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Designed to make CCPA and GDPR data request compliance easy


Import data requests

When a user makes a CCPA or GDPR data request, simply load the user data request into the dashboard. Enzuzo will keep track of requests for you, minimizing risk and making compliance easy. 


Customize and Automate Workflow

Every organization is different. No matter how big your team is, you'll need to make sure the right person knows what to do at the right time. Add departments, create a workflow, and fully customize Enzuzo to work for your team.


Connect your tools

Your customer's data is stored in many places. From email marketing to your CRM, find and delete user request data from all your tools automatically, and verify deletion requests. You’ll always be in control of how user data is managed.


Compliance Reporting Built-In

Ensure your customers know you are responding to their data privacy requests. Confirm compliance with your users by summarizing requested activity and creating a report to confirm CCPA or GDPR compliance. 


Secure Data Protection

Security and privacy are top priority. Enzuzo has several security measures in place to protect your data. It's peace of mind on one dashboard. 


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