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CCPA Compliance

Best CCPA compliance software for your website

Everything you need to become compliant with California's CCPA privacy law. Streamline CCPA requests using a turnkey Do Not Sell My Information Page.
CCPA Do Not Sell My Information

What is CCPA and the right to opt-out?

Under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), effective January 1, 2020, California residents have the right to request access or deletion of their personal information collected by a business.

By law, business owners have to give customers access to their personally identifiable information within thirty days of receiving a request for disclosure.

CCPA compliance in easy 3 steps

Create a Do Not Sell My Personal Information page

Streamline CCPA data access requests

Minimize CCPA compliance risk

Do Not Sell
CCPA Do Not Sell My Information

Avoid expensive CCPA privacy fines with our easy compliance solution

Never miss a CCPA data request

Make it easy for customers to request their data with a simple data request form that lives within your Do Not Sell My Information page or your Enzuzo Privacy Policy.

CCPA request compliance in one place

CCPA data requests must be completed within 30 days, and failing to do so can result in expensive  fines. With Enzuzo, you can track every CCPA request, streamlined in one easy privacy dashboard.

Protect your California customer data

Grow customer trust and loyalty

Giving your customers total control over their personal information helps increase brand trust and transparency, while minimizing privacy risk. When they trust you, they come back. 

Make sure customer data stays deleted

Enzuzo helps you streamline your data deletion management process across various tools, ensuring that when you delete consumer data, it stays deleted. 

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Do Not Sell My Personal Information template examples

Looking for inspiration for your Do Not Sell My Personal Information template? We've collected the best privacy examples on the internet. 

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