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Best Webflow Apps | Marketing, Privacy, Content, and More

Osman Husain 1/22/24 2:08 PM

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Best Webflow Apps

Webflow is a powerful, no-code website builder for designers, agencies, and hobbyists. Its drag-and-drop user interface makes it easy for folks to build top-notch web experiences, making it useful for all skill levels.

From its start in 2013, Webflow has grown steadily to over 200,000 customers and agencies using its platform.

Although it can be used as a standalone tool, Webflow is not a “walled garden” ecosystem — it enables and encourages third-party integrations of complementary apps for various tasks. Many integrations are available as third-party Webflow add-ons in the Webflow Marketplace.

In this article, we discuss the top Webflow apps for a variety of use cases including marketing, content writing, compliance, AI chatbots, and more .


Best CMS & Marketing Apps


Your website is your most effective marketing tool, but it’s of limited use without the ability to manage the relationships with your customers. HubSpot is a suite of customer relationship management (CRM) tools, including modules for marketing, sales, customer service, operations, and B2B commerce. 

Popular features in the HubSpot suite include:

  • Marketing
    • Online form builder for lead generation
    • Marketing automation tools
    • Analytics and reporting
  • Sales
    • AI-powered deal management
    • Automated sales communications
    • Forecasting
  • Service
    • Self-service customer portal
    • Feedback survey automation
    • Ticketing and service level agreements
  • Operations
    • Multi-app data synchronization
    • Data quality automation
  • B2B commerce
    • Custom billing automation
    • Payment processing


You can subscribe to individual HubSpot modules, a bundle with all modules, or a custom a la carte bundle.

Reviews of HubSpot’s CRM modules are overwhelmingly positive. Users like the fact that it’s a one-stop shop for all their CRM needs and the suite’s ease of use and integration with other applications. They also appreciate HubSpot’s responsive technical support.

👉 Download the HubSpot app for Webflow.



The impact of your website depends in part on its visual elements. Unsplash provides ready-to-use images in numerous searchable categories, sourced from a large community of photographers and graphic artists. Over 1 million free stock photos are available for download, and the Unsplash+ subscription service gives you unlimited, royalty-free downloads from their full catalog of over 5 million images.

Reviewers love the overwhelming variety of available photos (even with the free version) and the royalty-free licensing that allows both commercial and non-commercial use.

👉 Download the Unsplash integration for Webflow



Typeform is a no-code form builder that integrates text, controls, and visuals (still images and video), providing personalized, compelling interactivity and branching flows depending on the user’s responses. Hundreds of templates are available, and the service includes a built-in Unsplash image gallery (or you can provide your own).

The result is visually striking forms that garner more and better user feedback—information that is crucial to your marketing strategy.

Reviewers appreciate the power and flexibility of Typeform and the no-code designer that simplifies data collection and integration with other applications.

👉 Download the Typeform app for Webflow


Best Data Privacy Compliance App



If your Webflow site collects any personal information, you're likely subject to a host of data privacy regulations. Understanding all of these is tough and time-consuming, which is where a data privacy automation app can help.

Enzuzo enables you to build cookie consent banners, privacy policies, data access requests, and other privacy workflows designed to keep you compliant with laws like GDPR & CCPA.

Top features of Enzuzo include:

  • Region-specific cookie consent
  • Shipping policies, terms and conditions agreements, and more
  • DSAR form and workflow
  • Support for over 25 languages

Reviews of Enzuzo are almost unanimously positive. Users love the fast onboarding and setup, wide regulatory coverage, and superior customer service.

It's also a great choice for Webflow design and development agencies looking for an all-in-one solution for their clients. The Enzuzo app allows agencies to add multiple domains inside a single dashboard with separate client logins if required. 

Canadian Webflow agency Uroboro successfully partnered with Enzuzo to add a managed data privacy offer to their audience, helping boost monthly recurring revenue. 

👉 Download the Enzuzo app for Webflow or Book a Demo if you'd like to learn more. 


Best Writing App


Jasper is an AI-powered tool that helps you with content creation. Unlike large-language models such as ChatGPT, Jasper learns your product and service offerings, brand voice, and style guide, and applies them to anything from rewriting existing content for a consistent voice and tone to generating new content.

Jasper can create or rewrite general site content, blog articles, social media posts, email marketing content, and more. It can also optimize your content for search-engine optimization (SEO) using the known SEO rules from the major search engines.

Jasper’s Webflow integration embeds Jasper’s capabilities directly into Webflow’s content editor—no need to copy and paste from one to the other.

Jasper’s reviewers like the wide range of available templates and the quality of the generated content.

👉 Download the Jasper app for Webflow


Best Low-Code Tools

Low-code tools allow people from a non-technical background to harness the full capabilities of Webflow. 


FlowPilot Chatbot

FlowPilot is an AI-powered chatbot that relies on OpenAI’s GPT large-language model. You tell it what you want and what language or framework you want to work in, and FlowPilot does the rest. There’s even a feature that can explain the code that FlowPilot wrote for you, so there are no surprises about what it does and how it works.

👉 Download the Flowpilot Webflow app.



Plum is a tool for creating custom pop-ups to collect visitor email addresses, present special offers and promotions, and encourage engagement with spin wheels and other games. You can even design different pop-ups targeted to different audiences.

These features would be tricky (or impossible) to implement in native Webflow and cumbersome to code from scratch. makes it much simpler to implement these powerful features to maximize customer engagement.

👉 Download Plum’s no-code Webflow add-on.



How do you know how effective your marketing campaigns are? What messages and channels resonate with customers and bring in visitors and conversions?

Nocodelytics is a no-code, Webflow-specific add-on that provides numerous analytical tools that integrate directly with your Webflow environment. You can learn what campaigns drive the most traffic, whether from blog articles, email marketing, communities, or other channels. You can also analyze what users are searching for on your site so you can develop content and promotions that they care about.

👉 Download the Nocodelytics app for Webflow 


Finsweet Table

HTML tables are preferred over static images for presenting tabular information, because they are easier to update and can incorporate dynamic content. However, coding tables in native HTML is an error-prone, iterative process. Enter Finsweet Table, a visual no-code table designer that generates HTML table tags in the background and enables you to style headers, footers, and cells with compelling visual effects.

Finsweet Table enables you to copy and paste tabular data from spreadsheets or upload CSV files, or simply add and edit the data directly in Webflow. The real-time visual preview shows the results of every change you make.

👉 Download the Finsweet Table app.


Final Thoughts

On its own, Webflow is a powerful site-building application. Integrated with tools like those discussed in this article, it’s a customizable, no-code development environment that gives you everything you need to build compelling, responsive websites that drive customer engagement. Whether you are just starting with Webflow or have used it for years, these apps are useful for increasing your productivity and the effectiveness of your sites.

Osman Husain

Osman is the content lead at Enzuzo. He has a background in data privacy management via a two-year role at ExpressVPN and extensive freelance work with cybersecurity and blockchain companies. Osman also holds an MBA from the Toronto Metropolitan University.