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How Much Traffic Can a Wix Website Handle

Paige Harris Aug 26, 2022 9:28:55 AM

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As the e-commerce industry continues to grow, entrepreneurs have realized the need to move their businesses online. Fortunately, it has become quite easy to build a professional e-commerce website thanks to the free and easy-to-use website development platforms like Wix. But is it easy to build your own website using Wix?

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The good thing about Wix is that anyone can use it to create a professional website regardless of their level of expertise. It uses a drag-and-drop model of web development, allowing you to develop a unique site for your business from scratch. Another common question about Wix is: How much traffic can a Wix website truly handle? Read on to find out.


What Is Wix?


Wix is a cloud-based website development platform that also offers web hosting and design services. This web builder is great for small and medium e-commerce sites. If you’re wondering how many websites use Wix, the platform has over 180 million subscribers across the globe. It’s available in seventeen languages to make it useful to as many people as possible. LTD was established in 2006 in Israel, but it has since grown to become a global tool for developing professional websites. It’s now a publicly listed company in the United States and it has offices in many other countries like Germany, Canada, India, Ireland, and more. Currently, the largest customer base for Wix is in the US at 57%, followed by the United Kingdom at 6%.


Wix allows you to develop a great and user-friendly e-commerce site that’s easy to customize. It offers three main plans: Business Basic, Business Unlimited, and Business VIP. The premium plans offer more advanced features and storage, so your preferred plan will depend on the kind of features your business needs and the overall experience you want to give to your customers.


Wix Data Privacy Policy Generation and Compliance


As you develop your Wix e-commerce website, make sure it complies with Wix's privacy policy and other data privacy laws. This compliance is extremely important because it gives your customers more confidence in your business knowing that their data will be safe. It also saves you the trouble of being prosecuted for noncompliance.


Fortunately, you can now keep your website fully compliant by integrating it with a Wix privacy policy generator. This system enables you to generate an up-to-date privacy policy for your Wix site so that your customers can understand the type of personal data you collect from them and how you intend to use it. You can also integrate your Wix website with a program like Enzuzo to build and manage a unique data privacy experience that your clients can trust.

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This program allows your Wix site to remain compliant with all the applicable data privacy laws, including California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR). It provides you with all the necessary data privacy management tools and solutions for continuous compliance. This way, you can easily manage all data privacy requests from a centralized platform.


This program allows you to identify, delete, and update your customers’ personal data instantly. It also sends you reminders so that you can respond to every data privacy request on time.


How Much Traffic Can a Wix Site Really Handle?


Wix can handle huge traffic consistently without downtimes or buffers, so it will keep your website running effectively even when thousands of users are trying to access it simultaneously. However, the premium plan you choose for your Wix site determines the amount of bandwidth permitted and transferable data.

Therefore, if you want your Wix site to handle more traffic, upgrade to a higher premium plan that allows more bandwidth. Fortunately, Wix will notify you when your site is about to exceed its data transfer limit so that you can upgrade your plan to avoid downtimes. You can even choose a plan that offers unlimited bandwidth, especially if your site receives large amounts of traffic at specific times that might overload the site, such as selling tickets for a popular event or by using large media assets. 

Paige Harris

Paige is the growth marketing lead at Enzuzo and host of The Living Lab podcast.

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