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What's the Difference Between Terms and Conditions?

Osman Husain 7/5/23 4:20 PM
what's the difference between terms and conditions

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Let's set the record straight here. Both terms and conditions are used in legal documents, but there are subtle differences between the two. Let's dive in:


Difference Between Terms and Conditions

"Terms" are the specific clauses both parties agree to in a contract. For example, in a real estate purchase contract, the terms may be that the party has agreed to purchase a specific house or condominium unit at a fixed price with an established closing date. Similarly, in an ecommerce purchase, the terms could mean the guaranteed purchase of an item at a price displayed at checkout.

So, the terms in these cases represent the agreed contractual relationship between the two parties. The seller agrees to provide the buyer with a particular item at a fixed price at the time of closing the deal.

What about "conditions"? Well, the conditions mean the expectations of the buyer must be met. In the real estate transaction, for example, the conditions could be that the mortgage application is approved or that the property passes a detailed inspection. In an ecommerce purchase, the conditions are that the product is delivered within a certain timeframe and is not materially different than the one displayed at checkout.

If the conditions are not met, the buyer can say that the terms between the two parties were not filled successfully and can move to cancel the sale.

Hence, the difference between terms and conditions is that the terms of a sale is the broad agreement between the two parties outlining a contractual relationship. The conditions are specific clauses that must be met for the deal to go through successfully.


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