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9 Top Wix Website Design Agencies [Reviewed for 2024]

Osman Husain 4/3/24 2:00 PM
wix website design agencies

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9 Best Wix Website Agencies

Wix is a top choice for website development and design because of its great benefits. It’s versatile, lightweight, and easy to use. But to get the most out of the platform’s functionality, companies usually seek out experts who have learned everything Wix can bring to a project. For those who’d like a rundown on some of the top Wix website agencies, this guide is for you.  


1. Brand Vision

Brand Vision is an award-winning Wix design agency based in Toronto, Canada. It is an ideal partner for companies that hope to leverage the Wix ecosystem. Over the years, Brand Vision has won several awards for its service quality. The company was recently recognized as a top-rated marketing agency in Canada, earning more five-star reviews than any other company assessed.

Brand Vision navigates Wix’s comprehensive toolkits to create unique websites for its clients. Through innovative design and development, Brand Vision utilizes Wix’s features to the fullest and offers marketing support services to move things forward. This consultation acts as a key differentiator for Brand Vision. Clients enjoy insights on leveraging Wix’s built-in marketing tools to boost visibility and drive traffic to their new sites.

As an all-purpose Wix website design agency, Brand Vision serves companies of all sizes. Any business from startup to enterprise can benefit from Brand Vision’s support, though its wide assortment of supplementary services will come at a cost. Despite this, Brand Vision’s services live up to the hype. Just look at the design work done for Aequitas Partners.


Sleek, stylish, and functional, Brand Vision’s Wix website design services were brought in to build a powerful brand identity.

[View Brand Vision’s full portfolio]


2. Big Red Jelly

Big Red Jelly is another Wix agency specializing in high-impact web design and brand strategy. Founded in 2018 and based in the United States, it focuses on small-to-medium-sized businesses that want to take advantage of all that the Wix ecosystem offers. And it does it well. The company has earned accolades as a top web design company by Clutch and as a top branding firm by 50Pros. 

Backed by these credentials, companies can rest easy about support. They get great support across all aspects of brand strategy, web development, and Wix web design services.

Notably, Big Red Jelly encourages its clients to take a methodical approach to brand strategy because they develop powerful brand identities before they jump into ad creation. They support this with a variety of subscription plan options based on desired level of engagement, anywhere from just a few weeks to months of campaigns. Plus, each plan is customizable to give companies options to secure great Wix web design. Check out the work they did for Solar GOAT:



Big Red Jelly took ownership of this project for a full-site build and helped a solar installer create a powerful visual identity that attracts local customers. Companies of all kinds can benefit from the skills of Wix website designers like this, regardless of whether they’re established entities or just starting out.

[View Big Red Jelly’s full portfolio]


3. Duck Design

Duck Design is our next Wix web design agency. Based in London, UK, Duck Design provides a broad range of graphic design, UI optimization, and brand identity services. It is a true Wix design agency that offers everything a company needs to master its branding. From website design to package design to dedicated design for startups and e-commerce brands, Duck Design can do it all.

While Duck Design offers services to startups and small businesses, its prices make them more suited to enterprises and those with large marketing budgets. The company offers several service plans that start at $999/month and increase to $1,899/month, based on the scope of work.

The company provides a great option for centralized graphic design needs, and the variety of service plans adds flexibility. View their portfolio to see their work in action:



Duck Design creates high-impact imagery, stunning visuals, and minimalist designs that catch the eye. While their services are narrower compared to some of the Wix web designers on this list, they’re an ideal choice for those who want to focus on standout branding.

[View Duck Design’s full portfolio]


4. Pixated Agency

Pixated Agency is another Wix website design company in London, UK. They focus on brands that want a dedicated team of “growth engineers.” As expected of a Wix agency, Pixated Agency focuses its services on high-impact web design and performance marketing. With Wix as a top choice for client websites and a range of advertising services to back it up, this company delivers.

Pixated Agency offers its services to any business that wants to scale up. Their tight focus on performance marketing is a key differentiator; it demonstrates a commitment to future marketing support that not every design company offers. Their website focuses on startups and growth-minded companies, although even larger brands benefit from a qualified Wix website design service. However, no price or plan information is available online, so brands must reach out for details.

Despite this, Pixated Agency can certainly produce results, particularly in ecommerce applications:



Through strategic use of Wix web design philosophies and a powerful grasp of outbound advertising, Pixated Agency can produce substantial results for its clients.

[View Pixated Agency’s full portfolio]



CUT THRU is a Wix web design services agency based in Sydney, Australia. CUT THRU offers a range of website design, branding and strategic services that help clients get the most out of their online presence. In one 2023 review, the company was voted Boutique Branding Agency of the Year, a testament to the visual style they bring to projects.

Like other Wix web designers, CUT THRU uses the platform’s template and design tools to produce lightweight web layouts that engage viewers. CUT THRU’s focus on design psychology puts them ahead here. They leverage their insights into human behavior alongside the great layouts and applications available through platforms like Wix. CUT THRU generates powerful brand identities that keep audiences engaged.

They boast an impressive portfolio of design work:



CUT THRU can help brands reimagine their identities through visual branding and messaging, offering versatile solutions as a Wix website design agency.

[View CUT THRU’s full portfolio]


6. Big Day

Big Day is another group of Wix website designers that creates extraordinary website designs for clients. Based in California, USA, Big Day purports to blend strategic expertise, original thinking, and award-winning execution into its services. Big Day helps companies with all aspects of their branding and marketing, from basic engagements to full campaigns.

Big Day can handle design and marketing workflows from end to end. These include strategy, branding, campaigns, production, and experience design. They also claim to offer a creative process unrestrained by executional preferences, which gives each business a truly personalized service arrangement. However, details on subscription plans or prices are not readily available. Based on this, it’s likely Big Day specializes in SMBs and enterprise-level companies that need to build out their digital presence.

On that score, Big Day can certainly help. They provide a Wix website design service as well as support for WordPress, Shopify, and HTML5. This flexibility is great for clients who may need unique development and publication services on specific platforms. This applies to mobile as well as desktop, as evidenced by their portfolio:


Big Day is able to take a client’s goals and provide diverse solutions across strategic positioning and branding.

[View Big Day’s full portfolio]


7. Hueman Studio

hueman studio

Hueman Studio is our next Wix web design agency and one that turns data insights into deliberate design choices. Based in California, USA, Hueman Studio provides focused Wix web design services alongside support for branding, strategic positioning, messaging, content creation, and AI integration. Their work has earned acknowledgements from the likes of the Webby awards and the Awwwards.

As the name suggests, Hueman Studios focuses on people-first design philosophies built on psychology and human interaction. As a supplementary service, Hueman Studios offers an AI tool for brands that allows them to automate creation of specific content assets to streamline production and allow for more agility in campaign efforts. This allows clients to benefit from both a human-first approach and automated tools that save time and effort—a best-of-both-worlds approach that may become a new standard.

However, Hueman Studio doesn’t offer transparent details on its prices or services, so prospective clients must contact the company for answers. While costs are always a concernn, just one look at Hueman Studio’s portfolio shows that there is plenty of value to be found:



With striking imagery and rich logo designs, it’s clear that Hueman Studio’s process will pay off for many companies that seek the skills of a Wix website design company.

[View Hueman Studio’s full portfolio]


8. Webential

Webential is another Wix agency that helps brands with digital marketing and growth. With over a decade of expertise and offices across three continents, Webential brings substantial technical experience to its projects. Webential offers services for CMS management, front/backend design, DevOps, databases, and mobile optimization. It’s a wide range of technical acumen that surpasses many other design agencies on this list, and it makes them a great option for companies with extensive development needs.

Webential offers pricing cards for its various service lines, but users will need to submit an inquiry to view specific details. While Webential could likely support companies at any stage of their growth, their expertise is more suitable for larger businesses that need to coordinate extensive domain portfolios with performance, marketing, and ecommerce applications.

Webential’s technical focus runs alongside its ability to promote various platforms, like Wix, for agencies. They aren’t just a backend developer. They produce eye-catching visuals and great designs, as their portfolio suggests:


Sleek and stylish, Webential coordinates great design philosophies with high-level technical ability to provide a comprehensive service for their clients.

[View Webential’s full portfolio]


9. Migration Marketing

Migration Marketing is last on our list of Wix website design services. Based in California, USA, Migration Marketing is another design agency that provides brand strategy, digital marketing, and website performance management. Migration Marketing brings a holistic approach to web development. They start with early assessments of competitive advantages and progress throughout each stage of strategic implementation. From design to campaign initiation to measurement, Migration Marketing does it all.

Migration Marketing focuses more on consultancy than some other Wix web designers. They recognize how important it is to start on the right foot. Migration Marketing believes that the best way to succeed is to understand who their customers are. Their consultative approach reflects this promise. However, like other design agencies, this company does not provide plan or cost information online. While their solutions may be great for a wide range of businesses, companies will need to contact them to get the details.

Despite this, Migration Marketing’s portfolio is a testament to the quality of work they produce. From aesthetic layouts to ongoing support, Migration Marketing is a great choice for focused design services.


[View Migration Marketing’s full portfolio]


Find the Wix Specialization That Works for You

As our guide suggests, many companies provide services for Wix’s core processes: website design, post-launch marketing, and so on. What differentiates these companies is the specializations they have across different areas of the marketing pipeline. Some prioritize graphic design; others prioritize the development of efficient backend functionality. Use this guide as your starting point but make sure the company you choose has the expertise to support your company’s long-term vision.

Osman Husain

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