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Privacy Regulations

  • What is GDPR?

    The GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, is a privacy regulation that applies to European citizens and companies that operate or reside in Europe. For more information about GDPR visit our complete article.

  • What is CCPA?

    The CCPA, or California Consumer Privacy Act, is a privacy regulation that applies to California residents. For more information about the CCPA visit our complete article here.

  • What is the difference between GDPR & CCPA?

    The GDPR & CCPA are privacy laws that push for transparency, providing individuals with greater control over how their personal information is used. 

    The GDPR is for your customers that live in the European Union and focuses on user rights (accessing, revising, deleting).

    The CCPA is for your customers living in  California and is based on limiting the use of customer’s data (i.e. prevent reselling to third party providers).

  • What is PIPEDA?

    The PIPEDA, or Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act, is a privacy regulation that applies to Canadian citizens and companies that operate or reside in Canada. 

  • How do I know which right regulation to choose from?

    As the privacy policy page and dashboard is automated, once a customer submits a request, it will automatically assign the regulation based on the request type.

    If manually inputting a request, use the customer's location to select a regulation:

         GDPR: Europe

         CCPA:  California

         PIPEDA: Canada



Data Privacy Requests

  • What are Privacy Requests?

    Regulations like the GDPR and CCPA provides individuals with rights to have access to, to modify, or to delete their personal data from a given company.

  • What are the different types of requests?

    1) Information Request: a customer can request to see their personal data in the system 

    2) Deletion Request: to permanently delete all of one's information 

    3) Unsubscribe: to opt-out from all of the store's communications 

    4) General Request: customers can send you a message to request information

  • How can people send privacy requests? 

    Customers can quickly fill out the form on your Privacy Policy Page about their personal information and request type that they are looking for. This will automatically transfer over to the Enzuzo dashboard once they finalize the submission.

  • Can I retrieve a customer's data once it's deleted?

    No, once you delete customer’s data, all the information in the system is gone. It is a non-reversible and a one-time process.  


Regulation Compliance

  • Why do I need to be compliant?

    Becoming compliant with the Data Privacy Regulations protects the privacy of your users and therefore protects the reputation of your company. More importantly, if you do not comply with these regulations you will be subject to Hefty fines. Visit our Risk Calculator to get an idea of the fines that your company could face.

  • How quickly do I need to respond to a request?

    30 days maximum. On the dashboard, you’ll see the days remaining and receive alerts through your email as the deadline approaches.


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