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GDPR Article 21: Right to Object

Cat Coode 12/23/19 5:00 PM

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GDPR Article 21 is Right to object.

What it is 

This is where a user can back out of ads and selling of their data to third parties.

The data subject has the right to object to the use of their data for the purposes of direct marketing or for research statistics. This opt-out should be presented to users clearly at the first time they use the product.

Why it is important for the Data Subject

The user reclaims control of how and where their data is being sold. Unless there is legal purpose to have their data distributed to third companies for direct marketing or research, this choice should always be clear and available to the user.

What it means to the organization 

Many organizations use direct marketing to make money either via ads or reselling of data. If this is an organization's revenue model then it will likely be compromised when users opt out of having their data resold. 

Real world example 

A public conference wants to collect the names and addresses of the people attending with the intention of reselling the list. The conference organizers offer a draw for a free vacation. When attendees place their names in the draw, the organizers resell that data. Under the Right to Object, the conference organizers are required to include a way for users to opt out of having their data resold. And since information must be transparent, this opt out must be clear and by default.

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Cat Coode