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The Encognito Blog: Trust Tips

What Are Trust Badges and Should You Add Them to Your Shopify Store?

Shopify trust badges help you boost sales by increasing customer trust. These badges show that your site is legitimate and its features are endorsed by trusted organizations. When..

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Data Privacy Teardown: Kim Kardashian's Billion Dollar DTC Brand Skims

Kim Really "Kares" About Her Customers' Privacy Earlier this year, Kim Kardashian’s net worth sailed past the billion-dollar mark. And more recently, her clothing brand Skims..

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Is Deep Discounting Bad for eCommerce Brand Trust?

Amazon's 92% deep discount on air fryers recently sent British shoppers running amok on social media. The deal, which offered bargain hunters a $60 air fryer for the unbelievable..

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Photo by Mati Mango from Pexels

Cool or creepy? How to Use Customer Data Respectfully

There's a great local Caribbean takeaway place at the end of my street, and the owner knows me by name. And the fact that I enjoy a curry goat meal every single Friday. Apart from..

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Lessons from Minted’s 5 Million User Data Breach

Learn from Minted's Data Mistakes A data breach is every business owner's nightmare. Failing to protect your customers’  data is a massive violation of trust for both owners and..

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What is Zero-Party Data and How Your eCommerce Brand Can Benefit

It’s 2021 and nearly every CEO says their business is “data driven.” What that really means depends on the company, of course. Regardless, everyone agrees that data is one of the..

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How to Boost Trust on Your Product Pages for More Sales

Especially when it comes to spending money, we all want to trust that we are buying the right things. Whether it's at the grocery store or shopping online, many consumers do their..

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How Poor Rebranding Impacts Customer Trust

So you opened your website! Woohoo! You’ve got your logo, brand colours, brand image and have started to gain a loyal customer base. So what happens if down the line you choose to..

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Cancel Culture

Brands that Have Experienced Cancel Culture & How to Avoid Joining Them

When it comes to cancel culture, the court of public opinion still reigns supreme. With the rise of social media (and our increasing expectation for businesses and service..

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