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The Encognito Blog: Privacy Laws

    does gdpr apply to citizens outside the eu

    Does GDPR Apply to Citizens Outside the EU?

    The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is the primary data protection regulation in the EU, and it governs how companies process European Union citizens’ personal data. It..

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    PIPEDA explained

    PIPEDA Explained: The Impact of Canada's Privacy Law

    Canada is one of the countries lucky enough to have a federal privacy law that covers private sector organizations. This gives its residents greater rights when it comes to data..

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    What Privacy Laws Apply to Your Business?

    While most places agree that information security is important, not every region handles privacy law in the same way. This can make it confusing when you’re trying to understand..

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    GDPR Article 22: Automated Decision Making

    GDPR Article 22 is Automated decision-making, including profiling. Article 22: what it is This is where the user can avoid having a computer block opportunities from them. The..

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