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5 Must-Have Pages Every Shopify Store Needs to Convert More Customers

Lucas Drew 2/9/21 2:01 PM

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So your Shopify store is up and running smoothly, and we couldn’t be more excited for you! With so much of your time focused on generating sales for your store through top-notch product pictures, beautiful store design, and customer acquisition, it is easy for many vital aspects of your Shopify store, like policies and workflows to slip through the cracks of your entrepreneurial mind.


Not to worry, we have you covered! Here are 5 essential pages that every Shopify store should have from day one!


Tell your customer who you are with an about page

If you want your customers to feel confident in doing business with your Shopify store, it is extremely important to inform them of what your brand is all about! The About Us page is a great space to share your brand story and mission statement. These statements should clearly inform the customer of the value you can provide them, your business’s unique traits and the inspiration for building your brand. For more information on how to build a brand story, give this article from Shopify a read. If you're looking to learn more about creating a mission statement for your About Us page effectively, check out this article from


An up-to-date privacy policy pagePRIVACY POLICY - GOOD AMERICAN-1

Implementing a comprehensive privacy policy page to your Shopify store is vital for building strong brand trust with your customers. The tedious nature of building a privacy policy makes it common to bypass page creation, especially if you haven’t run into any problems with data privacy regulations yet. As an increasing number of data privacy regulations are introduced globally, including the GDPR and CCPA, having a proper privacy policy on your Shopify store can save you from fines and legal trouble. Luckily, Enzuzo’s Data Privacy & Trust Shopify app is free to download and provides you with a comprehensive privacy policy built by experts that can be added to your Shopify store with a few simple clicks. Our turnkey hosted privacy page is customizable to your store's theme and can be translated into 7 languages. Here is a link to the Enzuzo Data Privacy & Trust Shopify app so you can quickly get your store up to proper privacy standards!


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Include a great return policy

A return policy is essential for Shopify merchants to implement in their store as it builds customer’s trust with your brand when they may be uncertain with their opinion on your product. A return policy should inform customers about your policies and procedures regarding refunds, returns and return shipping if they’re not satisfied with their purchase. This article from BigCommerce outlines how to create the perfect return policy to build trust with your customers!


An easy way for customers to contact you

Keeping open communication with your customers is an essential part of building brand trust. If your customers can’t reach you while making a purchase decision, you risk losing them entirely! Find some inspiration for your contact page in this HubSpot article and continue to drive home brand trust with your customers.


Your most frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

As important as it is to open up a communication channel for your customers to ask questions using a contact page, wouldn’t it be nice to bypass answering some of the common, tedious questions that many customers have? Cue the FAQ page. This page should include some easy to answer, common questions that customers have, so you do not have to spend valuable time providing avoidable customer service. Here is an article from HubSpot that provides some FAQ page examples to help you get started. Here is a link to a free Shopify app called HelpCenter to help you build your own FAQ page!


Final thoughts

Building brand trust is essential for acquiring and retaining customers for your Shopify store. The five pages outlined in this article are a great way to get started on building your brand trust and boosting your Shopify sales!


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Lucas Drew