Guide to Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) for eCommerce

A data subject access request (DSAR) lands in your inbox. Someone wants you to send over all the personal data you hold on them, and there’s a..

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Your Simple Guide on How to Comply With Email Marketing Laws

It’s easy to send an email, but it’s not so easy to get it right. Take your eye off the ball for one minute and you’ll end up with typos, the wrong..

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How To Create and Personalize Your Ecommerce Terms and Conditions

You know you need terms of service to operate, but the task of writing your own can sound daunting. It’s a big legal document, so you want to get it..

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How to Easily Manage Website Privacy Compliance

Understanding how to keep your website compliant can be a challenge. Legislation isn’t easy to navigate, and every company seems to take a slightly..

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