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60 Startling Data Privacy Statistics (2023 Version)

Osman Husain 12/22/22 12:22 PM

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We interact with dozens of websites and internet companies on a daily basis, so it's normal to feel uneasy about our data and how it's processed. Whether it's personal information, or data from work & school, there's lots of concern about what might happen were it to fall into the wrong hands.

We compiled a list of 60 data privacy statistics for 2023 to show you how these concerns are felt around the world and why it's absolutely crucial for your business to invest in data compliance and privacy to maintain customer goodwill. 


Personal Data Privacy Statistics


Let's look at some personal data statistics: 


Data Collection Statistics


What happens after we share our information with third-parties? It's vague and murky — and folks aren't too happy about that:


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But even with all of these fears and misunderstandings, the statistics about privacy settings and policies are surprising:


Data Tracking Statistics


In our research, we found that people go to extreme lengths to guard their data. For example: 

  • 47% of people polled have changed companies, including social media and even banks, because of their data-sharing policies
  • There are those that don’t believe you have any privacy on the internet, with 9% saying that digital privacy is a myth
  • Around 79% of internet users feel like they have no control over their personal data
  • Polls found that 72% of users are most worried about  fraud and identity theft
  • A massive 81% of users are worried that their data is at risk
  • Many combat these fears by changing their passwords, with 33% of users changing their passwords often


Privacy Protection Statistics 


Unfortunately, most websites don't invest in robust data compliance policies or security certificates. This leads to survey results like: 

  • Many websites on the internet aren't secure, with  37% having cookies that aren’t secure
  • Many users of email or social media and email have been  victims of cyberattacks, with 33% of users facing attacks in just one year
  • As many as 44% of users have faced harassment online
  • Surprisingly 25% of adults have divulged sensitive info on social media 
  • Only 44% know what Phishing is
  • But 71% believe they won’t fall for these scams
  • 58% of users would share their data to avoid fees for content
  • Only 15% believe that data collection is used  for the benefit of users 
  • Loyalty and trust equals a willingness to share data, according to 88% of users
  • Trust is harder to earn than ever, according to 54% of users
  • Of those polled, 84% would be more loyal if a company could show they have better data security


Willingness to Provide Personal Data 


Most consumers are wary of providing more personal data since they're already concerned about what exists on the interwebs: 

When a company is upfront on data collection:

  • 37% believe they would also be more proactive in enforcing laws
  • 63% believe that few companies do explain data-capturing methods in full
  • Around 39% say they would refuse to work with companies that need highly personal information
  • And 75% believe better regulations are needed
  • Fewer than 17% would share data with third parties
  • But more than 80% would be willing to share the same data with a trusted brand


Business Data Privacy Statistics 


Some businesses understand the importance of investing in data privacy. Here's what we dug up about business data privacy statistics: 


Data Privacy and Age 


Younger demographics have even higher concerns about data privacy while older population segments like Baby Boomers are at higher risk of hacking. For example: 


CTA General Privacy Graphic (1)


Osman Husain

Osman is the content lead at Enzuzo. He has a background in data privacy management via a two-year role at ExpressVPN and extensive freelance work with cybersecurity and blockchain companies. Osman also holds an MBA from the Toronto Metropolitan University.