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Mate Prgin

Mate is the CEO & Founder of Enzuzo. He has an executive MBA from Ivey Business School and is a subject matter expert in data privacy and compliance.

    Enzuzo Product Update Jan 2024 | Google CMP, Webflow, and More

    If you’re closely monitoring privacy regulations, you know how thick and fast the landscape is evolving. 2023 was a breakneck year for data privacy with the rollout of Quebec Law..

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    Turn Data Privacy Transparency Into Your Brand Advantage

    As society continues to shift online, opportunities for building a business and brand become unlimited. Data collection technology makes it possible to figure out what customers..

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    How Poor Rebranding Impacts Customer Trust

    So you opened your website! Woohoo! You’ve got your logo, brand colours, brand image and have started to gain a loyal customer base. So what happens if down the line you choose to..

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    23 Stats on Why You Need to Prioritize Customers’ Privacy

    The everyday consumer doesn’t fully understand how their data is collected and used by companies, and with a bit of work, you can use this as an opportunity to grow your business...

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