the Key Benefits?

Usercentrics' competitive advantage lies in its focus on providing a highly customizable and transparent user consent management experience. Usercentrics allows for highly granular control over user consent. Businesses can define various data collection purposes and enable users to choose their consent level for each purpose. This level of detail goes beyond basic "accept all" or "reject all" options, providing users with more control over their privacy.

Usercentrics offers extensive customization options for cookie consent banners, and comprehensive reporting and analytics on user consent choices.  It goes beyond basic document generation (like Termly) by offering features that actively promote user transparency and clear communication about data practices.


What are the Key Limitations?

Usercentrics, while a powerful CMP, does have some limitations and challenges to consider before implementing it. Compared to some competitors, Usercentrics' pricing structure might be more expensive, especially for smaller businesses or startups with limited budgets. This can be a significant hurdle for companies needing a cost-effective solution. 

While Usercentrics offers a user-friendly interface, leveraging the platform's full functionalities, particularly advanced customization options, might require some technical expertise within your team. This can be a challenge for businesses lacking in-house technical resources.


Who Should Consider Usercentrics?

If you value giving users precise data control with clear communication, Usercentrics is a great choice. 

In summary, choose Usercentrics if:

  • Your organization manages large amounts of personal data with complex data privacy needs.
  • You require a granular user consent management
  • You want to build user trust through transparency
  • You are willingness to invest in a premium CMP


Buyer's Guide: Choosing the Right Alternative to Termly

Before you finalize your decision, take a moment to carefully consider your unique needs and preferences, and explore the array of options outlined above. Determine whether your focus lies in data privacy compliance, robust cybersecurity measures, or a blend of both. Compare  the features, functionalities, and pricing structures to align with your objectives and financial boundaries. 

Consider the ease of implementation and ongoing support demands, weighing them against your organization's technical capabilities and available resources. Many platforms offer free trials or demos, so seize the opportunity to test the waters and gauge suitability firsthand.

By following these steps thoughtfully and tailoring your choices to your specific needs, you'll confidently zero in on the perfect alternative to Termly. One that not only meets but exceeds your organization's requirements for data privacy and security.

Osman Husain

Osman is the content lead at Enzuzo. He has a background in data privacy management via a two-year role at ExpressVPN and extensive freelance work with cybersecurity and blockchain companies. Osman also holds an MBA from the Toronto Metropolitan University.