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The Best Alternatives to Illow: 9 Options to Consider [Expert Review]

Osman Husain Nov 24, 2023 6:30:46 PM
illow alternatives and competitors

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Illow is a fast-growing consent management tool designed to help businesses get a handle on their compliance goals. Its top features include a cookie consent banner and tools for data subject request (DSAR) management.

However, as a relatively new product, Illow’s feature set comes up a little short. While it does a fine job of handling essential consent management functions, the solution doesn’t offer legal policies or more advanced data privacy functions that might be expected of a compliance tool. This could reduce Illow’s suitability as a long-term solution. 

Users may be interested in exploring new solutions as their compliance needs change, and here are are top picks.


The Top 9 Illow Competitors and Alternatives

These are our top alternatives to consider.


1. Enzuzo (Our Recommended Illow Alternative)

Enzuzo is our preferred alternative to Illow. As both solutions focus exclusively on consent management, there’s some overlap in what they can do—but when the entire ecosystem of each solution is compared, Enzuzo comes out on top. When comparing Illow vs. Enzuzo, we chose five categories to base our reviews off of: price, features, UX, support, and advanced functionality. As experts in consent management software, we believe these are the most important criteria worth reviewing in comparable service providers.



There’s some overlap in feature sets here, with both Enzuzo and Illow offering functionality for setting up cookie consent banners and DSR workflows. While Illow is certainly proficient at managing compliance workflows across consent tracking and form management, Enzuzo takes things a little further. Enzuzo supports more advanced data management features that give businesses a comprehensive view of their privacy. Some of the advanced needs Enzuzo supports are:

  • Data mapping
  • Data governance
  • Privacy impact assessments
  • Third-party risk management
  • Region-specific cookie consent
  • Record of processing activities (GDPR article 30)


Conversely, Illow’s features are limited to managing cookie consent and user rights. These are important processes, but they fall short of Enzuzo’s broader capabilities. For companies seeking a more comprehensive compliance solution, Enzuzo wins out.


Winner on Features: Enzuzo



Enzuzo offers five pricing plans, including the Free, Starter ($9/month), Growth ($29/month), Pro($79/month), and Agency ($130/month) plans. The premium plans can be set to either monthly or annual renewal. This allows for more flexibility as we don’t tie our clients to extensive contracts or commitments. All customers are free to renew or cancel anytime, creating a simple and effortless experience.




Illow also offers a variety of pricing plans, with options for Starter ($10/month), Pro ($40/month), Plus ($129/month), Ultimate ($269/month) and Custom. Notably, while Illow makes some great claims about its product (such as its Fines Protector pledge), users should know that many features are gated behind premium tiers. For example, Illow’s Fines Protector is only available in the Plus plan and up, starting at $129/month.

While Illow and Enzuzo take comparable approaches to tiered pricing, Enzuzo has a wider range of features on its cheaper plans. These are robust enough for end-to-end compliance with GDPR, Quebec Law 25, and more. 


Winner on Price: Enzuzo



Enzuzo and Illow have prioritized their UX, with users on each platform reporting positive experiences. 

For Illow, users report a simple setup process and complete operations: 



Enzuzo's consent management tool is lightweight and easy to deploy in just a few lines of JavaScript. This supports a fast integration that performs as intended without creating any sluggishness or usability issues. This efficiency is the foundation of Enzuzo’s platform and is critical to customer experience


Winner on UX: Tie


Customer Support

Naturally, we always like to assess the quality of customer support offered by different providers. This is another area that Enzuzo excels at, and it remains a critical selling point for any vendor. However, Illow’s customer support quality isn’t well-represented in online reviews. Although the company boasts a strong track record of quality, few users have commented on post-deployment support or customer service. Conversely, Enzuzo’s clientele regularly praise our customer support functions and quick response times:



Winner on Customer Support: Enzuzo


Advanced Functionality

Both companies in this comparison can help a company achieve compliance, but how do they stack up for more advanced data management and privacy functions? As noted above, Enzuzo’s feature set goes above and beyond here to deliver a fully-realized privacy solution. Enzuzo’s tools include helpful templates and automated generators for legal, EULA, shipping policies, and more. Plus, Enzuzo is supported across 25 languages to give companies across the globe the tools they need to make progress on their privacy goals:


Past users highly praise Illow’s features, but Illow’s feature set is limited to basic consent management functions. They’re useful but they won’t take businesses far beyond the basic realm of GDPR compliance. Additionally, several of Illow’s users report challenges with changing the appearance of consent banners as well as a lack of customization and labeling options:

For a stronger, growth-minded feature set, companies should choose Enzuzo.

Winner on Advanced Functionality: Enzuzo


Trusted by International Companies to Power Data Privacy

After a competitive bidding process, Enzuzo was recently chosen as the data privacy partner of Lucy Group — an international electric business that employs over 1,600 people across 5 continents and 12 countries. 

A similar process saw Enzuzo winning the business of Power Corporation of Canada, a globally recognized management and holding company specializing in financial services across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Both organizations depend on Enzuzo for critical data privacy support and management — and it can certainly solve similar challenges for businesses looking to migrate away from OneTrust or considering their options. 


Final Thoughts

Enzuzo and Illow serve similar markets with similar products, but the two solutions are distinct. While Illow is fast and affordable, it lacks the features and support that come part and parcel with Enzuzo. Enzuzo’s solution was built to be efficient, low-cost, and fully supportive of a business’s data privacy needs. For that reason, we’re recommending it as Illow’s top alternative.

Recommended Illow Alternative: Enzuzo


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2. Cookiebot

The Cookiebot consent management platform is an economical solution for businesses seeking uncomplicated compliance management. The platform caters to businesses of all sizes with various subscription plans, including a free option. Its user-friendly setup process makes it a quick and accessible choice for those needing fundamental cookie compliance without the complexity of integrating more advanced features.



On the positive side, CookieBot excels in its simplicity and affordability. The platform's straightforward setup process ensures a hassle-free implementation for users, allowing them to navigate the intricacies of cookie compliance with minimal effort. Moreover, the pricing structure is designed to accommodate different budgets, offering a range of subscription plans alongside a free option. This flexibility ensures that businesses can find a suitable plan tailored to their specific financial considerations.



CookieBot is a viable alternative to Illow, but it has downsides. One notable drawback is the reported inadequacy of customer support. Users have expressed dissatisfaction with the responsiveness and assistance provided, raising concerns about the company’s ability to address problems effectively. Additionally, some users have had difficulties with the plugin functionality, indicating potential usability issues that may hinder a company’s experience.

While CookieBot offers a viable starting point for smaller businesses with basic cookie compliance needs and budget constraints, its limitations in customer support and advanced features may make it less suitable for larger enterprises seeking a more comprehensive solution.


3. CookieYes 



CookieYes is a straightforward tool dedicated to core consent management processes. This means that users can take advantage of CookieYes without excessive costs or prolonged onboarding processes, ideal for smaller companies and startups. However, businesses considering CookieYes should carefully assess their specific compliance requirements to ensure the platform aligns with their objectives.



On the positive side, CookieYes is celebrated for a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to view and manage consent functions. CookieYes is relatively affordable for what you get, and users report that customer service is strong when issues pop up. This coordination of simplicity, affordability, and support make CookieYes a good option for businesses with basic consent management needs.



Conversely, while CookieYes excels in core consent management, it falls short in feature richness compared to solutions like Enzuzo or CookieBot. Users have reported challenges in customizing cookie banners to align with their preferences, revealing the platform’s potential customization constraints. Given its deliberate focus on simplicity, enterprise users and those with complex data needs may find CookieYes unsuitable.


4. CookiePro



CookiePro, part of the OneTrust family, is a standalone consent management tool to simplify cookie consent. CookiePro distinguishes itself with a comprehensive but comparatively expensive feature set for privacy rights automation, consent management, consent rate optimization, and multi-language support.


CookiePro's strengths lie in its diverse feature set and tiered pricing plans. It brings a comprehensive suite of features to the table backed by tiered pricing plans that make services accessible to businesses of varying size. Overall, CookiePro provides a strong feature set but has some significant drawbacks.


On the downside, CookiePro faces challenges in the realm of user experience. Users report difficulties during implementation and configuration, with ongoing challenges compounded by a perceived lack of user-friendly support documentation. The platform's user interface also comes up short, with past users reporting challenges managing the system’s complexity. 

It’s also worth noting that the cost structure presents a potential drawback. While the base pricing appears reasonable, the need for additional payments to access advanced features, especially privacy rights automation, may escalate the overall costs significantly. This can be a critical consideration for businesses working within budget constraints.


5. Osano

Osano is a reliable consent management tool supported by strong engineering and a helpful suite of value-added services. Among its range of consent and privacy features, Osano provides services to analyze and mitigate risks associated with third-party vendors, providing users with an easy way to bring visibility to core business processes.



Osano's strengths lie in its unique feature set that let companies get a handle on their risk landscape. Osano's platform streamlines and simplifies the compliance process, saving users valuable time and effort in various areas. By automating intricate compliance tasks, the platform minimizes the potential for errors and mitigates associated risks that are inherent to manual processes.

Notably, features like consent management automation and subject rights automation streamline tasks for privacy professionals and allow them to redirect their attention to the most crucial priorities in their workflow.



One limitation to Osano is the high cost of accessing essential features for GDPR and CCPA compliance. Osano’s free plan limits what users can do down to the most basic functions, and it imposes a monthly cap on site traffic at 5,000 visitors. Businesses will find that crucial consent management features are accessible only through the Premier Plan and above. Another aspect of concern is the absence of customized legal policies. Instead, Osano provides templated agreements that companies can modify according to their needs. This lack of features like a privacy policy generator may be perceived as a limitation, especially considering the significant investment required.


6. Didomi

Didomi emerges as a promising contender in the privacy space, offering a focused product suite suitable for organizations with specific compliance needs. Didomi's affordability and suitability for more focused data compliance requirements position it as a viable option, but potential users should weigh these advantages against the reported limitations to determine its compatibility with their organization's specific needs.



Didomi stands out in the data compliance landscape with its comprehensive suite of strengths. Like other consent solutions, Didomi offers a consent management module that adeptly tailors customers' consent choices, ensuring alignment with global data privacy laws. Didomi also provides robust monitoring tools that track an organization’s compliance status as well as the status of third-party vendors, providing a holistic 360-degree view of the company’s performance.


Didomi's product may be less mature than established competitors like OneTrust, potentially lacking advanced data management features that some enterprises will need. A significant concern voiced in online reviews for Didomi revolves around the platform's impact on website performance, with reported issues including increased load times, slower speeds, and potential implications for core web vitals. Depending on your company’s size and complexity, these performance drawbacks might be enough to make you think twice about signing on with Didomi.


7. TrustArc


TrustArc is a mature privacy and data management solution with services for customer consent, privacy strategy, management, and certifications to ensure businesses stay compliant with relevant privacy laws. A distinctive feature of the platform is its focus on merging cookie consent management with customer-led preference and rights management, creating a comprehensive trust intelligence solution that stands out.


TrustArc boasts a variety of service tiers to cater to companies diverse needs, including Cookie Consent Basic, Cookie Consent Professional, and Cookie Consent Advanced. The Basic plan centers on cookie consent, while the Professional plan extends its offerings to include support for GDPR and CCPA, compliance reporting, customized branding, IP-based geo detection, cross-domain consent, and more. Overall, TrustArc brings an all-in-one approach to trust intelligence that can certainly simplify a company’s compliance workflow.


TrustArc faces challenges, particularly in terms of price transparency. Prospective users must request a quote, subjecting them to a sales pitch before obtaining basic pricing details. The lack of explicit details on the privacy laws covered by the Cookie Consent Basic package raises concerns, making it a potentially risky investment without GDPR and CCPA support. Lower-tier plans may leave users somewhat on their own regarding data source identification. 

Additionally, user feedback highlights difficulties in seamlessly integrating various promoted features, leading to frustration. These considerations suggest that while TrustArc offers robust features, potential users should carefully evaluate its pricing structure, compliance coverage, and integration capabilities to make informed decisions based on your preferences.


8. OneTrust

OneTrust distinguishes itself with a notable commitment to continuous improvement and innovation in the realm of data privacy, trust, and resilience. We’ve written extensively on OneTrust in the past, so regular readers will need no introduction. OneTrust’s service arrangements provide companies with both challenges and opportunities, and they certainly won’t be the best fit for every business.



Its commitment to enterprise customers further highlights OneTrust's comprehensive suite of security and compliance products. The platform stands out for its top-tier features, extending beyond mere compliance to encompass integrity and trust-building measures. Recent additions to its feature-rich repertoire include a robust Privacy and Data Governance solution that provides real-time insights into the personal data processed by both the organization and third-party vendors.

Another standout feature is OneTrust's ESG and Sustainability cloud, offering organizations a unique tool to map out and monitor progress toward their ESG goals. Additionally, OneTrust offers several integrations with other platforms, enhancing its adaptability to diverse business environments.


As might be expected from a platform like OneTrust, services are expensive and joined by long-term contracts. For many enterprise businesses, these contracts will cost thousands of dollars a month in ongoing compliance management fees. On top of that, customer support is a notable concern, with past customers reporting poor responsiveness on service issues. The platform's intricacy is a consistent point of feedback, with several users agreeing that OneTrust brought with it a learning curve that takes time to overcome. Companies must assess these prerequisites carefully before committing to a lengthy arrangement.


9. MineOS

Last on our list, there’s MineOS. This platform emerges as a comprehensive data privacy management platform initially designed to empower consumers by providing insights into their online data usage and allowing them greater control over such usage. Evolving to address broader business needs, MineOS now offers a business-focused solution centered on ensuring data and privacy compliance.


MineOS offers robust support across various touchpoints, including email, Single Sign-On (SSO), websites, and cloud scanning. Its key features encompass monitoring operational systems, IT shadow and risk mapping, employee data access, and more.

Helpfully, the platform facilitates plug-and-play integrations, seamlessly accommodating access and deletion requests. With three out-of-the-box plans and the flexibility of custom plans for enterprise customers, MineOS provides a scalable solution for various businesses, though enterprises will find the most value from this feature set.


Despite its array of features, MineOS faces certain drawbacks. The lack of pricing transparency is notable, as none of the available out-of-the-box plans specify monthly fees. While a trial run is offered in the base plan, proceeding beyond this requires signing up for a demonstration presentation. Plus, customer service response times are tied to plan levels, with the base plan promising a response within 48 hours. To achieve faster response times within a few hours, users need to upgrade to the top-tier plan, potentially posing challenges for businesses reliant on timely website interactions.


Unlocking Compliance Confidence with Enzuzo: Your Agile Ally in Navigating Privacy Laws

Maintaining compliance can feel like a daunting task for businesses in the ever-evolving landscape of privacy laws. The myriad regulations demand a dynamic solution that adapts to regulatory changes and provides the flexibility to tailor policies and cookie consent interfaces. 

Enter Enzuzo—an agile partner ensuring your compliance journey is seamless and customizable. Whether you're embarking on your inaugural website venture or managing a diverse portfolio of domains, Enzuzo can be the partner you trust. 


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Osman Husain

Osman is the content lead at Enzuzo. He has a background in data privacy management via a two-year role at ExpressVPN and extensive freelance work with cybersecurity and blockchain companies. Osman also holds an MBA from the Toronto Metropolitan University.

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